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Coming Soon to Your Church: A Child Molester

Coming Soon to Your Church: A Child Molester
By Voyle A Glover

(Book excerpt from Protecting Your Church Against Sexual Predators by Kregel Publications).

In church after church around the world, reports have come to light about children being molested by someone in the place where they should feel safest. The Roman Catholic Church is reeling from staggering financial judgments in lawsuits filed by molestation victims. Most of these cases have come into the spotlight many years after the alleged sexual crimes occurred.

For decades, the Catholic Church quietly settled abuse cases out of court and shuffled pedophile priests to different parishes. Not until the early 1980s did the news media start digging into allegations that had surfaced in places such as New Orleans, Louisiana.1 In 1992, the Boston scandals began a nightmare of litigation for Roman Catholic diocese administrators in the United States. After more than a decade, the end of litigation is not yet in sight.

But the Roman Catholic Church is only the most visible defendant. Lawyers also have other church organizations in their sights. In some of the targeted churches, leaders have made the same mistakes that got the Roman Catholic bishops into so much trouble. Incidents were concealed. Law enforcement agencies were stonewalled. Safeguards were lacking. Misconduct was not subjected to church discipline.

Sexual misconduct toward children in the church is not new, but attitudes and perspectives about child molesters have changed and absolutely must change. Otherwise we will continue to cope with devastated lives, financial disaster, and member disillusionment. Church leaders had better take a long, hard look at this issue.

To begin with, let us look at some facts about these crimes:

1. The vast majority of child molesters are male.
2. Victims may be male or female.
3. Child molesters tend to work hard to win positions of trust. Authority, trust, and respect enable molesters to manipulate children, parents, and other leaders.
4. A child molester will create fear in the child, so that the child is afraid to tell anyone.
5. There are no “typical” child molesters. They may be of any age.
6. A child molester in the church looks for and tries to create opportunities to be alone with a child or children.
7. Prior to being caught, the typical child molester attacks thirteen children.
8. Child molesters often are married, may show evidence of
a strong Christian witness, and may be in positions of responsibility.
9. Child molesters often do not recognize that any harm has come to their victims. Frequently, there is more remorse from being caught than for injuries inflicted by the crime.
10. A child molester is very likely to return to criminal sexual behavior after release from prison.

FAQ: Why should I expect a child molester to come into my congregation?

ANSWER: Churches provide one of the best sources for children to be found. An atmosphere of trust and acceptance makes the church one of the easiest places for predators to find opportunities to attack victims.

Child Abuse Statistics on the Rise

Since the 1970s, child abuse is far more likely to be reported than it was before. In California, for example, the number of reports investigated rose from about 119,000 in 1976 to about 475,000 in 1988.5 A similar statistical increase occurred throughout the United States and Canada. In 1976, fewer than 6,000 incidents of a sexual nature involving children were reported to law enforcement and child welfare workers.

Once sexual abuse became more widely recognized and reporting was encouraged, the number of reports increased to 130,000 in 1986. The number tripled between 1980 and 1986 alone. Today, more than 300,000 child sexual abuse reports are investigated annually in the United States.6

So, whereas the church might have been forgiven for being caught unawares by pedophiles in the 1970s, there is no excuse today. Ample warning has been given. The church is a natural magnet for children. Pedophiles hunt children. Thus, it would be foolish to think that pedophile child molesters wouldn’t regard the church as a hunting ground. However, in an interview with Christianity Today, attorney Richard Hammar, an author and expert in legal aspects of church life, said, “Our research indicates that 70 percent of churches are doing absolutely nothing to screen volunteer youth workers.”7

Molesters May Assault Many

There are no “absolute” statistics on the number of children molested every day in the United States, Canada, or any other country. Despite the increased awareness of the problem, and the likelihood that a sexual incident will be reported, many still go unreported. In some nations, molestation is not discussed as freely as it is in North America. We can only trace numbers of complaints, investigations, arrests, convictions, and releases.8 Research on adults who were sexually abused as children suggests that the large majority of victims do not report their abuse at the time it occurs. Children often keep their history of abuse a secret because they fear their parents’ rejection, punishment, and blame.9

In a typical church environment, guilt and the potential stigma associated with abuse, coupled with the understanding of how homosexual acts are viewed by the church, often will silence an abused child, particularly if he or she is in or near the teenage years. Younger children are often sworn to secrecy with threats of violence or some vague, undefined “doom” that will occur. The real tragedy is that, while their little lips are sealed, so are their hearts.

Remember, the typical child molester does not wear a sign. And the victims are not clamoring to tell their stories of molestation. They are sitting in church with sad eyes, quiet, confused, and hurting.

The typical child molester has a string of prior victims and may or may not have been detected yet. He is calculating and cunning, waiting for opportunity. The only question is whether the particular church he has chosen (or that chose him) will afford him the opportunity he needs.

One attempt to estimate the number of victims in 1998 was published in the 2001 Annual Review of Sociology. For all kinds of violent crime in 1998, including sexual attacks, 87.9 of every thousand U.S. adolescents between the ages of twelve to fifteen became victims. A slightly higher rate of 96.2 of every thousand teens between the ages of sixteen and nineteen became victims.

For people in their twenties, the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime drops rapidly. At age sixty-five, only 4.4 of every thousand persons are victims. Ross Macmillan, who wrote the report, observed that the age variables apply to all the kinds of violent crime studied. Robberies and sexual assaults were ten times as likely among adolescents. Other assaults were twenty-three times more likely.10

Sixty-seven percent of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies were under the age of eighteen; 34 percent of all victims were under the age of twelve. One of every seven victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies was under the age of six.11

Population and Pornography Increase Sex Crimes

Several reasons might be suggested for actual increases in crime numbers, as opposed to increases due to better reporting and a greater willingness to talk about behavior that might be identified as sexual. Natural increases in population certainly play a part in crime statistics. Another factor that is increasingly being blamed is the easier availability of child and adult pornography on the Internet, which may come to the attention of people who have sexual proclivities that they might not have acted upon in the past. Assuming that Internet pornography will not become more controlled and less available, we can expect that the rate of sexual assaults, including child molestation, will continue to outpace population growth. This increases the chances that our communities and our churches have pedophiles or people with pedophiliac tendencies. In short, pedophiles are all around, and some are church members.


FAQ: What does a child molester look like?

ANSWER: He looks like you, especially if you are a man.

• Pedophiliac child molesters are invariably male. Although there are some female molesters, they are few and their victims are typically males in their teens. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children reports: “In both clinical and nonclinical samples, the vast majority of offenders are male.”12
• A significant percentage of victims are males. A study undertaken by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, of 457 male sex offenders who had committed crimes against children, found that about one-third of these sexual offenders targeted male victims.13
• Child molesters can be preteens or grandfathers. A U.S. Department of Justice report, titled “Criminal Offender Statistics,” found that criminal offenders who had victimized a child were on average five years older than violent offenders who had committed crimes against adults. Nearly 25 percent of child victimizers were age forty or older.14 Forty percent of the offenders who victimized children under the age of six were juveniles under the age of eighteen—one reason to keep male teens out of the nursery.15

A Child Molester May Have Been a Victim

It is not uncommon for molesters to have been victimized in their own childhood. There is also evidence that the greater number of male child molesters are homosexual. Quoting Journal of Sex Research statistics, David Wagner, an associate law professor at Regent University School of Law, said that heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a ratio of at least twenty to one (in other words, homosexuals comprise about 5 percent of the population), yet homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of all child sex offenses.16

FAQ: Christ forgives sinners. So if a repentant child molester comes into my church, shouldn’t I treat him just as I would any other sinner?

ANSWER: No! If you do that, you may one day be called to account for your failure to recognize the danger posed by such an individual. Ignorance may not be a valid defense.

Christian Sympathy for Pedophiles is an Actual Problem

Christian Sympathy for Pedophiles is an Actual Problem
There is nothing biblical or holy about enabling predators. It is disgusting that christians use the bible to vilify victims of physical and sexual abuse and enable abusers. They care more about virtue signaling and looking “forgiving and spiritual” to strangers than they do protecting their own children. This is truly satanic

Pastor sentenced to over 1,000 years for sex abuse of 6 boys

Pastor sentenced to over 1,000 years for sex abuse of 6 boys
By Associated Press

An Alabama youth evangelist was sentenced Friday to more than 1,000 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple child-sex charges.

Al.com reports that a judge handed down the maximum sentence on every count to Paul Edward Acton Bowen. Bowen had pleaded guilty in Etowah County to 28 counts involving six boys between the ages of 13 and 16.

The 39-year-old Bowen faced charges that include sexual abuse, sodomy, enticing a child for sex and traveling to meet a child for sexual abuse. He still faces other charges in the Birmingham area.

Victims and family members wept as the judge slowly read out the maximum sentence and fine on every count, the newspaper reported.

The shackled minister apologized to his own family and victims in the courtroom.

“The shame and guilt I feel is overwhelming and has been for a long time,” he said. “My heart was never wanting to hurt anybody but my mind was not well.”

He had previously pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disorder.

Bowen was arrested on sex abuse charges last year. Authorities say additional victims came forward after he was in jail.

Bowen was a Christian minister who wrote books, ran his own youth ministry and traveled to speak at youth events.

Bowen pleaded guilty as his first trial was set to begin.

