The Overconfidence of Modern Day Atheism

So this fool wants us atheists to compose a short 200 word essay on why we disbelieve? Why? No matter what we offer? This Christians and all like them? Will reject anything we say.

He says that we atheists lack curiosity? It was our curiosity to learn not only why we believed in the god we were literally brain-washed into believing and how this belief came about. We were curious as to how Christianity actually rose to power to become what it is today and we learned? It was not through their message of love and peace and forgiveness, but by brutal slaughter and forced conversion programs, starting with the Pagans. And so on to this very day? Christians are so afraid of us atheists? That they will do all they can to shut us up.

So this nimrod wants to know why this Atheist does not believe in their god?

Well here it is.

1. Christians themselves show and prove? By their words and actions? That their god and Jesus is a bald faced lie. Christians daily? Spew hate and death against us atheists, against lgbts, against Pagans, against us Native Americans.

How many Native Amerians did Christians slaughter when they invaded these lands of North, Central and South America under their ChristoTaliban Fascist Manifest Destiny theology of hate and mass extermination of us Natives? Yet? They either proclaim that those Christians who did this were not True Christians or? They say we Natives were the savages and it was the Christians who were protecting their innocent selves from us savage indians who did not want to “share”. It was the Christians who stole our lands, who slaughtered us, who forced us to march on death marches to their death camps.

We Natives? Saved their Christian asses many times from starvation and this was how they paid us back and now? They expect us Natives to keep turning the other cheek as they continue to treat us like shit, continue to steal our lands, continue to work to destroy our burial grounds and cause even more harm to us. Hell, we did not get our religious rights fully restored to us, thanks to the Christians who made it a literal death penalty punishment if we did? Until 1974. Imagine if Christians had been denied their rights, under the penalty of death to practice their religious beliefs like they did to us Natives, but they do not fucking care one bit.

So this asshole says that we should believe in their god?

Well their god and Jesus proved to me 100% the night three of their Christian priests spent it gang raping me even on the altar of the church.

It was proven to me when I finally came out about what happened and started reporting on this and found? Millions of victims from all over the world raped and tortured by Christian priests and pastors and again? Their stories prove to me beyond any shadow of a doubt? That your god and Jesus does not exist.

Learning what you Christians did to my Native ancestors? Proved to me your god and Jesus do not exist.

Learning what Christians did to Pagans? Proved to me that their god and Jesus did not exist.

What Christians did to those they tortured and murdered during their Inquisitional periods? Proved to me their god and Jesus did not exist.

What Christians did to others in their Wars? Proved to me their god and Jesus did not exist.

ALL their Christian pedophiles? Their Christian murderers? Their Christian thieves and conartists? All prove to me their god and Jesus do not exist.

Of course? This assclown for Christ? Will insist, like all the rest of his fellow mental midget moron Christians, that these were not Chrsitians. Fuck you they were not.


Shadow To Light

In a previous posting, I noted that modern day atheism is defined by its overconfidence, lack of nuance, and lack of curiosity.  The New Atheist movement itself is merely something that naturally emerged as a means to celebrate and amplify these traits given the right catalyst – 911.

Recently, J. H. McKenna makes a point that adds further support to my thesis.  Consider what he observes:

When I speak with atheists nowadays, I sometimes ask them to compose a short 200-word essay explaining why they disbelieve. (That would be about three paragraphs in this piece you are reading—not long.) But these atheists refuse to write 200 words and tell me they would just as soon write 200 words on why they don’t believe in the Phoenix as write 200 words explaining why they disbelieve in God. To them, the notion of God is as fabulous as the Phoenix. Why…

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