The GOP’s Chosen Morality

Robot Philosopher

I think one of the main foundational aspects of most conservatives compared to others is how they view their morality. The GOP are the types to be very invested in a sports game, and if their team doesn’t win, they think they’ve been cheated. Instead of concluding that the other team was simply better on the day, their gut instinct is simply anger. They’ve been wronged. Others may be disappointed, but they would readily admit the other team was simply better at that time. Not so with Republicans.

What this amounts to is the GOP constantly think that their devious, unethical, and often immoral tactics they use aren’t actually wrong, because they are ‘righting a wrong’. Fixing something that broke. Making something that, in their minds, should have happened, happen.

You can know confidently that stealing is wrong. You can be a completely moral person. Yet, if someone you know…

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