Preachers Accused of Sins, and Crimes

Preachers Accused of Sins, and Crimes
20/20 uncovers ministers accused of abusing children in their congregations.


Sanctuaries are designed to make us feel safe. They provide us peace and a place to pray. Bells call the good to worship and warn the evil to stay away.

This is the kind of American church that a young Christa Brown was drawn to. As a teenager in the 1960s, Brown learned to love music and her God. She grew up in the church, sang in the choir and played the piano.

But as Brown would find out, churches don’t always protect the innocent. Sometimes these sanctuaries shield the guilty and even lure predators to a place where young people gather.

The Catholic Church has been widely criticized for how it handled instances of priests sexually abusing young people. And a six-month investigation by “20/20” found Protestant ministers, supposed men of God from every denomination, sexually abusing the children who trusted them. The investigation uncovered “preacher predators” in every corner of the country.

‘Nobody Saw It Coming’

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant organization in the United States. And the organization is structured in a way that makes it difficult to police these preacher predators. The convention has 16.3 million members and 43,000 independent churches.

Shawn Davies was a youth minister at one of those Baptist churches in the suburbs of Kansas City, Mo. Davies was close to his teen followers, and the members of his church soon found out that he was a little too close. In January of this year, Davies began a 20-year sentence for multiple counts of sexual abuse in Missouri and Kentucky.

One member of the Missouri church, Lee Orth, said that “Nobody saw it coming. I think we felt betrayed, blindsided. You know, Shawn was a very charismatic person.”

Davies seduced teenage boys by acting like one of the gang. He talked about girls and sex with the teenagers. He took them on trips, invited them into his office, and showed them pornography. And he took them downstairs or behind the sanctuary to sexually assault them.

Church deacon Greg Arbuckle said, “The viewing of pornography happened before Shawn would come out and lead the choir. Immediately after worship he would go do that, and that to me, taints the entire service.”

Eight boys were sexually abused at the Missouri church by Davies. What bothers people most about what happened is that Davies could have been stopped before he reached their church.

A History of Abuse

A young man in Kentucky was one of Davies’ victims years before he went to Missouri. For four years, the young man, who asked that we not use his name to protect his privacy, lived with his secret. He said that it nearly destroyed him. “It started with watching movies, and he would ask to masturbate,” the man said. “He said it was normal for guys to do it. … One day he just grabbed me while we were watching one of the movies and he just kinda did what he wanted.”

After four years, the man finally told his father, who then went to the police. Kentucky authorities opened an investigation and alerted the victim’s church. By then, Davies had moved on to other churches.

The family is now suing the Kentucky church for failing to supervise Davies. When “20/20” asked to talk to church leaders, their attorney declined our interview requests.

Davies ended up in Missouri in 2003; church leaders there wish the Kentucky church had tracked them down, especially after an indictment was filed.

Church leaders worry that there is no system in place within the Southern Baptist Convention to stop people like Davies. Each church is, for the most part, autonomous, so there is no tight connection with the other churches.


Brown, abused herself when she was 16, went on to form an organization called Stop Baptist Predators, because in her search for justice, she found that the Southern Baptist Convention had no central office, no readily available list of preachers under investigation or even convicted, and no one to help investigate allegations like hers.

Brown said this system allows preacher predators to move from church to church, seduce the devout and the young, and often get away with it.

Ken Ward is a Southern Baptist pastor and teacher in East Texas, who has admitted to molesting more than 40 boys. He said that being a teacher and minister is the perfect job for a child molester, because it puts the molester in direct contact with young people. “I [was] attracted to a certain child, and in my case, it was primarily prepubescent boys,” he said.

Ward is now under house arrest, after serving five years in state prison. He wears a GPS monitor so that he can be tracked by the sheriff’s department, and he cannot be around children anywhere, even in public.

Ward agreed to talk to “20/20” to give insight to parents on how to spot a predator. He said that parents aren’t worrying about the right things. “The idea of a guy in the park with a trench coat on or driving by slowly trying to get a child … I’ve never even dreamed of doing that. … I’ve never touched a stranger,” he said.

‘It’s God’s Little Secret’

Ward preyed on children for decades. One of his victims, Tommy Lee Burt, came forward about the abuse as an adult. He believes that Ward damaged him for life, and used his God to abuse him. “You’re struggling as a kid and you want to get up and he is telling you, ‘No.’ When I would try to leave, he would tell me it’s God’s little secret,” Burt said.

Burt added that he never really recovered, and last year he, himself, was arrested for solicitation of a minor and pleaded guilty to sending obscene material to a police officer posing as a 14-year-old.

There is no way of knowing how many Ken Wards are out there. The Southern Baptist Convention does not keep records, and local churches often seem to be in denial — such as one church in Denton, Texas, where the minister publicly confessed to “making a terrible mistake” last November after a woman sued, claiming she’d been raped as a teen.

Church members responded by throwing the minister a retirement party and raised $50,000 as a “love offering.” To this day, he has a church building named after him.

The Southern Baptist Convention said the problem is neither widespread nor systemic, despite a recent rash of cases. But just last week, a pastor of a Florida church — Lyle Whittaker — committed suicide after he was charged with sexually abusing an 11-year-old-girl.

The Local Level

Frank Page is president of the Southern Baptist Convention and a minister himself. He told “20/20” that independent congregations present a challenge when it comes to tracking preacher predators. The organization has yet to create a national database of preacher predators. “We have no such database and again, we encourage churches to investigate. … They have to do background checks,” he said.

But this approach puts a lot of pressure on the individual church, and a lot of faith in the ministers who were predators to come forward and tell the truth about their past.

And the autonomy of each Baptist church does not stop them from creating other kinds of databases, from Baptism lists to lists of ordained ministers.

Some Baptist church leaders are concerned that even if a Baptist preacher is convicted of sex crimes, the national organization has no authority to act.

The Southern Baptist Convention said the biblical and best way to handle these terrible cases is by the local church, which should call the police. But former minister and sex offender Ken Ward stayed under the local radar and moved from church to church for years, and he said the church can’t do it alone.

“Anybody could have talked to the churches I was with, and they would have praised me. They would not have said, ‘Don’t hire this guy, he likes kids.’ Never, never, and I suspect that has not changed.”

Wife of Pastor Charged With Sex Trafficking Teenage Girls Arrested for Obstructing Investigation

Wife of Pastor Charged With Sex Trafficking Teenage Girls Arrested for Obstructing Investigation
By Leah MarieannKlett

Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, 43, and her husband, the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, 46, of Abundant Life Ministries in Toledo, Ohio. | (Photo: Screenshot via ABC 13; Mug shot)
Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, 43, and her husband, the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, 46, of Abundant Life Ministries in Toledo, Ohio. | (Photo: Screenshot via ABC 13; Mug shot)

The wife of one of three Ohio pastors accused of engaging in repeated sexual acts and the trafficking of teenage girls has been indicted on federal charges accusing her of interfering in her husband’s investigation.

The AP reports that 43-year-old Laura Lloyd-Jenkins was arrested Friday in Toledo on charges including obstructing a sex trafficking investigation and making a false statement.

Lloyd-Jenkins, a former county administrator in Ohio, pleaded not guilty and was ordered held pending a detention hearing. If found guilty, she could face a maximum of 28 years in jail.

Her 47-year-old husband, Cordell Jenkins, pleaded not guilty to charges alleging he and two other pastors, 38-year-old Anthony Haynes and 37-year-old Kenneth Butler, conspired to recruit at least three teen girls to have sex with them and shared photos and videos of the girls, the youngest being 14.

Haynes and Jenkins were arrested in April while Butler, who most recently ran a small church where his wife was the co-pastor, was arrested in October.

Photo : TPD)

Pastor Kenneth Butler, 37, of Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center in Toledo, Ohio, was arrested last month and hit with federal sex trafficking charges, joining the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, 46, and the Rev. Anthony Haynes, 38, who were arrested earlier this year.
Photo : TPD)

Pastor Kenneth Butler, 37, of Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center in Toledo, Ohio, was arrested last month and hit with federal sex trafficking charges, joining the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, 46, and the Rev. Anthony Haynes, 38, who were arrested earlier this year.

According to police documents, Haynes is accused of engaging in sexual relations with a then-fourteen year-old girl beginning in 2014 and of coercing the teen “into continued secrecy by implying revealing the sexual activity between them would ruin his family and church.” Haynes reportedly paid the teen “hush money” to keep the encounters to herself.

Haynes reportedly introduced the teenager to others who paid the girl for sex, including Jenkins, who had sex with the girl at a Red Roof Inn in Toledo and in his office in a nearby church. Jenkins often recorded the acts with his phone, according to court documents.

Jenkins caused another juvenile girl to engage in commercial sex acts in March 2017, according to the indictment, while Butler also caused another juvenile girl to engage in commercial sex acts from 2015 through 2017. Both teenage girls attended Haynes’ church.

Both Haynes and Butler are also facing charges of obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation; Haynes is accused of attempting to destroy electronic evidence of sex trafficking, while Butler is accused of instructing another individual to lie and then lying himself to law enforcement about his involvement.

Each of the men could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

“These three men violated the trust of these children and the communities they purported to serve,” U.S. Attorney Justin E. Herdman said in a news release, according to the Toledo Blade. “We are grateful for the courage of the victims and the dedication of our law-enforcement personnel in bringing these men to justice.” 

