God Given Morals of Christians

Their god given moral told them it was perfectly ok to commit the worst act of mass genocide and extermination against my Native American ancestors under their Manifest Destiny theology.

To slaughter and butcher millions of the original inhabitants of North, Central and South America, forcing them on death marches to death camps, raping and pillaging the Nations, brutalizing them. Taking the children and forcing them into their brainwashing Christian schools where Christians sought to remove any and all trace of their Native American heritage, through violence, beatings, starvations, rapes and outright murder of these children.

While proclaiming themselves the Civilized Ones bringing the religion of peace and love and non-judgment of Christianity to us savage injuns. Stealing our lands in their massacres of us. Slaughtering our game to starve us. Committing acts of Crimes Against Humanity in their biological warfare against us.

It told them it was ok to commit acts of mass murder in their 9 forced conversion programs against the Pagans of Northern Europe. It told them it was ok in 322 AD to proclaim Paganism a death penalty punishment and invade their countries and under their ChristoFascist Taliban ways? Slaughter whole towns of Pagans, murder Pagan priests and priestesses, beat to death Pagan children on the spot who were found playing with Pagan statutes as if they were playing with a doll. Destroying Pagan temples and then? Stealing all the Pagan holy days and rituals and converting them to their own use of Christianity.

It told them it was ok to slaughter whole towns of Jewish people, to blame them for the Black Death, etc. To wipe out Jewish towns of people because they said they murdered their Christian Lord and Savior, despite the fact that all what Christians teach goes against everything that Jewish theology and Old Testament teachings of theirs. It did not matter they literally hijacked the Hebrew religious beliefs and converted them to their Christian ones and then? Slaughtered, butchered and murdered the Jews.

It told them it was ok for them to build some of the most foul, evil and diabolocal torture machines to use on their fellow human beings they proclaimed as witches and heretics, and of course scientists who they disagreed with because the scientist proved them wrong.

It told them it was ok to own their fellow human beings as slaves. To even fight wars over the owning of another human being as a slave. Because hey, god commanded slavery in the bible, so according to gods morals? It is perfectly ok for Christians to own another human being as a slave.

It told them it was ok to go to war over differences in their belief in a god and a Jesus and slaughter whole nations and decimate their populations, like in the Thirty Year War between the Catholics and Protestants.

Yeah, Christian morality from their god and Jesus and leaders who order them to go out and slaughter people? Sure leaves a whole freaking lot to be desired. But of course? In their apologist hypocrisy? They will play the No True Scotsman line of apologetic bullshit to proclaim those people who did those things were not True Christians lmfao.

And of course? They say the same for the hundreds of thousands of Christian priests and pastors busted for raping kids, while they blame lgbts, atheists and Pagans for their rampant pedophilia.

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