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For Every Unvaccinated Trumpturd Who Dies of Covid? They are finally doing their part to Make America Great Again.
Yes, for every shitstain on the underwear of humanity, unvaccinated and unmasked Trumpturd who dies, choking to death on their own snot from Covid? They are finally doing their part to Make America Great Again and I fucking love it.

Christopher Titus says what needs to be said about Traitor Trump, his GQP and treasonous Trumpturd insurrectionists and traitors of Jan 6
Everyone of these motherfuckers listed in this post? Should be charged with High Treason, Treason and Setitious Actions against the United States and upon conviction in a federal court of law? Brought to Gitmo, given one last McDonald’s Happy Meal, put up against the fucking wall and shot or hung.

Why Atheist Militants Rising?
The overwhelming majority of countries fail to respect the rights of humanists, atheists and the non-religious. For example, there are laws that deny atheists’ right to identify, revoke their right to citizenship, restrict their right to marry, obstruct their access to or experience of public education, prohibit them from holding public office, prevent them from working for the state, or criminalize the expression of their views on and criticism of religion. In the worst cases, the state or non-state actors may execute the non-religious for leaving the religion of their parents, may deny the rights of atheists to exist, or may seek total control over their beliefs and actions.

Christians and Muslims say we Atheists eat babies, tell me fellow atheists, how do you like to cook and eat your babies?
A Satirical Posting.

ChristoFascist Talibans wanting to rape, beat and murder atheists on Fascistbook for ChristoTalibans
Nothing says Christian love quite like Christian hate against atheists. Here? We have Christians wanting to rape, beat and torture and brutally murder atheists, all posted on Fascistbook, in which none of these comments, along with thousands of other hate, death and violence comments, are never a violation of Fascistbook rules. But if an atheists posts a comment that says Fuck Christians, or Fuck Christianity? YOU are automatically violated.

Help, I’m Possessed By a Demon!!! Call Linda Blair!!!
Again and again and again, Christians tell little old me that I am possessed by a demon. Funny huh?

Muslim Hate of Atheists

Muzzies and Christos are the greatest teachers of hate and violence ever known and should reap back all they have sown.
No group of people have taught me to hate more, or want to commit violence against more, than Christians and Muslims. Honestly? I fucking hate ALL Christians and Muslims and believe they are a disease to humanity, cockroaches, vermin, puss filled shitstains on the underwear of humanity. Who have committed far too many crimes against humanity, crimes against the children of the world. Crimes of mass genocides, crimes of mass murder, crimes of tortures and persecutions of others. Crimes of pure hate and violence, all for their twisted fucking theologies of bullshit and pure fucking unmitigated evil.

13 Muslim Countries have the death penalty for atheists. time for atheists to put muslims to death
In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday.

Time For Death Penalty For All Muslims
Fuck you sand niggers screaming for death for us atheists. The only good Muslim is a fucking dead Muslim cause I have fucking had it with these sand niggers murdering atheists and others in the name of their fucking Pedophile Profit Momo and their pedophile gawd Allah. Fuck all you Muzzie Cunts.


Fuck Allah and Momo the Pedophile Scum
The only good Muslim pedophiles are fucking dead Muslim pedophiles. The only good Muslim Fundamentalist extremist is a fucking dead Muslim fundamentalist extremist. The only good Allah the Pedophile god is a dead Allah the Pedophile god. The only good Muhammed the Pedophile Profit is a dead Muhammed the Pedophile Profit.

Increasing attacks on Bangladeshi activists – some facts
On February 15, 2013, blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was hacked to death in front of his house in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. Soon after his murder, an Islamist group claimed that Haider was an atheist who had made “blasphemous” comments about Prophet Muhammad and Islam on social media.

Blogger killings leading to ‘self-censorship’ in Bangladesh
Local media have reported about at least 34 attacks of a similar pattern in the last 14 months that took 35 lives and injured 129 people. While radical groups claimed responsibility for those killings, the government of the South Asian country has so far denied any presence of international terror outfits on its soil.

The tragic tale of an atheist blogger seeking asylum in Germany
After becoming an atheist a few years ago, he began criticizing religious radicalism on the internet. His blog posts on contentious issues have been read by many Bangladeshis. Even though he used pseudonyms to publish his articles, extremists managed to discover his real identity and even government officials started monitoring his online activities.

Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack
Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack. Police say Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked in Sylhet city, months after fellow bloggers Avijit Roy and Washiqur Rahman were murdered.

Atheist Law Student Hacked To Death In Bangladesh
A 28-year-old atheist law student has been killed in Bangladesh. The attack follows a string of murders last year targeting outspoken advocates of secularism.

Increasing attacks on Bangladeshi activists – some facts
Islamic fundamentalists have stepped up attacks on secular Bangladeshi bloggers and campaigners in the past few months, with the latest being the murder of an LGBT activist. DW presents some facts about the killings.

The ‘Underground Railroad’ To Save Atheists A vision to protect those persecuted for non-religion
Lubna Yaseen was a student in Baghdad when death threats forced her into exile. Her crime was to think the unthinkable and question the unquestionable—to state, openly, that she was an atheist.

Christians, Muslims and Jews Hate of Atheists
Nothing says love quite like Christian and Muslim and Jews hate of us atheists. Here is a whole bunch of YouTube videos that show complete and utter murderous hate of us atheists by Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Christian Hate of Atheists

Christians talking out their asses about atheists

Atheism is Amoralism
A hate posting by a Christian full of lies about us atheists.

A Collection Of Atheism-Related Quotes
Another share from Archon’s Den.
Original Link

Link on AMR

Is Atheism A Bad Idea?
Interesting how Christians insist we atheists cannot be moral unless we believe in their god and Jesus and Christianity huh?

And? When you expose the real “morality” of Christians? All of their wars, their mass genocides, their Crusades, their hate of lgbts, atheists, Pagans and others? Or you talk about all their disgusting pedo pervert priests and pastors? The first thing they pull out of their proverbial asses? Is the No True Scotsman and the False Equivalency bs apologetics
Another fantastic blog posting by Archon’s Den

The Smartest People Say The Dumbest Things
This was a share from Archon’s Den.
Perhaps tired of having ‘God’ and Christianity shoved down their throats, in their Government, and into their schools, many Atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers can become a little bit testy and aggressive.
Original Link

Link on AMR

The Desperation of Atheist Trolls — All Along the Watchtower
Psycho ChristoTaliban thinks all human beings, even if we are “animals” are automatically programe to believe in a god. Really? Programming can be changed from Bronze Age bullshit to real modern truth that religions? God and Jesus? Are as fake as those who proclaim them.

The Overconfidence of Modern Day Atheism
Same mental midget moron ChristoFascist as above wanting us atheists to explain to him in 200 words why we do not believe in his god or his Jesus. So I did and I bet he will not like it either.

Again, here is a direct link to this mental midget moron ChristoTaliban hypocrites original posting.

My response to this mental midget moron.

How to Defeat Modern Day Atheism With Three Easy Questions
And the mental midget moron ChristoFascist above is back with another complete and utter bullshit posting against atheism and for his ChristoTaliban bullshit.

Here is a direct link to this assclowns posting

Here is my response to this mental midget moron.

A Critical Look at Common Atheist Talking Points
Here we go again. Same mental midget moron ChristoTaliban, lets see a sample of his stupidity shall we?
Given that so many New Atheists are pompous, closed-minded verbal bullies, expect such a question to be ignored. And then you can simply point out that the atheist is simply not qualified to pass meaningful judgment on your beliefs. For prejudgment is not meaningful judgment.
Isn’t this funny? This assclown says we are pompous, close minded verbal bullies, and are not qualified to pass meaningful judgement on Christians, but this assclown for Christ? Believes he can pass meaningful judgement on us, in his pompous, closed-minded verbal bulling of atheists. Proving once again? What a fucking hypocrite Christians are and how they hate having done unto them? As they do unto us atheists.

Here is a direct link to this ChristoTaliban assclowns posting

My response to this Cocksucker for Christ.

Therapist advises atheists to lie to their kids, pretending there’s a god and a heaven
So which god should we then indoctrinate them into? The Christian version? The Muslim version? The Jewish version? Which denomination of Christianity should we choose to indoctrinate them and what if we choose the wrong denomination?