Celia Williamson, director of the University of Toledo’s Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute, said it’s not surprising if the three men were acting together.

“It says to me what we already knew, that sex trafficking is a business,” she said. “Of course they worked together. That’s how it thrives.”

Jenkins founded Abundant Life Ministries in Toledo seven years ago, and the church closed after his arrest.

According to his bio on the now-deleted Abundant Life Ministries page, Jenkins pastored for over 15 years at several churches in the A.M.E. Zion Church in South Carolina, Oakland, California, and Toledo. Jenkins’ bio also claims that, “never wanting to be idle in his work for the Kingdom and community, Pastor Jenkins has been involved with several organizations” including the NAACP, the Black Methodist Fellowship, Single Parent’s Harvest, and more.

Jenkins, the son of two pastors, said his mission in ministry aimed to “make the strong weak, the mend the broken and to heal the wounded.”

His bio concluded: “Pastor Jenkins is happily married to First Lady Laura C. Lloyd-Jenkins. He and his wife desire to be living examples of Christ’s love in the church and community. His personal motto is ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Philippians 4:13.”

Youth Pastor Who Impregnated Teen Now Charged With Hiring Hitman

Youth Pastor Who Impregnated Teen Now Charged With Hiring Hitman
A youth pastor who was jailed for raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl has now been charged with hiring a hitman to kill the judge who sentenced him as well as the leader of his church.
By David Gee


A youth pastor who was jailed for raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl has now been charged with hiring a hitman to kill the judge who sentenced him as well as the leader of his church.

Not sure which Bible verse justifies that one, but there you go.

The 37-year-old Pennsylvania pastor, Jacob Malone, was sentenced to more than three years in prison for sexually assaulting the girl, then allegedly offered his cellmate $5,000 to kill Pastor Harold Lee Wiggins, who called the cops on him regarding the girl.

He also said he would give his cellmate more money if he murdered Judge Jacqueline Cody, who imprisoned him for the assault. He was charged Feb. 24, according to the district attorney.

This inmate contacted the Chester County District Attorney’s Office in July 2019, regarding this accusation. Chester County Detectives conducted an immediate investigation, including interviewing the inmate that defendant had solicited to commit murder. After concluding that Chester County had no jurisdiction over this matter which occurred in Somerset County, PA, our assigned detective promptly referred it to the Pennsylvania State Police in Somerset on August 12, 2019.

District Attorney Deb Ryan stated, “The District Attorney’s Office is deeply concerned about these extremely serious allegations. Most importantly, we can confirm that the victims involved in this case are safe. We are committed to assisting the Pennsylvania State Police and the Somerset County District Attorney’s Office in their investigation.”

In case you think this has nothing to do with religion, you’re wrong. The only reason he was able to take advantage of a child was because he used his unearned respect and position of influence.

The former pastor was initially arrested in January 2016 after the girl gave birth to his child and implicated him in sexually assaulting her, the Daily Local News said.

She thought of him as a father figure, but he took advantage of her “mentally, physically, spiritually,” she told cops, saying the “godly man” proved himself “something else when no one was watching.”

Malone pleaded guilty in April 2017, expecting a plea-deal sentence of two to four years, the paper said.

But Judge Cody surprised him at sentencing, rejecting the lighter sentence and hitting him with three to six years, because the victim wanted him to serve more time for what the judge called his “inexcusable” crimes.

He was so angry about a slightly longer prison sentence — over child sex abuse — that he was willing to pay for a murder… or two.

At least he was caught. Now he’s charged with attempted murder, criminal solicitation, attempted aggravated assault, and terroristic threats, all of which would be added on to his current sentence if he’s convicted.

This is What the PA Grand Jury Learned About Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

This is What the PA Grand Jury Learned About Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church
By Hemant Mehta

"If kids got raped at Denny's as often as they get raped at church, every Denny's in the U.S. would be burned to the ground." Dan Savage

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the recent revelations in Pennsylvania about the Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal.

As you may have heard, a Pennsylvania grand jury recently released a report about the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. They only looked at 6 of the 8 dioceses in the state and still produced a report that was more than 1300 pages long and implicated more then 300 priests and bishops and other Catholic leaders.

Many of them are dead. Some of the stories were heavily redacted because the priests are alive and haven’t been charged with a crime. In some cases, the statute of limitations has long expired. But this was always about documenting the abuses more than anything.

When you read this report and realize it’s just one group of priests in one state, you have to wonder what the stories would look like if a similar document was produced across the country, if not the world.

And I want to tell you some of what they found. Not because it’s disturbing — and it’s really disturbing — but because this stuff had been going on for decades. The Church knew about it. They covered it up. They transferred priests to different parishes. They told families they would take care of the problem and never did.

If you are giving money to the Catholic Church, or you attend Mass, or you even call yourself a Catholic at this point, you should know what it is you’re supporting.

Here’s just a sampling. And if this is too much to take, click away now. This is your warning.

One priest fondled at least 12 different boys by saying he was just showing them “how to check for cancer.”

One priest raped an underage girl, got her pregnant, then paid for her abortion. His Bishop later wrote in a letter, “This is a very difficult time in your life, and I realize how upset you are. I too share your grief.” That letter was addressed to the priest, not his victim.

One priest admitted to molesting approximately 35 boys because sex with girls was “sinful” but raping boys didn’t violate them.

One priest tried having sex with a 17-year-old at a high school he worked at by saying God wanted them to express love for each other that way. When she said God would punish them, he told her, “there is no Hell.”

One priest forced a nine-year-old boy to give him a blowjob, then washed his mouth out with holy water “to purify him.”

There was a priest who dragged a child across a room by his underwear and beat him with a metal cross. He eventually quit the priesthood… but not before receiving a letter of recommendation from the Church for his new job… at Disney World.

One priest molested a 12-year-old boy. That victim is 83 now, and he said he’s fought in wars, but because of what that priest did to him, he could never hug or kiss his own children, who were boys. He can’t shake hands with men to this day. He can’t even see male doctors or dentists.

One priest was known to take pictures in a boys’ locker room and maintained a book of “crotch shots.”

One priest fondled a boy and stuck his finger up the kid’s ass. Then he said to the boy that if their secret ever got out, the child and his mother would both burn in hell. Then he gave the boy a nickel.

You can read more about the horrific details here.

A rough transcript of the video can be found on the YouTube page in the “About” section.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

And if you like what you’re seeing, please consider supporting this site on Patreon.

Veritas Scumbags Strike Again: Partial Arts and Hate Bait — The Domain for Truth

Earlier during the month I wrote a post “Anti-Christian latest intolerance: Swiss Christian Chocolate Company.” I had an interesting troll in the comments who claimed to be a Christian fighting against other Christians for “intolerance.” I responded in a post here: Calling out a Drive-By Virtue-Signaling Troll. Seems like the story with this troll has a […]

Partial Arts and Hate Bait — The Domain for Truth

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Christians, Muslims and Jews Hate of Atheists https://atheistmilitantsrising.home.blog/2020/03/04/christians-muslims-and-jews-hate-of-atheists-and-lgbts/

As These ChristoTalibans Sow? So Should They Reap




Abuse of Faith 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms

Study identifies 16 child sex abuse rings in Victorian Catholic Church

Survivors stunned after Bishop Scharfenberger celebrates Mass with abusive priests

Pedophilia is rampant in the christian religion

Database of Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests, Nuns, Brothers, Deacons, and Seminarians in the United States
This is just the database for priests in the United States, filled with over 10,000 named Catholic priests, brothers, nuns and sisters busted for raping and abusing children.

Stop Baptist Predators Organization database exposing Baptist Pedophile Pastors.

Ministers who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: A-K

Ministers who brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: L-Z

Christian Atrocities: Three Centuries Of Pagan Persecution


I love how Christians feel they have a right to talk about us atheists and all the supposed evil things we do because we do not believe in their God and Jesus Christ, or how we atheists cannot have any morals because we do not proclaim ourselves Christians.

Yet? Here is part three of the Southern Baptist Convention pedophiles. 20 more disgusting, degenerate, perverted pedophiles and sex perverts, all minsters, youth pastors, pastors and deacons of the Southern Baptist Churches. All of them, leaders of their churches, who are actually? Supposed to be the most moral of all Christians, raping children. I would challenge ANY Christian to find even one tenth of all the pedophiles I have exposed on this blog proclaiming themselves Christians, of atheists. I got Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Methodist, and many other denominations of Christianity, their priests, pastors, ministers, teachers, deacons, youth pastors, etc, all busted for raping children. And these are just the ones who have been busted and gotten jury trials and been mostly put in prison. These lists and postings do not include all the scumbag priests and pastors of Christianity who have been busted for raping children, but got away with their crimes due to their hiding behind either the statutes of limitations or sovereign immunity laws.

But once again? Here are 20 more disgusting pedo perverts of the Southern Baptist Convention, taken from Abuse of Faith; Database



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Yes, there is a cure for Christian pedophiles. If Christians can demand a brutal death penalty for lgbts based on their buybulls? Then we can demand that ALL Christian pedophiles should be put to brutal deaths.

James Preston Tyndall Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Alamance County, 2000
Outcome: Registered sex offender in North Carolina with eight felony convictions, including first-degree sex offenses with a child under 13 years old and indecent liberties with a minor. He served 16 years of a 20-year sentence before being released on July 12, 2016. His victim was 7 years old.

