Christians Acts of Mass Murder and Persecution of Others

Here are links to story topics on Christians who committed acts of mass murder and persecutions of others, all in the name of their God, their Jesus, their Christianity and their bibles.

Muzzies and Christos are the greatest teachers of hate and violence ever known and should reap back all they have sown.
No group of people have taught me to hate more, or want to commit violence against more, than Christians and Muslims. Honestly? I fucking hate ALL Christians and Muslims and believe they are a disease to humanity, cockroaches, vermin, puss filled shitstains on the underwear of humanity. Who have committed far too many crimes against humanity, crimes against the children of the world. Crimes of mass genocides, crimes of mass murder, crimes of tortures and persecutions of others. Crimes of pure hate and violence, all for their twisted fucking theologies of bullshit and pure fucking unmitigated evil.

ChristoFascist Talibans wanting to rape, beat and murder atheists on Fascistbook for ChristoTalibans
Nothing says Christian love quite like Christian hate against atheists. Here? We have Christians wanting to rape, beat and torture and brutally murder atheists, all posted on Fascistbook, in which none of these comments, along with thousands of other hate, death and violence comments, are never a violation of Fascistbook rules. But if an atheists posts a comment that says Fuck Christians, or Fuck Christianity? YOU are automatically violated.

Christians Invaded Native American Sacred Space to Pray Away “Dark Energy”
Disgusting ChristoFascist Taliban punk “Coach” Dave Daubenmire believes it is his right as a ChristoFascist Taliban punk to invade sacred Native American space and desecrate it. So then how about we Native Americans go and desecrate his church?

Atheists, LGBTS, Pagans and Native Americans? Are More Christian than Christians are.
Proof how Atheists, LGBTS, Pagans and Native Americans are in fact? More Christians than Christians are.

End the tragedy of the American Indian Reservation
“We have no hope; it will always be like this.” — Lakota Sioux resident of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.

The Native American Before Christian Spoil
A first-hand recount of William Penn from 1687, telling of his interactions with the natives. “But what is most striking in Penns delineation of the Indians character, is the often repeated eulogy of the Indians natural piety. Again and again he dwells on the fact that the Indian shames the Christian in the sincerity of his religious belief and the correctness of his moral conduct”.

Panama Sect Tortures and Kills Indigenous People So They’ll Repent Their Sins
Police freed 14 local indigenous people from a ranch in a remote part of Bocas del Toro, Panama, where they were being held prisoner by an evangelical Christian sect that wanted to force them, by any means necessary, to repent of their sins.

Nothing Says Christian Love Quite Like Christian Hate: The Sand Creek Massacre
The Methodist preacher turned Civil War hero is still raw after spending years fighting Confederate flag-waving soldiers and treaty-waving Indians. He’s tasted blood, and now he’s on the warpath. With hundreds of unsuspecting American Indians just around the corner, he’s found his perfect opportunity.

God Given Morals of Christians
Their god given moral told them it was perfectly ok to commit the worst act of mass genocide and extermination against my Native American ancestors under their Manifest Destiny theology.

Youth Pastor Who Impregnated Teen Now Charged With Hiring Hitman
A youth pastor who was jailed for raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl has now been charged with hiring a hitman to kill the judge who sentenced him as well as the leader of his church.

Christians are so persecuted they lost their favorite proselytizing tool, burning humans at the stake after they torture them. All in the love of Jesus of course.
Christians are so persecuted they lost their favorite proselytizing tool, burning humans at the stake after they torture them. All in the love of Jesus of course.

Christians Committing Mass Murder: Against the Pagans
We know how much Christians love to proclaim how theirs is a religion of peace, love, non-judgment, etc. But their history proves they are anything but. Here is a definitive timeline history of Christians and their committing mass murder and persecution of Pagans.

How fundamentalists helped revive militant atheism in the West
In recent years polls in the US have shown that religious Americans are more likely to vote for a Muslim, in spite of the 9/11 attacks, than for an atheist regardless of their qualifications. The same sort of disdain for atheists carries into their private lives. All of this reduces the likelihood of an atheist speaking out. Many remain closeted but that doesn’t alter the fact that are atheists.

Christians Being Violent Psychos Against Abortion Providers and Clinics
Acts of violence and murder perpetrated by Christians against abortion providers and clinics.

The Absurd Lie of ‘Pro-Choice Violence’
Anti-abortion violence has been a real, present danger for decades. In the past few years, zealots have committed acts of targeted harassment, assault, and attempted arson at health-care providers; in the 1990s, extremists murdered several providers in their places of work, in church, and in their own homes.

Christians and their hypocrisy on abortion
The hypocrisy of Christians on abortion never ceases to amaze or astound me. So? I figure I ought to expose all the hypocrisy of Christians on the topic of abortion.

Christianity and Human Sacrifice—The Religion Built in Blood
Christianity—the real pagan blood cult

The Apostles who went on the First Crusade — FromRome.Info
A psychotic Roman Catholic praising the butchery and slaughter of the Roman Catholic First Crusades to Jerusalem.

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