Nebraska looks to ban controversial ‘gay therapy’ favored by Pence

Interesting but I got to ask. When are the Christians going to do something about those hundreds of thousands of Christian priests, pastors, politicians, school teachers, boy and girl scout troop leaders, etc, all who proclaim themselves Christians, who have been busted for raping children or being parts of a child sex trafficking rings?

They need to give full frontal lobotomies with a 50 cal desert eagle to these perverted pedo priests, pastors and other Christians who rape children as their therapy.


Nebraska Sen. Megan Hunt is sponsor of legislation that would curtail so-called “gay-conversion therapy” in the state.

Does so-called “conversion therapy” turn gay men into straight men?

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence thinks so. He also believes homosexuals should get the therapy in keeping with what he calls Christian teaching. Legislation to make conversion therapy illegal for minors and to ban charging or advertising such therapy has drawn much interest in the Nebraska state capital in Lincoln. A hearing on the bill attracted an overflow crowd last week.

Figuring prominently was one brave soul who testified that conversion therapy — also known as exgay or reparative therapy — traumatized him as a teenager.  The man said he used to sneak out of the house twice a week to get therapy in hopes of changing from homosexual to heterosexual. Adam Witte of Omaha said he feared disappointing his religious parents and…

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