Convicted of 5 Counts of Sex Offense 1st Degree with a Child Under 13 Victim age 7.
Convicted of 3 Counts Indecent Liberty with a Minor Victim age 7.

A former Burlington pastor charged with sex crimes has left his Danville, Va., church after reportedly admitting to deacons there that he acted inappropriately with a child.
Many members of the Danville church pastored by the Rev. James Preston Tyndall were shocked Sunday to learn that he had been charged with six felony sex crimes Thursday and had resigned Friday evening.
“I would say our people were shocked. But some of them had heard about his arrest on TV prior to the Sunday service,” Bruce Hutcheson, chairman of the deacon board at Stokesland Baptist Church, said Monday of Tyndall’s departure.
Hutcheson and other deacons who met with Tyndall after his release from the Alamance County Jail have said that he admitted to them that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with the child.
Burlington authorities said the girl, now 14, was 8 and 9 years old when the alleged offenses occurred in Burlington.
Tyndall, 48, was charged by Burlington police detectives with three counts of first-degree sexual offense with a child and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child between Oct. 1, 1994, and May 31, 1995, while he was pastor of Kinnett Memorial Baptist Church in Burlington.
Police said Tyndall left the Burlington church in 1996 after three years.
He left Burlington and, according to Hutcheson, had served as the pastor of a Baptist church in Mount Olive before being hired about three months ago as Stokesland Baptist Church’s pastor.
“We haven’t had any problems with him,” Hutcheson said.
In checking out Tyndall’s references at the Mount Olive church, Hutcheson said he understood that they hadn’t had any problem with him, either.
“Things such as these can happen to any church, no one is immune,” the deacon chief said.
The Danville church, located near West Main Street, has between 130 and 150 members. It reportedly grew by several members during Tyndall’s short tenure.
Officers at the Alamance County Jail said Monday the minister spent only one night and most of a day in the jail. He was jailed Thursday night after surrendering to police detectives.
The jail log shows Tyndall was released at 5:24 p.m. Friday after a $200,000 bond secured by property was posted for his appearance in court later. Neither the jail nor the Alamance County Clerk of Court’s office had the names of the bond’s signers available Monday afternoon.

A former Burlington pastor charged with sex crimes has left his Danville, Va., church after reportedly admitting to deacons there that he acted inappropriately with a child. Many members of the Danville church pastored by the Rev. James Preston Tyndall were shocked Sunday to learn that he had been charged with six felony sex crimes Thursday and had resigned Friday evening. “I would say our people were shocked. But some of them had heard about his arrest on TV prior to the Sunday service,” Bruce Hutcheson, chairman of the deacon board at Stokesland Baptist Church, said Monday of Tyndall’s departure. Hutcheson and other deacons who met with Tyndall after his release from the Alamance County Jail have said that he admitted to them that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with the child. Burlington authorities said the girl, now 14, was 8 and 9 years old when the alleged offenses occurred in Burlington. (4/10/2002, Alamance County Times-News)

News Story http://www.reformation.com/CSA/tyndall1.htm


Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5017933-NC-Tyndall-JamesPreston-Sof.html

Jefferson “Brother Jeff” Marion Moore Jr. Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Smith County, 2004
Outcome: Convicted of raping a child; sentenced to life, died in prison in 2008.
A former East Texas daycare owner who was sentenced to prison for the sexual assault of a child has died.
Jefferson Moore, 60, of Flint, was found dead in his South Texas prison cell by his cellmate and prison officials. This information was just released, but Moore’s death occured on May 26th.
During his trial in Smith County, Moore was convicted of molesting one of the girls he took care of at the Dogwood City Daycare, which he formerly owned. He was sentenced to life in prison for that offence, and was later sentenced to an additional 10 years for punching a Smith County assistant DA during his trial.

A former Dogwood City pastor convicted of molesting small children while in his day care has died in prison. Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokeswoman Michelle Lyons confirmed that Jefferson Marion Moore Jr., 60, (Brother Jeff) died in his cell in the McConnell Unit late last month. Officers were doing a routine head count on May 26 about 5:23 a.m. when Moore’s cellmate told them Moore was unresponsive in the cell,” she said.
While awaiting trial and out of the Smith County Jail on bond, Moore made several threats to Tyler Morning Telegraph reporters covering the case and was warned by Tyler police about his actions and told to stay away from the reporters and the newspaper. The prosecutor told jurors in the case that a child rapist was finally discovered in the community and law enforcement found that he had been raping little girls for some time.


Two charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child against the former owner of the Dogwood City Daycare and Preschool.
The claims were made against Jefferson Marion Moore, Jr. by children that once attended the daycare.
Friday, Moore contacted KLTV wanting to tell his side of the story.
“I’ve dedicated myself to helping kids. It devastated me,” Moore said.
He says he’s innocent. “I want to say that I totally deny any and all of these false allegations that were made by these 2 children,” Moore said.
But Smith County investigators think differently. Thursday they charged Jeff Moore, Jr. with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Moore turned himself in to the sheriff’s department, saying he wanted no trouble with the law.
“You don’t have 19 to 20 years of something and then one day you decide to throw it all out the window and do something that goes against everything and do something you have no desire to do,” Moore said.
He is also the pastor at the Dogwood City Chapel next door to what used to be the daycare. Now it’s a guitar and music lesson shop.
“When they came here this was their refuge really,” Moore said.
It’s Moore’s claim the charges are the result of his disciplining a young girl who was hiding outside in the backyard with two other children. That, he believes, led to the accusations from that girl and one of her friends.
The search warrant affidavit details the six year old girl’s graphic account of sexual abuse. Details so graphic we could not include them in this report. KLTV asked Jeff Moore, Jr. if he had seen the claims.
“Yes and I totally deny it. I saw the allegations and that’s when I just almost died. I wouldn’t touch a child. You don’t become a pedophile over night.”
The affidavit said one of the assaults happened during nap time, something Moore also denied.
“No one ever took a nap with Jeff Moore, period.”
The Dogwood City Daycare was closed in December when authorities began their investigation.
KLTV tried to contact the families of the two girls but were unable to reach them.
Jeff Moore, Jr. said the case is expected to go to trial in September.

News Story https://www.kltv.com/story/8553338/jefferson-moore-dies-in-south-texas-prison/


Police/Court Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5513971-Moore-JeffersonMarionJrTDCJcourtfiles.html

John H. Burghard Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Richland County, 2003
Outcome: Convicted of importuning a minor. Found guilty on April 21, 2003, and sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Joshua Lee Allen Church Position: Minister
Court of Conviction: Federal, 2006
Outcome: Pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography; sentenced to four years in federal prison. Released in April 2010. Registered sex offender in Texas.

Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5001249-Allen-Joshua-Lee-SOR.html

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The one shot cure for ALL Christian Pedophiles. Take them out back, put them on their knees, tell them to pray to their gawd, and put a bullet in the back of their fucking heads. Problem of Christian Pedophiles solved.

I mean if Christian Pastors of Hate can call for this to happen to atheists, lgbts, and others? Then we should be able to do this to ALL Christian degenerate pedophiles.

Kenneth Larry Payne Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Amherst County, 2007
Outcome: Found guilty in 2007 and sentenced to five years probation. (Five years with five years suspended), Virginia court records show. Died in 2017.

Kevin Douglas Ogle Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Georgia, 2007
Outcome: Registered as a sex offender in South Carolina for a sexual exploitation of children conviction from Georgia.
A Camden minister charged with cyber sex crimes is waiting for an extradition hearing.
The minister, 42-year-old Kevin Ogle, is accused of sending graphic pictures of himself over the internet to a teen girl.
The people he preached to on Sunday held a meeting about his arrest.
A man of God, he’s now arrested and charged with cyber sex crimes. Kevin Ogle, 42, is accused of soliciting sex over the internet. Officers say he thought he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl, and instead it was an officer in Georgia.
Deacon Mike Clifton tells WIS, “It was discouraging and disappointing but again a pastor is human just like anybody else is.”
Members of Ogle’s Camden church held a meeting about his arrest. Despite the charges, they are committed to supporting him through this.
Ogle has been a minister at the Northgate Colonial Baptist Church in Camden for three years. Church members say Ogle was an excellent preacher. Church member Jean Shirley says, “I could not believe it. I thought it had to be an error. I just didn’t think that could be our Kevin. I really didn’t. He has so much God-given talent.”
Investigators say Ogle sent explicit pictures of himself over the internet chat room on Yahoo.com.
It’s been a tough case for Captain David Thomley, “It’s shock to me and everyone. We graduated high school together. I’ve known him my whole life.”
Ogle has a wife and two young boys.
He’s now in the Kershaw County jail. Since the crime was initiated in Georgia, he’ll have to be extradited to formally face 11 counts of sexually exploiting a child.
Investigators say Ogle may have had contact with people he may have met online. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-559-TIPS.

News Story https://www.wistv.com/story/6114375/minister-accused-of-soliciting-sex-from-teenager/
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5025996-GA-SC-Ogle-KevinDouglassof.html

Larry Michael Holmes Church Position: Minister
Court of Conviction: Oconee County, 2001
Outcome: Registered sex offender in Georgia for 2001 convictions of aggravated child molestation and child molestation.

Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4901466-GA-Holmes-LarryMichael-Sexoffenderregistry.html

Larry Nuell Neathery Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Tarrant County, 2006
Outcome: Convicted in 2006 of 25 felony charges involving a string of oral and anal sexual assaults and molestation of boys from 1998 to 2004. Serving a life sentence in Texas state prison. All of his victims were under 14. His appeals have been unsuccessful.
A former pastor has been indicted on charges alleging that he sexually abused six boys over a 14-year period, many inside Westside Victory Baptist Church.
The Rev. Larry Nuell Neathery, 55, has been jailed since he surrendered three weeks ago. He was indicted Friday.
Neathery, who resigned as Westside Victory’s pastor last month, is accused of sexual misconduct from 1990 until last year.
Defense attorney Tiffany Lewis said Monday that Neathery “emphatically denies each and every allegation.”
According to the indictment, a 13-year-old church member said Neathery sexually assaulted him several times in late 2003 and early 2004. Another person claims Neathery fondled him as a youth in 1990 and, after he was an adult, tried to sexually assault him in 2003.
Three brothers, then ages 7, 11 and 12, accuse Neathery of varying degrees of sexual misconduct; the 11-year-old told authorities he had been abused since he was 5, the first time at Neathery’s church office.
A juvenile alleges that Neathery befriended him and then exposed himself in 2002, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported in Monday’s online edition.

News Story https://www.myplainview.com/news/article/Former-pastor-accused-of-abusing-seven-boys-8585091.php
Police/Court Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4567164-Nethery-LarryCrimTDCJlocation.html

Leslie M. Mason Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Richland County, 2002
Outcome: Registered sex offender in Illinois for sexual assault of a victim aged 16.
Leaders of the Illinois Baptist State Association didn’t think their state Baptist newspaper should have reported last year that a politically active pastor had been charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault involving two teenage girls who attended his church.
Reporting that incident on the front page of the Illinois Baptist put Editor Michael Leathers in a confrontation with the convention’s interim executive director, who was his supervisor, as well as other convention leadership. Tension over publication of the news story eventually led to the editor’s forced resignation.
However, the criminal charges against the pastor have not gone away, even though they won’t be reported in the state Baptist paper anymore. On Oct. 24, the Illinois Attorney General’s office charged 35-year-old Leslie Mason with 10 additional counts of criminal sexual assault.
Mason had been pastor of Olney Southern Baptist Church in Olney, Ill., for seven years until church members unanimously voted to dismiss him Oct. 24, 2001.
Ironically, the pastor would have been preaching the keynote sermon at this year’s state convention annual meeting Nov. 7, if news of his legal troubles had not been published last year.
The first charges against the pastor last year were filed just days before he was to be nominated to bring the convention sermon this year. News of the charges prompted the convention’s committee on order of business to switch nominees for the high-profile sermon.
Before his arrest, Mason’s star had been on the rise in leadership among the state’s Southern Baptists. He was vice chairman of the constitution-and-bylaws committee. He was also spokesman for a group of conservative pastors seeking inclusion of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message into the state convention’s constitution. He was appointed to the national Southern Baptist Convention’s committee on committees in 1997
Since the Illinois Baptist reported the initial charges against the pastor last year, state convention officials have taken steps to limit the role of the newspaper and prevent it from reporting such matters in the future.

Leslie M. Mason served as the pastor of Olney Southern Baptist Church in Olney, Illinois for seven years. But just days before he was set to deliver a keynote sermon at Illinois’ state convention for Southern Baptists, he was charged with multiple sex crimes. In 2001, Mason was charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault for incidents involving two teenage girls who attended his church. Soon after, prosecutors from the Illinois Attorney General’s office added another 10 counts of criminal sexual assault against the 35-year-old minister.


Many of you were rightfully appalled by the letter from Illinois Baptist Children’s Home director Doug Devore in which he urged no prison time for clergy pedophile Leslie Mason. Many other letters were submitted at Mason’s sentencing hearing. I thought you might like to see a sampling of them.


Recall that prominent Southern Baptist pastor Leslie Mason pled guilty to 2 counts of felony sexual assault on a teen girl in exchange for the prosecutor’s dismissal of 8 additional counts involving another girl. Initially, Mason pled “not guilty” in court even though he had previously admitted his guilt to deacons at Olney Southern Baptist Church, who found that he used his position of trust “to pursue and manipulate a 13-year old girl for sexual gratification and that he continued to use his authority to exploit and to maintain an atmosphere of fear and intimidation for a period of approximately seven years.”

WARNING: Reading these may cause retching. An empty stomach is advised.

A deacon of Fairfield First Baptist Church Ralph Demaret: “I believe in punishment, but I also believe in second chances…. Please take into account the many lives he has helped change for the better….”


Men’s Missions Director & Adult Sunday School Director at Fairfield First Baptist Church Brad Turner: “Leslie is a caring individual of the highest moral character who admittedly made a mistake. He has confessed to his mistake…. Please do not judge Leslie solely on this error in judgment, but please take into consideration all of the good works he has performed in the past….”


News Reports http://stopbaptistpredators.org/article/leslie_mason.html



Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4910852-IL-Mason-LeslieMsor.html

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 The Christians called this the Rat Torture during their Inquisitional period, where they did this to those they declared homosexuals, or heretics, or witches. So if it was good enough for them? Then it is good enough to put to death their disgusting, degenerate Christian pedophiles.
First? We strip these Christian pedophiles, bind them to a table, then? Place a starving rat on their junk and let the rat do it’s business. Bet they never rape another child again huh? The Christians called this the Rat Torture during their Inquisitional period, where they did this to those they declared homosexuals, or heretics, or witches. So if it was good enough for them? Then it is good enough to put to death their disgusting, degenerate Christian pedophiles.

Mark W. Mangrum Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Federal, 2007
Outcome: Pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2018 to 70 months in federal prison and 20 years supervised release for distributing child porn in order to “induce a minor to engage in sexual conduct.” Registered sex offender in Tennessee.
The Jackson Sun reported earlier this week that Mark Woodson Mangrum, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Parsons, Tenn., is scheduled to appear in court Friday to change his plea to guilty in connection with a federal charge that accuses him of using a computer to entice a 14-year-old boy into having sex.
Mangrum was one of six people indicted Feb. 13 by a grand jury in Memphis on federal charges of child pornography or using a computer to solicit sex from a minor.
Mangrum’s attorney at first said his defendant didn’t do anything wrong and was looking forward to defending himself in court. But on Monday attorney Mark Donahoe told the Jackson Sun that Mangrum had settled on a plea agreement, but he couldn’t discuss details.
Mangrum reportedly worked at First Baptist Church in Parsons six years before resigning in January. In February Donahoe said Mangrum stepped down because, “he didn’t want anyone in the church to be uncomfortable or for this situation to affect the church in any way until the final matter can be resolved.”

News Story https://ethicsdaily.com/gay-sex-sting-operation-nabs-baptist-pastor-cms-11712/
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4936941-TN-Mangrum-MarkWoodson-Sof.html

Robert Michael Black Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Clay County (7th Judicial Circuit), 2011
Outcome: Pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted enticement of a child. Sentenced in 2011 to five years in prison. Released, according to Missouri court records.
Baptist church sticking by pastor facing sex charges
A small Southern Baptist church near St. Joseph, Mo., is reportedly standing by its pastor, who is accused of soliciting sex over the Internet with a police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl.
Robert Black, 40, of Independence, Mo., waived his right to a preliminary hearing and is scheduled to appear in court May 14 to face charges of first-degree attempted statutory rape and attempted enticement of a child under 15.
Police arrested Black April 8, after he allegedly arranged by e-mail to meet for sex with a minor “girl” — who was actually an Internet crimes detective — at a car wash in Liberty, Mo. According to media reports, police found more than 130 online “friends,” many of them teenagers, on a Facebook account registered to “Jon Still.”
Investigators believe the name is an alias that Black used to entice teenagers. They have asked parents in the region to report if they believe their children may have communicated with him using that name.
Black is pastor of New Home Baptist Church in St. Joseph, Mo., a small congregation that is affiliated with the Missouri Baptist and Southern Baptist conventions. He claims he is innocent.
Clyde Elder, director of missions for St. Joseph Baptist Association, said May 6 the church is standing in support of its preacher, and by mutual agreement with church leaders Black has taken a leave of absence with pay. Elder said the church is using supply preachers during Black’s absence.
“We need to keep Pastor Black and the New Home Baptist Church in our prayers,” Elder said.
New Home Baptist Church has removed information about Black from its website on a staff page that formerly featured a family photo of a smiling Black surrounded by his wife and three young children.
Black has been pastor of the church, with a history dating back to 1887, since 2008. Elder said Black has been part of the New Home congregation for about four years, first as a deacon and worship leader. He took over as pastor after the death of a longtime predecessor who led the church for a total of nearly 35 years.
Southern Baptist churches are autonomous and make their own decisions, including about whom to call as pastor, but the Southern Baptist Convention urges congregations to perform background checks before hiring prospective ministers.
According to a Kansas City television station, Black cleared a mandatory background check before coaching a team of girls in the Fort Osage Youth Basketball League.
New Home Baptist Church is the third Southern Baptist congregation to feature recently in news reports involving allegations of sexual abuse.
Police in Benton, Ark., re-arrested David Pierce, 56, former minister of music at the city’s First Baptist Church, May 6 on additional charges of sexual indecency with a child. Originally arrested April 24 on one count of the charge, Pierce now faces 54 counts of the crime involving four alleged victims.
Police say current charges relate to incidents alleged in the last three years. They said all the victims alleging abuse are still teenagers who are or were involved in the church’s youth choir program, named Pure Energy, that Pierce directed.
According to the Benton Courier, Sheriff Bruce Pennington said in a news conference he expects additional charges to be filed against Pierce, saying allegations of abuse are believed to date back about 15 years.
After learning of allegations against him, First Baptist Church fired Pierce, who had been on the church staff for 29 years. With 2,500 members, the church is prominent in the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.
In suburban Memphis, Steven Haney, 48, former pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Cordova, Tenn., received probation after pleading guilty April 29 to rape and sexual battery by an authority figure.
One of Haney’s alleged victims claimed that his former pastor molested him for more than five years, beginning when he was 15. He said Haney lured the youth into a long-term sexual relationship by convincing him it was God’s will and a test of his faith.
Prosecutors agreed to a guilty plea to spare witnesses the stress of testifying in court. Haney still faces federal charges of child pornography that carry a 10-year prison sentence.

