Native American Stories

Links to stories on Atheist Militants Rising about Native American issues.

Christians Invaded Native American Sacred Space to Pray Away “Dark Energy”
Disgusting ChristoFascist Taliban punk “Coach” Dave Daubenmire believes it is his right as a ChristoFascist Taliban punk to invade sacred Native American space and desecrate it. So then how about we Native Americans go and desecrate his church?

Sacred Space
This is a letter to the editor about Sacred Space by a Native American

End the tragedy of the American Indian Reservation
“We have no hope; it will always be like this.” — Lakota Sioux resident of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.

The Native American Before Christian Spoil
A first-hand recount of William Penn from 1687, telling of his interactions with the natives. “But what is most striking in Penns delineation of the Indians character, is the often repeated eulogy of the Indians natural piety. Again and again he dwells on the fact that the Indian shames the Christian in the sincerity of his religious belief and the correctness of his moral conduct”.

Panama Sect Tortures and Kills Indigenous People So They’ll Repent Their Sins
Police freed 14 local indigenous people from a ranch in a remote part of Bocas del Toro, Panama, where they were being held prisoner by an evangelical Christian sect that wanted to force them, by any means necessary, to repent of their sins.

Nothing Says Christian Love Quite Like Christian Hate: The Sand Creek Massacre
The Methodist preacher turned Civil War hero is still raw after spending years fighting Confederate flag-waving soldiers and treaty-waving Indians. He’s tasted blood, and now he’s on the warpath. With hundreds of unsuspecting American Indians just around the corner, he’s found his perfect opportunity.

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