Another Atheist Defends Pedophilia

Millions of us have been raped by those who call themselves Christians, especially? Christian priests and pastors. And then? You got your leaders who cover up and protect these pedo scum and then? You scum Christians attack the victims while defending the pedophile. So I think you should sthu on your false assertions and suppositions. Cause I know of no atheist who stands up and defends pedophiles….LIKE YOU CHRISTIANS DO ON A DAILY BASIS.

Shadow To Light

Peter Tatchell  is a LGBT activist who gave a TED talk back in 2015 about the future of sexuality:

Tatchell basically asks as LGTB acceptance increases, where will this lead us, as a culture, in the future?  That is, as we move  “into a post-homophobic, sexually-enlightened society, where there is acceptance of diversity, what would this mean for the expression of same sex identity and sexuality?”

His basic answer is this – bisexuality and homosexuality will become more common.

He speaks of a survey in Britain that found a greater trend toward sexual experimentation as “homophobic attitudes declined.”  He argues more and more young people are recognizing their capacity for homosexual desire and predicts many more people will have “gay sex and relationships, even perhaps temporarily or experimentally.”

Feel free to watch the video to see him make these points (and more).

Yet there is something troubling about his talk.

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