Muslim Hate of Atheists

These are the stories with links about stories of Muslims and their hate of atheists.

Fuck Allah and Momo the Pedophile Scum
The only good Muslim pedophiles are fucking dead Muslim pedophiles. The only good Muslim Fundamentalist extremist is a fucking dead Muslim fundamentalist extremist. The only good Allah the Pedophile god is a dead Allah the Pedophile god. The only good Muhammed the Pedophile Profit is a dead Muhammed the Pedophile Profit.

Muzzies and Christos are the greatest teachers of hate and violence ever known and should reap back all they have sown.
No group of people have taught me to hate more, or want to commit violence against more, than Christians and Muslims. Honestly? I fucking hate ALL Christians and Muslims and believe they are a disease to humanity, cockroaches, vermin, puss filled shitstains on the underwear of humanity. Who have committed far too many crimes against humanity, crimes against the children of the world. Crimes of mass genocides, crimes of mass murder, crimes of tortures and persecutions of others. Crimes of pure hate and violence, all for their twisted fucking theologies of bullshit and pure fucking unmitigated evil.

Muhammed, the Muzzie Cunts Pedophile Rapist Pig Profit

Time For Death Penalty For All Muslims
Fuck you sand niggers screaming for death for us atheists. The only good Muslim is a fucking dead Muslim cause I have fucking had it with these sand niggers murdering atheists and others in the name of their fucking Pedophile Profit Momo and their pedophile gawd Allah. Fuck all you Muzzie Cunts.

Do Not Use Your Rock to Cause Harm to Others
I am an atheist, but? I am also? A Humanist. I want to share what I use as an analogy for beliefs in a god and following a religion and non belief in a god and not a follower of a religion. This is not attempting to insult believers, but I believe it is a great analogy to use.

The Simple Difference Between Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Other Theists
Atheists don’t have an imaginary fascist asshole “God” telling them they have to be fascist assholes towards others.

Allah-pig is shitting out Quran while ass fucking the pedophile profit Muhammed in his fucking shitter.

Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack
A secular blogger has been hacked to death in north-east Bangladesh, the third such deadly attack this year.

Increasing attacks on Bangladeshi activists – some facts
Islamic fundamentalists have stepped up attacks on secular Bangladeshi bloggers and campaigners in the past few months, with the latest being the murder of an LGBT activist. DW presents some facts about the killings.

Blogger killings leading to ‘self-censorship’ in Bangladesh
Three activists, a university professor, and a Hindu tailor have been hacked to death by machete-wielding killers in Bangladesh in recent days. Local media have reported about at least 34 attacks of a similar pattern in the last 14 months that took 35 lives and injured 129 people. While radical groups claimed responsibility for those killings, the government of the South Asian country has so far denied any presence of international terror outfits on its soil.

The Pedophile Profit Muhammed, shitting out the Quran into his outhouse piehole.

The tragic tale of an atheist blogger seeking asylum in Germany
They were forced to flee Bangladesh last year as a result of increased threats from Islamists as well as government officials. Goswami found himself in their crosshairs due to his criticism of religious radicalism and advocacy for protection of minority rights

Atheist Law Student Hacked To Death In Bangladesh
A 28-year-old atheist law student has been killed in Bangladesh. The attack follows a string of murders last year targeting outspoken advocates of secularism.

The ‘Underground Railroad’ To Save Atheists A vision to protect those persecuted for non-religion
Lubna Yaseen was a student in Baghdad when death threats forced her into exile. Her crime was to think the unthinkable and question the unquestionable—to state, openly, that she was an atheist.

13 Muslim Countries have the death penalty for atheists. time for atheists to put muslims to death
In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday.

A Muzzie Cunt irony, threatening to rape and murder others but telling us their religion is one of peace and tolerance. Really? How about you die you kuffar goat fucking bastard, and I will fuck your mother in the ass and then make you like her shit off of my dick you camel jockey piece of shit.
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