Why do theists insist atheists are all psychopaths?
I will provide a few examples from Twitter today, as it’s the same type of sweeping statement that I’ve read time and time again.
This was a share. Absolutely psychotic shit that Christians say about us atheists on Twitter.

Originating link:

Atheism’s Slippery Relationship with the Truth
A dumbass ChristoTaliban who has absolutely no grip on reality, or the truth, attempts to insult and denigrate us atheists because we do not believe in their Bronze Age Bullshit.

Are Atheists Miserable Without God?
A dumb assed Christian who thinks we atheists simply cannot be happy without their psychotic gawd.

A pychotic ChristoTaliban attempts to scare us atheists into believing their complete and utter bullshit.

Another Atheist Defends Pedophilia
Another asshole ChristoTaliban shitstain on the underwear of humanity is guessing this atheist defends pedophilia simply because they defend the rights of lgbts to marry. Typical of an assclown ChristoFascist.

Intellectual Elites Who Embraced Pedophilia
Same ChristoTaliban Cocksucker for Christ above who insists that because an atheist defends the rights of lgbts? That means they embrace pedophilia.

How Do We Explain Morality?
And yet another Cocksucker for ChristoTalibans insisting that we atheists cannot have any morals because we are not believers of their psychotic god.

How Do We Explain Morality? — God does not believe in atheists
Same asshole Cocksucker for ChristoTalibans again insisting in their diaper wearing, one year old temper tantrum that we atheists who do not believe in their god? Cannot have any morals.

How Do We Explain Human Rights?
Same ChristoTaliban Cocksucker for Christ who insists that we atheists cannot have morals insisting that Christians are the protectors and defenders of all human rights and we atheists are not. What a fucking shitstain.

How Do We Explain The Laws of Logic?
Same asshole ChristoTaliban Cocksucker for Christ who insists us atheists cannot have any morals or defend human rights? Also insist the beliefs of ChristoTalibans are far more logical than what we atheists believe. What a complete and utter fucking moron this assclown is.

Christians attacking Atheist Students and violating the Seperation of Church and State in Public Schools

Atheists: New Hampshire Must Keep Religious Indoctrination out of Public Schools — American Atheists
Today, American Atheists submitted testimony to support repealing an unconstitutional statue that authorizes recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in public schools.

Trump’s School Voucher Proposal Would Rob Public Schools of $5 Billion Every Year — American Atheists
In response to President Trump’s call for a $5 billion giveaway to religious schools at his 2020 State of the Union Address, American Atheists’ president Nick Fish released the following statement:

Christian Haters are Starting to lose: Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads: Teacher Fired
A group of girls knew exactly what to do when they heard their fifth-grade substitute teacher at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, Utah castigate a classmate who said that, for Thanksgiving, he was most thankful that he was “finally going to be adopted by my two dads.” The teacher launched into a 10-minute lecture on why “two men living together is a sin,” so the girls protested. Several times.

High School Atheist Ostracized by Town — Atheist Community Steps Up
Damon Fowler, an atheist student at Bastrop High School in Louisiana, was about to graduate. His public school was planning to have a prayer as part of the graduation ceremony: as they traditionally did, as so many public schools around the country do every year.

High School Atheist Wins Unsurprising Court Case, Gets Death Threats — Why?
If you take away just two things from the story about atheist high school student Jessica Ahlquist….

Atheist Colorado student sues school district for discrimination
A former student has accused a public high school in Colorado of lowering her grades and undermining her college plans because she is an atheist, according to a federal lawsuit.

Christian Hate against Atheists in the Military

Canadian Reserve Army Chaplain Claims There Are No Atheists in Foxholes
What a mental midget moron to think there are no atheists in foxholes.

Pentagon Attempts to Force Religion on Soldiers in “Spiritual Responsibility” Training
And atheists told them to shove it up their asses.

There Are No Atheists In Foxholes
Not only are there atheists in foxholes, but in planes, ships and tanks etc.

Christians violations of US Separation of Church and State laws and rules

Violations of abortion laws

Arizona Lawmakers to Give Religious Extremists $3 Million to Deceive Vulnerable Women — American Atheists
Today, the national religious equality watchdog organization American Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Arizona spoke out against SB 1328/HB 2388, which would give $3 million to religious “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs).