News Story https://baptistnews.com/article/baptist-church-sticking-by-pastor-facing-sex-charges/#.XFMZIFVKhhE

Steven Carl Haney Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Shelby County, 2009
Outcome: Registered sex offender in Tennessee who was convicted of a 2003 sexual battery by an authority figure and of a 2001 rape in state court.
Former Southern Baptist pastor pleads guilty to sexual abuse
A former Southern Baptist pastor arrested in 2007 on charges that he sexually abused two teenage boys has avoided prison — for now.
Steven C. Haney, 48, pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church in the Memphis suburb of Cordova, Tenn., for 20 years before his resignation in December 2006, pleaded guilty April 29 to rape and sexual battery by an authority figure in a settlement intended to allow victims and their families to avoid the stress of testifying.
According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Judge John Colton Jr. approved the settlement, sentencing Haney to probation for eight years and adding his name to the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. He was given suspended, concurrent sentences of eight and three years. Haney still faces federal child pornography charges in an indictment handed down in October 2007, punishable by a minimum of 10 years in prison.
Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Haney in July 2007, after a 21-year-old man told detectives that Haney molested him for more than five years beginning when he was 15. The alleged victim testified at a preliminary hearing in September 2007 that Haney lured him into a long-term sexual relationship by convincing him it was God’s will and a test of his faith.
After the arrest, a former member of Haney’s church told a Memphis television station she wasn’t surprised by the allegation, because about 30 members left the congregation after similar accusations involving another teenager surfaced in the 1990s.
At one point police said detectives were interviewing as many as 10 people who may have been former victims of Haney.
In 2008 Haney’s former church changed its name from Walnut Grove to Gracepoint Baptist Church, seeking a fresh start and break with the recent past.
Because Southern Baptist churches are autonomous, they make their own decisions about hiring and firing ministers. The Southern Baptist Convention offers guidelines for protecting against sexual abuse, including a link to a national sex offender database.
Christa Brown, Baptist outreach director for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, says sex-offender databases aren’t enough protection, because they list only those convicted of a crime and the vast majority of molestations are never prosecuted.
Two years ago Brown asked Southern Baptist leaders to create a national database of clergy convicted, admitted or credibly accused of sexual abuse and create an independent review board to receive and investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.
After study, the SBC Executive Committee opted against the proposal, saying the convention lacked authority to investigate local churches. Time magazine ranked that denial one of the top 10 “under-reported” stories of the year.
In an address to the convention in 2008, Executive Committee President and CEO Morris Chapman strongly condemned “those who would use our churches as a hunting ground for their own sick and selfish pleasure” and said that while the number of Baptist ministers who are sexual predators appeared to be small “one sexual predator in our midst is one too many.”

News Story https://baptistnews.com/article/former-southern-baptist-pastor-pleads-guilty-to-sexual-abuse/#.WvIJM6QvyUk
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4883724-TN-Haney-StevenCarlSexoffenderregistry.html

Terry Ray VanHoutan Church Position: Minister
Court of Conviction: Scott County, 2011
Outcome: Serving a “special life sentence” in Iowa for a sex abuse offense. Committed May 13, 2011.
A Davenport man who police say sexually abused two minors over the course of 14 years was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years in prison.
Terry VanHoutan, 49, pleaded guilty in March to one count of second-degree sex abuse and one count of third-degree sex abuse.
He was sentenced by Scott County District Judge Nancy Tabor to concurrent terms of 25 years and 10 years in prison on those charges. He must serve at least 17 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.
“Mr. VanHoutan, this is a very troubling case,” Tabor said.
Records state he abused one juvenile beginning in 1996 and another juvenile beginning in 1999. The abuse continued until last summer.
Additional counts of second-degree sex abuse and third-degree sex abuse were dismissed.
VanHoutan pleaded guilty in 2001 to two counts of indecent exposure, records state. He was sentenced to one year probation.

News Story https://qctimes.com/news/local/man-sentenced-for-sex-abuse-against-minors/article_7b41df9a-7c33-11e0-b131-001cc4c03286.html
Police/Court Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4910859-IA-VanHoutan-Terrydoc.html

Douglas Scott Edwards Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Ketchikan Gateway Borough, 2019
Outcome: Pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse of a minor. As part of the plea agreement, other charges were dropped, Alaska court records show. Ordered to register as a sex offender in Alaska.
Court accepts plea agreement in Edwards case: Pleads guilty to one count of sexual abuse of a minor

News Story https://www.ketchikandailynews.com/news/local/court-accepts-plea-agreement-in-edwards-case-pleads-guilty-to/article_dc900690-4588-51bd-9c7b-55585c22fa73.html
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6005665-AK-Edwards-Douglassexoffenderentry.html

Next up? We put these Southern Baptist Convention Pedophile Perverts into the Judas Chair for a while. We set a bucket of hot coal under the seat and give them a chance to try to dance off the spikes.

Just like Christians did this to Pagans and others.
Next up? We put these Southern Baptist Convention Pedophile Perverts into the Judas Chair for a while. We set a bucket of hot coal under the seat and give them a chance to try to dance off the spikes.
Just like Christians did this to Pagans and others.

Minh Van Nguyen Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Fresno County, 2009
Outcome: Registered as a sex offender in California for committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 in 2009.
Police say 51-year-old Minh Van Nguyen is accused of sexually abusing a female relative when she was 10. They believe the abuse lasted for four years.
Nguyen is senior pastor at the First Vietnamese Alliance Church.
A San Jose pastor is under arrest for allegedly molesting a female relative starting at the age of 10.
Fifty-one-year-old Minh Van Nguyen is the senior pastor at the First Vietnamese Alliance Church. He’s been held without bail since his arrest on Oct. 2.
The alleged victim, who’s now 22, told investigators that the abuse happened over a four-year period at a location away from the church.

News Story https://abc7news.com/archive/6493552/
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5776096-CA-Nguyen-MinhVansof.html

David Joe Rich Church Position: Minister
Court of Conviction: Orange County, 1998
Outcome: Registered sex offender in Florida. Convicted on 12/4/1998 of three counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child. Served three years in prison, according to Florida released offender data.
A minister accused of molesting two girls surrendered to authorities on Friday, five days after resigning from his church.
The Rev. David Joe Rich, minister of Springs Community Baptist Church, was charged with eight counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on a child. Investigators also planned to charge him with capital sexual battery, said a spokesman for the Orange County sheriff’s department.

A minister who molested third-graders at his church school couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t molest again, and so was sentenced to prison for 7 years and 4 months, followed by 10 years of probation. The judge acknowledged the remorse of David Joe Rich, 55, and that he took responsibility for his crimes, but said she wanted to ensure he would not harm anyone again.
Rich, former pastor of Springs Community Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to molesting 2 girls and trying to molest a third during the 1995-96 school year. He fondled the girls, ages 8 and 9, at his desk while other students were in the classroom, said the prosecutor. The desk concealed the probing.
Rich apologized and made no excuses for his conduct but could not explain it. With God’s help and counseling, he said, he hoped never to molest again. But he said he would be foolish to make a “100 percent” guarantee. He had resigned when confronted about the abuse 2 years after it ended.
While on probation, Rich must get counseling. He cannot be alone with children younger than 18 or live near a school or other place where children visit. The judge told Rich he should bring his ministry to prison. “There are people in prison who could use your services,” she said.

News Story https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1998-02-14-9802140126-story.html


Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5776121-FL-Rich-DavidJoesof.html
Police/Court Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5776116-FL-Rich-DavidJoedocreleasedoffender.html

Kenneth “Atlantis” Keith Long Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Federal, 2000
Outcome: Tried in federal court and convicted by a jury on two counts of interstate transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and two counts of possession of pornography featuring minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. Sentenced to 360 months in federal prison. Appealed and lost. Six boys were victims underlying charges in the indictment, appellate court records show.

