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Viruses and Pandemics: The Great Equalizer

What a paradox for me. Part of me is extremely sad that millions of people are going to die from this virus sweeping our planet. There are a whole lot of good, decent, kind, loving, generous humans out in the world, of all faiths and non-faiths, of all political stripes, just human beings humaine to each other, that we really need here, who are not going to be around after this is all over.

I love how our country the United States? Is in a way? Becoming much more United, not in our politics of course, Trump is ALWAYS going to be an ass and make all this as much a positive for himself than the negative it truly is for all of us. But united more on a real personal level. We have a huge national emergency going on right now and it is beautiful reading all the stories of people putting all the bullshit aside, getting together and working together to get things done and help in any way they can.

Right now? It is NOT if you are a Trump supporter or not. Right now? It is NOT whether you are a democrat, a republican, an independent. Right now? It is NOT whether you watch Fox News, MSNBC, CNN. Right now? It is NOT about going out and trolling people on the internet or spreading stupid hate. Save that shit for right now. You want to go online and spread all kinds of shit in the comment sections on Hillary and China is responsible for this or that President Barack Obama is responsible for this? Go for it. But that is a waste of your time and energy really.

Right now? It is about saving as many people and helping as many people as we can. Especially those who need it the most. It is not about just yourself right now. It is about ALL of us pulling together, just like we did after 9/11, and many other times as a country when we thought it was all going to fall apart at the seams and explode and we worked together to get it done and get it done right.

And this goes for throughout the world And this particularly goes for all those rich billionaires and millionaires who right now have proven? They do not give a flying fuck about the people who work for them and make them rich, like Jeff Bezos right now and others. Listen up you ass clowns. How many billions do you need? Do you really need the title of the rich man in the Universe?

But here is the thing. Yeah, sadly? A whole lot of good people that are on this planet, making life better for everyone? Or their own small corner of the world? Are going to die from this virus.

But for me? Here is a good thing. This virus? This pandemic? Is the greatest equalizer there is known to humanity. This bug does not care if you are rich or poor, famous or infamous, live in a billionaires mansion or a cardboard box. It does not care about the color of your skin, the religion you follow, the political party you belong to. It does not care what you watch on tv, or listen to for music, or watch for sports.

This COVID-19 is no joke.

The good thing for me truly is? That I am hoping? It will take out more of the greedy bad people who truly do spread hate and violence and anger and lies and bullshit that truly does harm the good people of our world. Especially those who harm little children. Who in this time of great national crisis, heck, world crisis, all the greedy losers like Bezos? Well…hey Jeff, you sure the hell cannot take it with you now can you, and all your billions? Sure cannot save you from a deadly virus that is taking out millions of others. So you and your greedy kind who are screwing over the workers who put those billions in your pockets who do not give a flying fuck about them? I really hope you get a good dose of Corona Virus and get off this planet.

That is the thing about The Great Equalizer viruses and pandemics. And in this case? YOU do not know when you get it, but when it hits you? You know then. And you will not know how bad you got it until it is too late and you can no longer breath as your lungs fill up with fluid.

Hell Bezos could have even offered to help with all kinds of masks etc that his companies could make. But I bet he is not doing that while others like car manufacturers are. Or plastic companies or hat companies….

And what is really scummy about him? He is literally profitting off of this pandemic and working his workers to death and he does not give a flying fuck about that.

Why is it the small business owner are the ones who have proven they have the biggest hearts and the most love for their workers while the biggest companies prove otherwise? But the Repugnants keep giving the tax breaks and handouts to the shitty companies like Amazon while screwing over the small business owners who are the best of our country and keep it going the most?

I am hoping this Great Equalizer? Takes out a whole lot more of those bad humans of this world, than us good ones.