The REAL Abortion? 21,000 children die each day
Today, around 21,000 children died around the world. How about they give a damn more about all these children first?

Violations of Civil Rights of atheists and lgbts

Is Atheism A Bad Idea?
Interesting how Christians insist we atheists cannot be moral unless we believe in their god and Jesus and Christianity huh?

Here’s why atheists have to fight for their rights
“You atheists are just taking on the mantle of victimhood. There are laws protecting you — especially the First Amendment. Therefore, you’re not really discriminated against. And it’s ridiculous for you to claim that you are.”

Get It Right, We Are NOT Persecuting Christians
To start? This is NOT directed to all those True Christians out there who actualy practice and live their Lord and Saviors commandments. Especially? The second part of his greatest commandment and the bibles commands against hate, non-judgment, forgiving your enemies, treating all others as you would want them to treat you, and sowing good things.

Indiana City Discriminates Against Local Atheists, Violates Constitution — American Atheists
Today, the religious equality watchdog organization American Atheists denounced Connersville’s new invocation policy as unconstitutional and anti-atheist, calling for it to be amended.

The ChristoTaliban Suppression Act
This is based on ChristoTaliban Matthew McLaughlin’s disgusting Sodomite Suppression Act ballot initiative. Far too many Christian pastors and their flocks? Are out there spewing hate and death against lgbts, atheists and many others. Their ChristoFascist Taliban preachers, stand behind their pulpits, spewing brutal hate and death against lgbts, atheists and others, demanding they be put to again, brutal deaths as they cherry pick their buybull verses against lgbts and others, while they totally and completely ignore those same death penalty punishments that would put them to death.

Time For A Death Penalty Punishment For ALL The Christian Pedophiles
If Christians can call for a brutal death penalty punishment for lgbts, atheists and others? Then we can call for a brutal death penalty punishment for all their pedophile pimps and pedophiles.

ChristoFascist Taliban Theodore Shoebat should reap what he sows
In Wake Of Church Shooting, Theodore Shoebat Says Atheists Must Be Put To Death

Time To Put Christians Who Are Adulterers to death per Leviticus 20:10
ChristoFascist Talibans call for the brutal murders of lgbts based on Leviticus, so now? It is time to put to brutal deaths Christians who are adulterers per Leviticus too.

ChristoFascist Taliban Repugnant North Dakota State Rep Terry B Jones and his batshit crazy and illegal anti-lgbt hb1476
This ChristoFascist Taliban shitstain on the underwear of humanity want to violate the First Amendment rights of lgbts and secular humanists, including their right to free speech and free association and make it fucking illegal to even promote rights for lgbts and secular humanists.

How is this fucking scumbag piece of shit any different than the Muslim Taliban? He is not.

Ex-LGBTs Pray, Repent on Behalf of Nation for Sin of Homosexuality
A bunch of ChristoTalibans pretending to be who they are not. From a dumbass ChristoFascist Cocksucker for Christ thinks who he can fool us with this bullshit. And here is a direct link to his insanity.

STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President!
Oh and this is the same assclown ChristoFascist Taliban for Christ? Who will then? Defend and support a proven pathological liar, a proven bigot, racist and misogynist pig, a proven adulterer whom should be put to death according to his buybull, who is a proven thief, a proven con-artist, and a rapist, pedophile, sex assaulting, incestual pervert. But you should not hate this scumbag piece of shit Donald J Trump cause that would be evil.

ChristoTaliban Fascist Matthew Mclaughlin: Sodomite Suppression Act
This ChristoTaliban filed a ballot initiative in California called the Sodomite Suppression Act in which? He wanted Christians to have the right to walk up to lgbts on the street, take out a gun and blow their heads off or kill them by any other means to save us all from the wrath of his sky daddy.

ChristoFascist Pastor of Hate Scott Lively Deserves to Reap All He Has Sown
If you know about Lively, it probably has a lot to do with his rise to infamy in 2009, when he traveled to Uganda to rail against the “gay agenda” and promote the idea that the country should crack down on its gay population, characterizing the LGBT community as rapists and pedophiles. He also compared gay men to animals and suggested to Ugandan lawmakers that gays were responsible for carrying out the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

Michele Bachmann: Protecting Gay People With Hate Crimes Laws Is ‘Tyranny’
What can you say about the KKKristo Michelle Bachmann? This is one bird whose elevator never went to the top floor, let alone came out of the bargain basement this KristoFascist buys her used clothes from.

