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Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook Wants To Spread Reich-Wing Hate And Death on Facebook? Here Is Some Hate And Death For You Mark Zuckerberg

Hey Mark Zuckerberg you fucking Kike KristoKunt Kracker….you sure do love the spreading of pathological lies, hate and death by Reich-Wing Trumpturd shitstains on the underwear of humanity along with the King Shitstain, Donald J Trump, on your racist, misogynist, ChristoTaliban platform called Fascistbook.

KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Fascistbook has been proven to not only promote Reich-Wing KristoTaliban Kunt racist and bigoted violence on Fsacistbook, but promotes it and profits from it.Making KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg a fucking Nazi promoting White Supremacist Nazi death and hate and violence on his platform and making him? Worthy of death.

Here are two examples of proof.

From the blog postings reports on how Fascistbook and the Kike KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg allows racist, pig fucking, generational inbred, shitstains on the underwear of humanity Reich-Wing ChristoTaliban Trumpturd groups on Fascistbook that call for the bogaloo and other racist Civil War shit? We reported two of them. The ones we reported were The Nationalist Times and the Litmer Corporation. Both are exposed in those reports as Reich-Wing Nazi and White Supremacist promoting groups of shitstains. So let’s see what Fascistbook and the Kike KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg decided if they violated shall we?

The Nationalist Times has been exposed as a Reich Wing Nazi White Supremacist Hate Group that has been given a business profile on Fascistbook.

You anonymously reported The Nationalist Times for displaying hate speech

Your report Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6:49 PM You anonymously reported The Nationalist Times for displaying hate speech.
Thanks for your feedback Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 7:51 PM

Thanks for your report – you did the right thing by letting us know about this. The Page you reported was reviewed, and though it doesn’t go against one of our specific Community Standards, we understand that the Page or something shared on it may still be offensive to you and others. No one should have to see posts they consider hateful on Facebook, so we want to help you avoid things like this in the future.If you want us to review something specific on this or another Page, you can report that exact content (example: photo) instead of the entire Page.From the list above, you can also block The Nationalist Times directly, or you may be able to unfollow the Page. If you unfollow it, you’ll be able to find the Page on Facebook but you won’t see its posts in your News Feed.

The Litmer Corporation posted racist ads on Fascistbook.

You anonymously reported the Litmer Corp for displaying a hate speech ad

You did the right thing by letting us know about this. While this ad is being reviewed, it will continue to be seen on Facebook. If upon review we find the ad goes against our Ad Policies, then we will take it down.Since you reported this ad, we won’t show you this in the future and will take your feedback into account when it comes to future ads you see.Please continue to report ads that you think don’t belong on our platforms and are misleading, offensive or inappropriate.Click here to review and manage your ad preferences. Learn more about giving feedback on ads.

Here again, are two proven, Reich Wing ChristoTaliban terrorist scumbags, who promote real hate, real violence and real death on Fascistbook, one of them? A fucking business site, which means Fascistbook and the Kike KristoKunt Kraker Mark Zuckerberg and Fascistbook? Are collecting money to promote the business site they created themselves, The Nationalist Times and are making money off the hate filled, bigoted ads by the Litmer Corp. Proving that the Kike KristoKunt Kraker Mark Zuckerberg and Fascistbook not only promotes this hate, terror and death on Fascistbook, but makes money off of it.

So what should we do to scumbag shitstain, generational inbred, Kike KristoKunt Krackers like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Fascistbook, who makes money off of promoting hate, violence, death, bigotry, racism, misogyny on his platform by scumbag shitstain racist pig fucking Nazis and Fascists and Trumpturds?

You do to him what you do to any fucking rabid fucking animal, you hunt him down and you fucking give that fucking Kike KristoKunt Kracker exactly what he puts forth. You shoot this fucking Trumpturd Kike KristoKunt Kracker right between his fucking useless eyes is what you do.

If this Kike KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg wants to promote violence, hate, bigotry, misogyny and death by Reich-Wing KristoKunt Krackers like himself? Then he, along with all the rest of the Reich-Wing KristoKunt Krackers should be fucking hunted down and fucking executed on the spot. Whether they are in bed fucking their sisters, or in the barn fucking their sheep and goats? They should be hunted down and fucking executed.

We should be waiting for these KristoKunt Kracker KKK scumbags to gather around their fucking racist burning crosses and lob fucking napalm on them and watch these KristoKunt Krackers light up like a dried out xmas tree.

These KristoKunt Krackers who walk around loaded with their small dick substitutes? Should be fucking shot on the fucking spot.

This is the thing, it is long past time for us to do unto these KristoKunt Kracker Fascist Pig Fuckers for Trump as they been doing to us for far too long. One of these fucking KristoKunt Krackers for Trump gets into your face? Pull out a fucking gun and blow their fucking faces off. This is how you fucking deal with fucking racist, pig fucking, KristoKunt Kracker Nazis and Fascists. You do not play games with these KristoKunt Krackers, you do not bow down and let them get away with their shit, you fucking walk up to these KristoKunt Krackers and you fucking put them down like the fucking rabid dogs they are. You give them no fucking mercy, you give them no compassion, you just give them a full frontal lobotomy.

Yes the KristoKunt Kracker Mark Zuckerberg and the Trumpturds of Fascistbook have proven themselves to be fucking Nazis and the only good Nazi? Is a fucking dead Nazi.

Mark Zuckerberg, KristoKunt Kracker CEO of Fascistbook, all these Reich-Wing KristoKunt Kracker KKK, White Supremacist Trumpturds? All should be hunted down and fucking executed for committing High Treason Against the United States and for being fucking Nazi KristoKunt Krackers.