Treasonous Repugnants and Traitorous Trumpturds

Stories on Atheist Militants Rising dealing with the Treasonous Repugnants and the Traitorous Trumpturds and their hero Diaper Donnie.

The Fascist Nazis of Project Veritas
Hey all you fucking pieces of shit trolls from Project Veritas, Each and every fucking one of you should be lined up and fucking executed. How you like that for fucking hate you cunts?

Modern Nazis Should Follow Their Leaders and Kill Themselves
Nazis are in fact pure evil and should folow their shitstain leaders like Adolph and just fucking kill themselves. Here are just some examples why Nazis should be executed on the spot.

US Patriotic Duty #1: Punch A Nazi In The Face
It is your duty as a true US Patriot to punch any Nazi you see in the face, three ways, hard, fast and continously.

Mike Lindell, Treasonous Traitor My Pillow Guy
I also have a right to say what I want to you Mike Lindell and that is, you and Trump should be executed by a firing squad at Gitmo together.

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