ChristoFascist Pastor of Hate Steven Anderson Deserves to Reap All He Has Sown
Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona is one of those real ChristoFascist psychotic pieces of shit.

Nebraska looks to ban controversial ‘gay therapy’ favored by Pence
Interesting but I got to ask. When are the Christians going to do something about those hundreds of thousands of Christian priests, pastors, politicians, school teachers, boy and girl scout troop leaders, etc, all who proclaim themselves Christians, who have been busted for raping children or being parts of a child sex trafficking rings?

Another Good Petition – Stop Child Abuse – Fight Transfreak Agenda!
ChristoTaliban blogger and hater .This petition asks the South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, to support the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which seeks to protect gender-confused children from medical treatment which would wrongly treat puberty as a disease and cause permanent physical and mental problems.

And ANOTHER Good Petition!
Same psychotic ChristoTaliban blogger above. My response to this hypocrite, hateful, ChristoTaliban pos? I am going to start a petition to have all Christian priests and pastors busted for raping children? Given the death penalty. Hundreds of thousands of Christian priests and pastors along with their leaders who covered it up and protected them? Would be put to death for their Crimes Against Humanity and their Crimes Against the Children of the World.

Chick-fil-A Will Stop Donating to Salvation Army, Christian Athletes Following LGBT Pressure
So when can we start demanding all adulterers be put to death according to Leviticus and Deuteronomy? I mean if Christian pastors and preachers can demand the death penalty for lgbts based on Leviticus and other parts of the bible? Why cannot we demand the death penalty for all adulterers?

Under Pressure From LGBT Groups, Purveyor of Hate Chicken Severs Ties With Bigoted Paramilitary Cult
Social Justice Warriors are jubilantly proclaiming victory this week because a popular restaurant chain will no longer donate to a well-known charity. Their ultimate goal is to force all organizations, groups, businesses, and individuals to whole-heartedly adopt the SJW agenda or face destruction.

Watch Live: “Lincoln Project” & LGBT-GOP Declare War On Christians
ChristoFascist Pastors of Hate like Steven Anderson, Walid and Theodore Shoebat, Charles Worley, Ron Baity, Scott Lively, Matthew McLaughlin, and all the rest? THINK they got the right to demand the brutal murders of LGBTS based on their bibles. Well? As they sow? So should they reap.

Are You Ready for a Mayor Pete Presidency?
A cherry-picking, buy-bull thumping ChristoTaliban hypocrite turd? Will stand and defend and support their Adulterer in Chief Donald J Trump but hey, not Mayor Pete. Cause Mayor Pete is a homosexual. Even though? Their same buybull? Says that adulterers should be put to death too, their Jesus condemned adulterers, but not homosexuals, and? The buybull condemns adultery? 30 to 1 over homosexuality.

Celebrating a Sinful Lifestyle
Same ChristoTaliban for Christ hypocrite, who has no problem supporting and defending the adulterers lifestyles like Donald J Trump, but oh no, we must stop consenting lgbts from living their lives.

How To Treat a Loved One Who’s a Homosexual
A Christian tries to explain how much of an ass clown he will be to his lesbian daughter. Here is a direct link to this mental midget morons psycho advice.

Michael Sam, Christians and a Homosexual-Driven Culture
Same ChristoFascist for Christ telling his lesbian daughter how evil she is? Again slamming homosexuals. But? This ChristoTaliban for Christ? Apparently has absolutely no problem with the adultery-driven culture that far outweighs his supposed “homosexual-driven culture”. Direct link to this assclowns bs.

Andelino’s Blog
This is the original hatefilled hypocrite filled posting from this ChristoFascist who calls his blog Andelino’s Blog.
Pete Buttigieg Taunts God
“Gay” South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg “implied” those who oppose the minimum wage “taunt” the Creator who said in Leviticus 20:13 “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

So? Because this Reich-Wing, White-Supremacist, bigot, hater and ChristoTaliban Trumpsters? Blocked me from commenting on his complete and utter bullshit. So? I started responding by sharing his bullshit.

