How Do We Explain The Laws of Logic?

So let’s look at the Christian logic. Christians once stated with certainty? That the earth was flat. Scientists proved them wrong and Christians tortured and put one to death while another? They put in prison.

During the Black Death period? Christian logic stated first? It was the Jews who were poisoning the wells, so? In Christian logic? They slaughtered Jews, putting whole towns of Jews to death. Then? When that did not stop it? Christians in their logic? Decided it was Satan, witches and their cats, because old women out in the glades had cats and none of them were infected, so it must be the witches and their cats along with Satan spreading it. So? In Christian logic? They issued an edict to kill all the cats. But science logic proved again? Christian logic wrong, as scientists proved? It was the fleas on the backs of rats coming in from the trade ships from the East that bit the humans that caused the Black Death and not the cats. Matter of fact? They should have left the cats alone.

Christian logic? Allowed Christians to commit the worst case of recorded mass genocide and slaughter in human history against us Native Americans by proclaiming their god and Jesus gave them all these lands to subdue and conquer. So Christian logic? Justified Christians in slaughtering millions of Native Americans in North, Central and South America.

Christian logic once stated that women rode through the air on broomsticks, kissed the asshole of Satan, caused storms, droughts, animals and humans to miscarry, and all kinds of other things. A plague is spreading? That’s the witches. Etc. And in their Christian logic? They invented some of the most evil, vile, diabolocal torture devices to put to brutal deaths those they logically proclaimed as witches.

Christian logic once stated that the earth was the center. When scientists proved otherwise? Christian logic tortured and put into prison these scientists.

These? Are just some of the examples of when Christian and their logic? Were definitely WRONG. So if you all were wrong on these things and sciences proved you all were wrong on these things? Then why should we ever believe any “logic” that comes out of a Christian’s mouth?

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