Play the Jesus simulator.

Soon to be followed by the Republican I am Jesus game where you build walls, put children in cages, give the rich a huge tax break, starve the hungry, kick down the homeless, rip off the widows and elderly, fuck over the veteran and military grunts, prevent health care for all but the rich, tax the middle class until they become poor, and oh yeah, defend Donald J Trump at all costs. Plus? Give ya great deals on all kinds of guns and ammo, what every you want cause you know Second Amendment Jesus doesn’t take no shit from no libertard.

The Liberated Atheist

Forget about WWJD (what would Jesus do?); WWYD (what would YOU do) … if you were Jesus?

One of my Christian relatives just shared a post about an upcoming Christian themed video game, titled ‘I am Jesus Christ’. As someone who was formerly Christian, and likes video games, I couldn’t resist checking out the trailer. What sort of silliness is this game going to be? Is it in the ‘so bad it’s actually good’ category?

Behold mere mortals, the trailer!

So what we have here is some lovely piano music whilst you apparently play from the perspective of Jesus. You perform the classical New Testament miracles such as healing a blind woman and magically creating fish! You can also calm rough sees and get yourself tied to a cross. Oops, I guess the Bible spoilt that a bit early. Well that’s the impression I get from the minute-long trailer anyways…

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