Is Atheism A Bad Idea?

Interesting how Christians insist we atheists cannot be moral unless we believe in their god and Jesus and Christianity huh?

And? When you expose the real “morality” of Christians? All of their wars, their mass genocides, their Crusades, their hate of lgbts, atheists, Pagans and others? Or you talk about all their disgusting pedo pervert priests and pastors? The first thing they pull out of their proverbial asses? Is the No True Scotsman and the False Equivalency bs apologetics.

They will proclaim that none of these who did these things against Pagans, Native Americans, LGBTS and many others? Were not Christians. Cause Christians do not do those things.

Literally? Billions have been put to brutal deaths by Christians since they rose to power in 322 AD. They committed mass genocide forced conversion programs against the Pagans. But? They will either proclaim? Those were not Christians or? They were Christians defending themselves against the evil Pagans who were supposedly persecuting them. Because? The Pagans decided they were not simply going to lay down for Christians to wipe them out.

Same with us Native Americans. They invaded our countries, and? Under their Christian Manifest Destiny bs? They proceeded to commit the worst act of mass extermination in recorded human history against a group of people. And? Again? They will either proclaim? These people who did this? Were not Christians or again? The “innocent Christians” were just defending themselves against the savages, us Native Americans.

And what is really funny? They really meltdown when they demand me, a Cherokee and Blackfeet to accept their Jesus and become a Christian, when I tell them? Telling a Native American to become a Christian? Is comparable to your telling a Jew to join the Nazi party or a black person to join the KKK, but they sure cannot understand that now can they? Oh no.

They persecute lgbts and demand their brutal murders, based on their cherry picking Levitical and Deuteronomy verses, but? Oh no you cannot demand all their Christian adulterers be treated like they want to treat lgbts, because their Jesus came and did away with all that. except against lgbts.

Or? If you demand? All their hundreds of thousands of Christian priests and pastors busted for raping kids be put to death like they demand lgbts be put to death, or atheists be put to death, or any of the others they hate on and demand be put to death? They will call you a hater, a persecutor of Christians and how dare you demand we be treated as we treat you.

Ahhh the hypocrisy of Chrsitians and Christianity. It is never ending and stopped amazing me a long time ago.

Archon's Den


He was an Atheist for 40 years, then one day, he became Catholic. (Or so he claims. I suspect a troll.) Not A Catholic – merely Catholic. He and I had some words. They grew too numerous for a comments column…. so here we are again.

And how miserable does atheism make you? Choosing it is a bit like choosing to be fatherless in the world. Left to your own devices.

For someone claiming to be Atheist for forty years, his assumptions and questions are bewildering. He seems to imply that morality must be applied from outside. A moral framework must be accepted internally, even if it is supplied from the outside. I know “Good Catholics” who believe in divorce and remarriage, gay marriage, and priests being married – all ‘sins’ to the church. Atheism does not make people miserable. It frees them to enjoy the natural beauty of…

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