The Mess We’re In

Funny huh? Christians worship a god who ordered his followers to rip the fetuses out of the wombs of pregnant women, which? Is abortion.

God supposedly drowned the whole world and killed fetuses in the wombs of pregnant women and that? Is abortion.

Christians? Have committed untold abortions when they slaughtered Pagans, Native Americans, Jews and other pregnant women in their forced conversion programs and in their worst case of mass genocide in recorded human history against us Native Americans.

Christians in fact? Are responsible for 70% of abortions performed. In other words? Statistics prove that 70% of all abortions are performed on women who call themselves Christians.

Oh and each day? 12,000 infants, toddlers and children? Die horrifying deaths from starvation and other things.

But abortion is evil huh?

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

It doesn’t take a genius to see that morally, the world is in collapse. I received an email message today from singer/songwriter Keith and Kristyn Getty, asking those on their mailing list to pray. Apparently North Ireland is on the verge of legalizing abortion, and the Getty’s are heartbroken that this evil has come to their homeland.

I understand what they’re feeling. But as I read the appeal for prayer regarding this matter, I couldn’t help but think of Romans 1, the last 13 verses, and the progression of evil God said was taking place.

So this afternoon I opened another email that was just as disheartening because it contained an article about the connection between some scientific communities and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who hung himself in prison in August while awaiting trial. Apparently Epstein was rich, hobnobbed with the famous (a documentary just came out about his connection…

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3 thoughts on “The Mess We’re In”

  1. No, but Christians started doing exactly what the Jews were doing once they gained their power. Starting in 356AD? Christians? Made it a death penalty punishment to be a Pagan and proceeded to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Pagans in their Crusades against them.

    IF abortion is so evil? Why did your god command abortions to be done by telling his followers to rip the fetuses out of the womb of pregnant women? It is the same god YOU all worship right now. And you all say your god never changes right? So if he approved of abortions by commanding his followers to rip the fetuses out of the wombs of pregnant women, which is in fact? Abortion and if your god did that flood and drowned pregnant women, killing their fetuses? That is abortion. No matter how you cut it. So you got your own god? Committing abortions. Oh I get it, when god or Jews or Christians commit abortions in violent actions? That is ok, huh?

    Oh and here, read it and weep. 70% of women who get abortions in the US? Proclaim themselves CHRISTIANS.

    AND? Here is the truth, Christians? Actually supported and defended abortions until the rise of the Moral Majority under Reagan.

    A record number of Americans (71 percent) are opposed to overturning the landmark Supreme Court ruling that recognized abortion as a woman’s constitutional right.” I am also sure many of these people who oppose overturning Roe v Wade? Are Christians.

    Supreme Court ruling in lowly Kansas determined that the religious Republican assault on women’s bodily autonomy is abominable and strictly prohibited under the Constitution. That High Court ruled that women enjoy constitutional freedoms, and protection from religious Republican men, “to control their own bodies as a basic human right”

    The religious right was not always opposed to a woman’s legal right to control their own bodies; that monstrous religious crusade began a full six years after the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

    According to the Christian’s “Holy Bible,” and the unerring word of the Christian’s almighty god, there is no “living being” until it takes “the breath of life.” That concept is repeated throughout the Christian bible. And, prior to the Heritage Foundation’s embrace of the Vatican encyclical on regulating women, one of the “most famous Christian fundamentalists of the 20th Century” followed the immutable word of his biblical god on when life begins. It was never at the moment of conception. It was and still is after a fetus leaves the womb and breathes of its own accord.

    The Southern Baptist Convention’s president at the time of the Roe ruling, Dallas First Baptist Church preacher W. A. Criswell, celebrated the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling by taking the time to write that he was pleased.

    “I have always felt that it was only after a child was born and had a life separate from its mother that it became an individual person, and it has always, therefore, seemed to me that what is best for the mother and for the future should be allowed.” (author bold)

    That assessment informs that even evangelical leaders were still reading their “Holy Bible” and attempting to follow the teachings of their “unerring god” prior to becoming agents of the Catholic Church in America.

    To be fair, at the time of the Roe decision there were a few, very few, evangelical extremists who only mildly criticized the ruling. For the most part “the overwhelming response was silence, even approval.” In particular, evangelical fundamentalists “applauded the decision as an appropriate articulation of the division between church and state, and between personal morality and state regulation of individual behavior.” (author bold)

    W. Barry Garrett wrote in the Baptist Press that, “Religious liberty, human equality and justice are advanced by the Supreme Court abortion decision.”