Typical Hypocrite Trumpanzee Hater: Pete Buttigieg Taunts God — Andelino’s Weblog
My response to this ChristoTalibans bullshit on Pete Buttigieg and his support and defense of that pedophile scumbag, adulterous piece of shit, incestual shitstain, pathological lying, Putin dick sucking puppet Donald J Trump.

Let’s see just how much of a “Christian” this ChristoTaliban scumbag shitstain on the underwear of humanity is actually a Christian shall we? This is his dumb ass tome about the Religious Left.

And again? Because this Christotalibans Trumpster blocked me from commenting? I of course? Shared his shit under
The Hypocrisy of the Reich-Wing Trumpanzees: Religious Left — Andelino’s Weblog

Christian churches and organizations receiving Covid handouts

As These ChristoTalibans Sow? So Should They Reap
Pastor Kevin Swanson called for gays and lesbians to be executed—at a “religious liberty” confab attended from one legitimate candidate for the GOP nomination and two clowns from the kids’ table.

Give Me Science Over Bronze Age Superstition And Prayer Anyday
This blog is full of examples of the ineffectiveness of this Christian Bronze Age superstition and their supposed power of prayer.

The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals — The Rōbert [Cholo] Report (pron: Rō’bear Re’por)
Trump’s response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science denialism of his ultraconservative religious allies. By Katherine Stewart Ms. Stewart is the author of “The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism.” March 27, 2020 President Trump participated in a prayer before speaking at an Evangelicals for Trump Coalition Launch at

God Or Satan? Why Yes Rebecca, God IS Punishing YOU Christians
Well then? I guess? With all the times your god sent tornadoes and other natural disasters into the bible belt area of the US? And how this pandemic is running rampage in the bible belt right now? I guess your god is sending a judgement on all you Christians to stop your raping of children and your ChristoTaliban Pastors of Hate to stop spreading their hate?

Guess the Virus is Stronger Than God Too: Bishop who preached ‘God is larger than this dreaded virus’ dies of COVID-19
The New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, in North Chesterfield, Virginia, right outside Richmond, announced the death of Bishop Gerald O. Glenn in an Easter Sunday address by Bryan Nevers, a church elder.

Senator Rubio Pledges Government Handout to Churches in $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package — American Atheists
Today, the religious equality watchdog organization American Atheists denounced Senator Marco Rubio’s promise of a “cash injection” to churches amid the coronavirus crisis.

$350 Billion Relief Fund Is For Businesses, Not Unaccountable Churches — American Atheists
Today, American Atheists, joined by seven civil rights and religious freedom organizations, provided guidance to the Small Business Administration (SBA) on ensuring that funding programs created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act are administered constitutionally.

Sorry, Senator Hawley. It’s Unconstitutional to Bail Out Churches with $350 Billion Small Business Aid. — American Atheists
oday, the religious freedom watchdog organizations American Atheists, Center for Inquiry (CFI), Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), and Secular Coalition for America (SCA) corrected Senator Josh Hawley’s claim that “the SBA [Small Business Administration] is WRONGLY telling churches and lenders that churches and religious nonprofits don’t qualify for the new #COVID19 relief program.”

Let’s Not Forget the Trump Administration Has Spent Years Attacking Public Health in the Name of Religion — American Atheists
Last week, Donald Trump announced his intention to reopen the United States by Easter despite health experts’ warnings (although he’s since walked back his comments). “It’s such an important day for other reasons,” Trump said in an attempt to ingratiate himself further with his evangelical base, imbuing this deadly decision with religious significance.


Why Americans Hate Atheists Understanding Secularphobia
This finding comes as no surprise. Social science has long revealed high rates of secularphobia – the irrational dislike, distrust, fear, or hatred of nonreligious people – within American society. For example, a study by Penny Edgell of the University of Minnesota, from back in 2006, found that atheists come in last place when Americans are asked to rank members of certain racial, ethnic, or religious groups as potential spouses for their kids. And a Gallup poll from 2012 found that 43 pecent of Americans said that they would not vote for an atheist for president, putting atheists in last/worst place, behind Muslims (40 percent of Americans said they wouldn’t vote for a Muslim for president), homosexuals (30 percent wouldn’t), Mormons (18 percent wouldn’t), Latinos (7 percent wouldn’t), Jews (6 percent wouldn’t), Catholics (5 percent wouldn’t), women (5 percent wouldn’t) and African Americans (4 percent wouldn’t).

