How Do We Explain Morality?

How do you explain the morality of Christians who participated in the slaughter and forced conversion programs of the Pagans? Or all the Christians who brutally murdered Native Americans and did all they could to wipe us off the face of the earth, committing the worst case of mass genocide in recorded human history? Or how about the morality of Christians when they burned a whole town of Jews and murdered them? Or how about all the people who were tortured and executed by Christians in their Inquisitions? Or how about all the people murdered in those Christian wars like the Thirty Year War? Or how about all the lgbts, atheists, and many others that Christians have brutally murdered? So where do these Christians get their morality from? Or the hundreds of thousands of Christians busted for raping children? Or the hundreds of thousands of Christians, who were Christians before they got busted, in prison for such crimes as murder, terrorism, theft, and all kinds of other crimes? Funny how you Christians scream your morality is superior when many of you Christians, who demand we others live up to your morality? Cannot even abide by it. But hey, if you Christians want us to practice Christian morality? Then I guess we should start just butchering Christians like Christians, in their justified morality has done unto others?

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