    It is particularly noteworthy that nearly all evangelical fundamentalists regarded any and all opposition to Roe v. Wade a perverse Catholic issue; most were wholly indifferent to what choice a woman made concerning her own body.

    During a symposium sponsored by the Christian Medical Society and the so-called “flagship magazine” of the entire evangelical movement, Christianity Today “refused to characterize abortion as sinful, citing individual health, family welfare, and social responsibility as adequate justifications for ending a pregnancy.” (author bold)

    It took a full six years (1979) for the religious right leadership to abandon its pro-choice position and summarily obey the Vatican, the Heritage Foundation and its so-called “Moral Majority” founder Paul Weyrich. The religious right extremist Weyrich convinced evangelical clergy to “seize on abortion as a Republican cause célèbre and rallying cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term.”

    The Christian opposition to President Carter was due to his threat to strip evangelicals’ tax exempt status if they continued actively supporting school segregation across the South. Sustaining and protecting segregated schools was a racial dog whistle and dependable electoral stratagem to elect Republicans in the former Confederacy.

    As anyone with a pulse understands, embracing the Vatican’s opposition to birth control and abortion had nothing to do with protecting zygotes, embryos, fetuses, religious liberty, Christianity or morality forty years ago any more than today. The religious right and Republican opposition to women’s autonomy was simply “a more palatable electoral issue than the religious right’s primary means of electing Republicans prior to 1979 – promising to protect white Christian students from attending desegregated schools.”

    Many Americans have known for decades that the religious Republicans, and their operatives in the extremist evangelical movement, were pro-choice according to their own “Holy Bible” and the immutable dictates of their unerring “almighty god” prior to becoming mindless lackeys for the Vatican. For dog’s sake, they hued closely to their own Christian bible and the secular U.S. Constitution for six years after the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down because it was an “appropriate articulation of the division between church and state, and between personal morality and state regulation of individual behavior.” (author bold)

    All that changed when an evangelical extremist created the Moral Majority to implement the 1968 Vatican directive to the pope’s “Venerable brothers, patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, the clergy and all men on the ‘regulation of birth.’” Since only women are capable of giving “birth,” the papal order was really a theocratic edict to religious men on the “regulation of women.” It is true that Republicans and evangelicals have always been drawn to any means of controlling and regulating women, but they resisted using Vatican heresy for five years prior to, and six years after, the Roe ruling.


  2. in response to atheistmilitantsrising:

    Funny huh? Christians worship a god who ordered his followers to rip the fetuses out of the wombs of pregnant women, which? Is abortion. God supposedly drowned the whole world and killed fetuses in the wombs of pregnant women and that? Is abortion. Christians? Have committed untold abortions when they slaughtered Pagans, Native Americans, Jews […]

    Response from Rebecca

    Well, I think it’s important to point out that “Christians” didn’t do any of the things you are talking about. There WERE no Christians then.

    Be that as it may, God was dealing with people from His vantage point of omniscience, justice, and righteousness. He knows, even in the womb, who will accept Him as sovereign Lord and who will reject Him. I think it’s a bit prideful for us to say, No, no. WE need to see how they’d turn out before we approve or disapprove of what God ruled.

    Because God is sovereign, I have no problem letting Him make the hard call. And what’s more, no matter how badly I feel knowing that there are people who have and will face His wrath, His judgment, He feels so much more than I. After all, He knows those people, not just by name. He knows all about them. He cares what happens to them. But He is righteous and just. It’s not righteous or just to let abusers continue to abuse, to let parents raise up another whole generation of terrorists. At some point God says, That’s enough. Since you haven’t stopped or changed, I’ll stop you.

    I’d like to know what statistics you’re using. I’ve never seen any data of that sort. And of course there are professing “Christians” who have abortions. Doesn’t mean they are Christians. But I suppose there are Christians we do have abortions. I know there are lots of women who had abortions before they became Christians, and they have found forgiveness for that sin just like for every other sin.

    Yes, abortion IS evil. Back when women began advocating for legalized abortion, they claimed that only wanted children would be born and abortion would end abuse and even the too many mouths to feed, problem. Guess what? Not even close. If anything, we have seen a rise in those problems.

    Kind of odd that there are no atheist homes for single moms or support for pregnant girls who decide to carry their baby to term. There are lots of Christian groups that do that. But the only answer atheists seem to have is, Kill that thing.



    1. And you are a liar Becky, because whether YOU accept it or not? There are atheists who run homes for single moms, and there are many atheist groups who support pregnant women and no, you dumb ass, the only answer atheists seem to have is Kill that thing? Is bullshit and a lie.


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