Study: Atheists behave more fairly toward Christians than Christians behave toward atheists
Psychologists have long known that people tend to favor their own group over others, a social phenomenon known as ingroup bias. But new research provides evidence that atheists are motivated to buck this trend in an attempt to override the stereotype that they are immoral.

Societies without God are more benevolent
Writing sometime around the 10th century BC, the furious author of Psalm 14 thundered against those who say there is no God. “They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” If the denunciations of wicked atheists coming from today’s apologists for religion are any guide, the spirit of Iron Age Israel is abroad in 21st-century Britain.

In Europe and U.S., Nonbelievers Are Increasingly Vocal
Every morning on his walk to work, high school teacher Graham Wright recited a favorite Anglican prayer and asked God for strength in the day ahead. Then two years ago, he just stopped.

How fundamentalists helped revive militant atheism in the West
The Washington Post has an article on the rise of the vocal atheist. It starts out with the story of a man who was a life long Anglican and who one day just decided he no longer believed. I’ve seen the same thing happen to other people. There is a clear increase in the number of individuals who identify as atheists. In recent years, among young people, the number of self-identified atheists has doubled.

Atheists Are More Moral Than Christians
I find it interesting, as a former Christian and now an atheist, when I hear some Christians speak about us atheists. Of course, a lot of Christians are still afraid of us. They still call us the most evil people on the planet. They still insult and denigrate us. They call us baby killers, baby cannibals, satanists, etc.

The Simple Difference Between Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Other Theists
Atheists don’t have an imaginary fascist asshole “God” telling them they have to be fascist assholes towards others.

Do Not Use Your Rock to Cause Harm to Others
I am an atheist, but? I am also? A Humanist. I want to share what I use as an analogy for beliefs in a god and following a religion and non belief in a god and not a follower of a religion. This is not attempting to insult believers, but I believe it is a great analogy to use.

Top Ten Signs You’re a Fundamentalist Christian
1 – You actually know a lot less than many atheists and agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history – but still call yourself a Christian.

Christian hate of Pagans

Christians Committing Mass Murder: Against the Pagans
We know how much Christians love to proclaim how theirs is a religion of peace, love, non-judgment, etc. But their history proves they are anything but. Here is a definitive timeline history of Christians and their committing mass murder and persecution of Pagans.

Christian brainwashing tools

The Lie of Christian Hell
So. Christians worship the Jewish god. They use the Jewish Old Testament to proclaim their knowledge of god. They use the New Testament to proclaim their own theology which? Is totally different than the Jewish mythology from which? Christians got their religion in the first place. They took the Jewish mythology and changed it to fit their own Christian mythology they were trying to pedal.

The Christian God? Is Pure Evil
For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes. The so called God of the Bible makes Adolph Hiter, Pol Pot, Stalin, and others like them? Look like choir boys.

What Do Mass Shooters Believe?
Same asshole ChristoTaliban as above, spewing horseshit and playing their No True Scotsman game of apologetics. Again, use of extreme foul language against this Cocksucker For ChristoTalibans.

God Given Morals of Christians
Their god given moral told them it was perfectly ok to commit the worst act of mass genocide and extermination against my Native American ancestors under their Manifest Destiny theology.

The Heresy of White Christianity
There are, as Cornel West has pointed out, only two African-Americans who rose from dirt-poor poverty to the highest levels of American intellectual life—the writer Richard Wright and the radical theologian James H. Cone.

Onward, Christian Fascists
The greatest moral failing of the liberal Christian church was its refusal, justified in the name of tolerance and dialogue, to denounce the followers of the Christian right as heretics. By tolerating the intolerant it ceded religious legitimacy to an array of con artists, charlatans and demagogues and their cultish supporters. It stood by as the core Gospel message—concern for the poor and the oppressed—was perverted into a magical world where God and Jesus showered believers with material wealth and power.

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