News Story http://www.gazette.net/gazette_archive/1999/199920/largo/news/a27843-1.html
Police/Court Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4901476-FL-Long-KennethKeith-BOP.html

Dwight Gregory Watson Church Position: Church employee
Court of Conviction: Cherokee County, 2016
Outcome: Registered sex offender in Georgia who was convicted in 2016 of sexual exploitation of children.
The Canton man investigators called “one of the most active child porn consumers in the state” has been indicted on 10 counts related to his charges.
Dwight Watson, 43, who was indicted earlier this month by a Cherokee County grand jury on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of children, is set to be arraigned Jan. 10, court records show,.
According to his indictment, Watson “knowingly possessed” graphic photographs and graphic videos depicting young boys and girls engaged in lewd sexual acts and intended to distribute them.
Investigators believe some of the videos in Watson’s possession featured children as young as 5 or 6 years old, according to arrest warrants taken out against the man.
Watson was arrested following a Sept. 28 search of his Canton home and subsequently charged with 50 counts of child pornography after a two-month investigation into him by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.
Detectives seized two laptops, thumb drives, cell phones and several external hard drives containing “tens of thousands of files of interest” from the Canton man’s home on Carrington Way, investigators said.
Watson was initially released Sept. 30 on a $50,000 bond but a Magistrate Court judge ordered his bond be increased to $400,000 after the district attorney’s office filed a motion raise the amount.
In a hearing held Oct. 5, the state placed Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Detective Claude Dobbs on the stand. Dobbs, the lead investigator in the case against Watson, testified that the father of two accused of possessing child pornography “was freelancing for New Hope Ministries as a sex addiction counselor.”
He also said it appeared Watson had tampered with evidence in the case, resetting his laptop after he was told detectives were executing a search warrant at his home.
Dobbs said investigators believe Watson may have used the three-hour window between the time they arrived at his home and the time he was taken into custody to wipe his laptop of any evidence of child pornography.
“It looked like the user profile was deleted or that it was factory-restored,” Dobbs told the Magistrate Court judge, adding that Watson admitted having child pornography on that particular laptop during an interview conducted inside the jail following his arrest.
“Mr. Watson is charged with 10 counts of sexual exploitation,” District Attorney Shannon Wallace said Tuesday. “His arraignment is scheduled for Jan.10.”
Watson’s case has been assigned to Superior Court Judge David Cannon and Zack Smith is set to prosecute him on the state’s behalf, Wallace said.
Watson was being held at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.

News Story https://www.tribuneledgernews.com/local_news/canton-man-indicted-on-child-porn-charges/article_4914e556-cef5-11e6-b268-1b22b773db91.html
Sex Offender Record https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5776105-GA-Watson-DwightGregorysof.html

Renato Capili Bosi Church Position: Pastor
Court of Conviction: Guam, 2019
Outcome: A jury found Bosi guilty after a trial on two felony counts of second degree criminal sexual assault and three misdemeanor charges, including two counts of criminal sexual conduct and one of child abuse, according to a press release released by the Guam Attorney General. “This perpetrator used his position as a man of God to strike fear in his young victim who looked to him for guidance,” said Chief Prosecutor J. Basil O’Mallan III. Sentencing is scheduled for July 24, 2019.
Renato Bosi, a Pastor whose teenaged victim saw him as a “father” figure, was convicted by a jury today.
Bosi was found guilty of two counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First-Degree Felony, two counts of Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Misdemeanor, and Child Abuse as a Misdemeanor.
“This perpetrator used his position as a man of God to strike fear in his young victim who looked to him for guidance,” said Chief Prosecutor J. Basil O’Mallan III.
“I am grateful to have delivered justice to the victim and her family after a long and tough trial. After coming forward about the abuse, the defendant tried to escape justice by turning his faithful against the victim in a shameful scheme of character assassination. I thank the jury for seeing through the smokescreen to demonize and revictimize her and hope this verdict encourages more victims to come forward when sexual abuse happens, no matter the power or position of their abuser,” he concluded.
Bosi faces a minimum of 10 years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections. Sentencing is scheduled for July 24, 2019, before Judge Perez.

News Story https://usa.inquirer.net/27532/ex-baptist-pastor-on-trial-in-guam-for-sexual-abuse-of-minor
Police/Court Record http://oagguam.org/former-pastor-convicted-for-sexually-assaulting-teenager/

Local Churches Have Become Primary Lairs for Abusers

And? Here is the proof.


Here is the proof in these links to these websites that constantly exposes these damn disgusting, perverted, pedophile priests and pastors.

Roman Catholic Pedophiles

Bishops Accountability’s Abuse Tracker blog. The archives here? Go all the way back to 2003. They started to add all the other reports from all the other Christian denominations of predatory, Christian pastors who have been busted for raping children.


Database of Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests, Nuns, Brothers, Deacons, and Seminarians in the United States
This is just the database for priests in the United States, filled with over 10,000 named Catholic priests, brothers, nuns and sisters busted for raping and abusing children.


A state by state listing, though not complete, of Roman Catholic priest busted for pedophilia.


A listing of the pedophile priests busted in Ireland.


101 priests in single diocese accused of abuse in 40 years

PEDOPHILE PRIEST WHO RAPED 200 CHILDREN FORGIVEN BY THE POPE: James Porter, the evil priest who raped over 200 children, confessed his pedophilia to the Pope who decided it best to “forgive and forget”, it has been revealed.By ignoring his pedophile confession, the Pope left Father Porter to sexually abuse many more children that could’ve otherwise been spared.


Deaf children raped and abused in Argentina’s “little house of God” Nun latest to be arrested in pedophile scandal involving Catholic clergy at school in Mendoza. Details are emerging of long-standing sex abuse at a school for deaf children run by the Roman Catholic Church in the Argentinean city of Mendoza. The revelations come after the arrest on May 5 of a nun at the school, Kumiko Kosaka, on suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse children at the Antonio Provolo Institute, authorities said. She was also charged with physically abusing the students to identify the most submissive ones.


Shamed: Pope Francis Says “Accusers Are Friends or Relatives of The Devil” Pope Francis: People Constantly Accusing Church of Wrongdoing Are Friends, Relatives to Devil

“Whose is the office of the accuser! The devil! And those who spend their life accusing, accusing, accusing, are – I will not say children, because the devil does not have any – but friends, cousins, relatives of the devil. He who loves the Church knows how to forgive, because he knows that he himself is a sinner and is in need of God’s forgiveness.

Pope Francis


Protestant Church Pedophiles

“25 MORE SHOCKING ARRESTS”: Protestant Pastors Charged With Sex Crimes


Southern Baptist Pedophiles

Stop Baptist Predators Organization database exposing Baptist Pedophile Pastors.

This “little light” shines for the many clergy abuse victims whose voices have been silenced. Silenced by shame. Silenced by the false instruction of religious leaders. Silenced by church shunning and bullying. Silenced by church contracts for secrecy. Silenced by suicide. The mission of StopBaptistPredators.org is to break the silence of Baptist clergy sex abuse.


Ministers who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: A-K


Ministers who brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: L-Z


Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Southern Baptist Church: An investigation has found that around 380 Southern Baptist church ministers, deacons, leaders and volunteers have been credibly accused or convicted or sexual abuse in the last 20 years. The sexual misconduct allegations involve over 700 victims, according to a report by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News. Out of nearly 400 perpetrators, about 220 have been convicted of sex crimes, 90 remain in prison, and another 100 are registered sex offenders. Tragically, investigators found evidence of the Southern Baptist leadership systematically covering up sex abuse allegations and moving sex offenders to other churches. In fact, at least 10 churches re-hired pastors, ministers and volunteers who had been charged with sexual misconduct, including many who were registered sex offenders. Another problem is that SBC churches have continued to employ men who were accused or convicted of sexual assault. Pastors Leslie Mason, Michael Lee Jones and Joseph S. Ratliff all continued to work within the SBC church after being accused of sexual misconduct. Survivors of sexual abuse in the SBC church demanded a database of sexual abusers in 2008, but the proposed reforms were rejected. Church leaders claimed that creating a database of sex abusers might infringe on the autonomy of individual churches.


Church of God Pedophiles

Children Of God: The Sex Cult That Preached Pedophilia, Prostitution & The Apocalypse


Children of God cult was ‘hell on earth’


Jehovah Witnesses Pedophiles

Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse: Scores of alleged victims come forward and describe culture of cover-up in religious group in UK


Secret Documents Reveal Sex Abuse Scandal in Jehovah’s Witnesses Church


The Secret Database of Child Abuse: A former Jehovah’s Witness is using stolen documents to expose allegations that the religion has kept hidden for decades.


The Episcopal Pedophile Clergy

ECUSA: A History of Sexual Abuse by Clergy: Hundreds of Episcopal Pedophile Priests exposed in this story


Chile Catholic Episcopal Conference Raided In Pedophile Priest Probe

Chilean authorities are raiding the headquarters of the Catholic Church’s Episcopal Coverence as part of a wide-ranging probe into clerical sex abuse in the South American country.  The Tuesday raids are occurring in the most important building of the Chilean church in the capital of Santiago, say prosecutors. Authorities recently summoned the archbishop of Santiago, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, to appear and testify about the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse which had been going on for decades. 


Methodist Church Pedophiles

Methodist Church in child sexual abuse scandal spanning decades: The Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) published a damning report from an independent inquiry on Thursday, which found nearly 2,000 incidents of physical and sexual abuse going back as far as 1950. The inquiry was carried out by Jane Stacey, former deputy chief executive of the children’s charity Barnados, and took three years to complete its findings. It considered all cases that ministers and members of the church could remember as well as those for which there were written records. These included cases that were carried out within the church and those that were reported to the church, but which occurred away from it. The 1,885 cases identified included sexual, physical, emotional and domestic abuse including cases of neglect. Some 26 percent of cases were carried out by actual church ministers, and in 61 of these the police were involved, including six ongoing police investigations. Allegations of sexual abuse made up the largest number of cases. One of the cases involved the grooming of teenage girls on Facebook, while another involved a minster allegedly making sexual advances on children.


