Therapist advises atheists to lie to their kids, pretending there’s a god and a heaven

So which god should we then indoctrinate them into? The Christian version? The Muslim version? The Jewish version? Which denomination of Christianity should we choose to indoctrinate them and what if we choose the wrong denomination?

No, I will NOT indoctrinate my children into what I know is? A lie. A lie that was perpetrated by our Bronze Age ancestors to control people through their basic fear of what happens to people after you die.

Why Evolution Is True

The Wall Street Journal is of course a conservative venue, but this time it’s exceeded even the normal right-wing love of religion. The article below, by psychoanalyst Erica Komisar, is behind a paywall, but I’ll give some quotes. And judicious inquiry might turn up a copy.

Komisar’s argument is based on a 2018 study showing that church attendance and prayer or meditation are positively associated with some measures of well being in growing children. She concludes that we should tell our kids that there’s a god and an afterlife, even if we are atheists. In other words, we should lie to our kids. After all, don’t we care about their welfare? Here’s the article, which leads to a paywall:

Komar’s thesis is based on the paper below from the American Journal of Epidemiology; a free pdf is available by clicking on the screenshot.

I couldn’t be arsed to…

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