Methodist Church apologises for abuse spanning decades: The UK’s Methodist Church has made a public apology after an investigation uncovered reports of nearly 2,000 alleged abusers – including 914 allegations involving sexual abuse.


United Methodists Confront Sexual Misconduct in the Church: The reality of sexual misconduct and abuse within the church has prompted United Methodists to come together this week to confront the problem and discuss ways to make the church a safe place. “I estimate that at least one-third to one-half of the dozens of victim-survivors I’ve counseled during the past eight years have left the church, either in shame or frustration, because they found no justice or healing,” she told hundreds of lay and clergy leaders during the Do No Harm 2011 sexual ethics summit in Houston this week.


Church Employee in Alabama Faces Whistleblower Retaliation Amidst Reports of Penn-State Style Pedophile Cover-Up


Now, new information is coming from a former United Methodist employee in that region, who not only reports possession of victim and documented evidence implicating sexual molestation and clergy sexual misconduct in two other area churches, but claims whistleblower retaliation by senior denominational leadership in an apparent Penn State-style cover-up attempt to preserve ministry positions, while knowingly compounding both victims’ and family members’ losses, which includes propelling the complainant’s family into abject poverty and loss of their housing. That family is only days away from becoming homeless.

Local police have reportedly indicated to the former employee, they have begun investigations into possible extortion in reference to actions taken in the cover-up scheme, allegedly substantiated by documented contact with the same denominational leaders involved in damage control for their United Methodist District and State Conference regarding the Sheffield First United Methodist Church pedophile scandal.

Church documents provided by members and public position statements by denominational leaders involved in the pedophile case have recently surfaced in media reports, strongly suggest a long-standing awareness of the presence of ongoing, decades-long molestation of multiple boys by a music and youth minister, from the 1960’s through the 1990’s. Locals state that rumors of a predatory molester in the church, have repeatedly surfaced for decades.

Presbyterian Church Pedophiles

Presbyterian Church (USA) Hit by Abuse Scandal: The Presbyterian Church (USA), one of the most liberal of the nation’s mainline denominations, has found itself in the middle of a scandal over sexual abuse of minors that occurred for a number of years at overseas missions facilities run by the church. The most high-profile instance so far involves a California man who is suing the denomination, alleging that he was molested by an older boy in 1988 at a church-operated boarding house in Africa, and that church authorities on site allowed it to occur.

In the lawsuit, Sean Coppedge, whose parents were Presbyterian missionaries in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, charges that although those operating the boarding house in Kinshasa were aware of allegations that the son of a Presbyterian missionary couple had sexually abused another boy at the facility, he was allowed to return to the house, where he later abused Coppedge as well.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Louisville, Kentucky, where the PC-USA is headquartered, states that the denomination had received reports before 1988 of alleged abuse at the facility and that it “knew or should have known … that its mission children were vulnerable to sexual abuse.” Coppedge is seeking damages for emotional distress, lost wages, the cost of counseling, and other injuries.

The charge by Coppedge is one of many detailed in a 546-page report that represents the findings of an independent panel commissioned by the church. The panel, which spent several years investigating charges of physical and sexual abuse involving the children of missionaries serving overseas from the 1950s to 1990, ultimately named nine individuals, including ministers ordained with the denomination, whom the panel determined had abused children.

A similar investigation in 2002 had found “overwhelming” evidence that a Presbyterian minister and missionary had sexually abused at least 22 girls and women over a 40-year period, both in Africa and the United States, and, additionally, that between 1968 and 1970 a male Methodist missionary had abused children of Presbyterian missionaries at the same Kinshasa facility where Coppedge says he was abused.


Other cases of Christian pedophiles

3 Ohio Pastors, 3 Churches, 3 Victims (1 shared) – Child Sex Trafficking


In November, 2017 Cordell Jenkins, Kenneth Butler, and Anthony J. Haynes were indicted and charged with child sex trafficking and child pornography. For starters, these men were all sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, in hotels, at Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, and at Abundant Life Ministries, dating back to 2014. Haynes gave the girl hush money and told her not to tell anyone or it would ruin his life, as well as recorded the sexual assaults on his cellphone. He also arranged her being abused by several other men, including Jenkins, who even abused her at his own home. Jenkins also abused a second girl in March of 2017.

In addition to Butler’s involvement with this 14-year-old girl, he was also indicted on sex trafficking charges of a third girl. He was a pastor at Kingdom Encounter Family Worship.

Despite these detestable acts, in January 2019, Alisa Haynes and Alexis Fortune, the wife and step-daughter of Anthony Haynes were charged for abducting one of the victims at gunpoint and warning her not to testify at trial. They removed the victim from her apartment, choked her with a cord and told her to take back statements she had made to investigators. Both have federal charges against them.

In February, Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, the wife of Cordell Jenkins, pleaded guilty to making false statements to investigators, including stating that she wasn’t aware of Jenkins having sex with the girl, or being aware of her age. Lloyd served as a board member for Lucas County Children Services, and had been in regular communication with one of the victims dating back to 2016. She knew the girl was a minor, and met with her in person in March 2017, along with the girl’s guardian, at a local pizza place, whereby they showed Lloyd the text messages indicating Jenkins and Haynes had been paying the girl for sex.

Investigators testified that they found searches on Lloyd-Jenkins phone on the same date she had met with the girl at the pizza place. Her searches revealed: “husband slept with 17-year-old,” “what is sex trafficking?,” “Southwest companion pass international travel,” and “find Caribbean hotels by Marriott.”

Kenneth Butler was sentenced to 17-1/2 years in prison for conspiracy to sex traffic children, obstruction of sex trafficking investigation, and two counts of sex trafficking children.

Cordell Jenkins pleaded guilty to two counts of sex trafficking of children, one count of sexual exploitation of children, and is awaiting sentencing.

Anthony Haynes, who is charged with child sex trafficking, and knowingly recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing or obtaining a person under the age of 18, is awaiting trial. In an affidavit, it alleges that Haynes, along with a woman, engaged in sex acts on multiple occasions with a female teenager.

Nine Clergy & Deputy Sheriff Arrested in Sexual Abuse of Two Dozen Children Involving Satanic Rituals


Not long after Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, LA closed its doors, in 2005 an investigation into sexual abuse of children and mutilations of cats for satanic rituals ensued, landing many of the church leaders in prison, including a deputy sheriff who once lived on the church grounds.

Sheriff Daniel H. Edwards said that as many as 25 children, evenly split between boys and girls, may have been involved in sex acts at the youth center, in cars, and in homes of at least two of those charged. They believe the abuse began in 1999, and stopped occurring on the church grounds after 2003. “But nobody really believes that they just stopped abusing kids,” Sheriff Edward said.

Nine people had been arrested, and numerous computers, videotapes, computer disks, boxes containing documents and photographs, and nine bags full of costumes, were all seized, in which police believed some contained child pornography. The victims ranged in age from 1 to 16, and the police found a faint imprint of a pentagram on the floor in the youth hall located behind the sanctuary. Some that were arrested stated rituals involving cats’ blood and people dressed in black robes took place within the pentagrams.

Pastor Louis Lamonica Jr. confessed to being the head of a Satanic ring, claiming he was one of six who took part in the abuse of children, animal sacrifice, and satanic rituals. His wife, the deputy sheriff, and other church members were involved as well. Lamonica described the pentagram in the middle of the floor, a book of ‘Spells and Temptations,’ and the youth room where all of the windows were covered in black. They dedicated a baby to Satan, put the baby in a black dress in the middle of the pentagram, played satanic music, and lit candles. They would drain the blood of a cat, each drink it, and then kill the cat, removed the dress from the baby and sprinkled the blood over her/him, all while chanting around the child.

When they weren’t performing rituals on babies, they would pick up girls, the males would line up and have sex with her, and the females would perform oral sex. He also stated there was feces and urine laid around, and during these rituals he would become distorted by the Devil and demons would change him into an animal.

The others that were arrested described other disturbing scenes of bestiality, one who had abused his daughter since she was 2-months-old, and Lamonica’s own sons had given detailed accounts of long-term abuse by their father, and others they were passed around to. They later recanted their statements on the stand.

Lamonica is serving four life sentences. The others plead guilty to charges ranging from aggravated rape to sexual battery to obstruction of justice. Deputy Sheriff Christopher Labat was charged with child pornography, but charges were later dismissed. Labat had covered for these people, and when church members brought concerns to him, he dismissed them. He also had charges of obstruction of justice dismissed against one of the church members involved. Labat still resides in Louisiana, in a location where 35 registered sex offenders live close by.

Baptist Church Hires Famous Child Molester Pastor – to Make Money


Pastor Darrell Gilyard of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, was charged in 2009 for lewd or lascivious conduct to a female victim under 16-years-old, as well as lewd or lascivious molestation to a female victim under 12-years-old. He was a nationally known preacher and knew how to corral people in. He served three years, and had to register as a sex offender. No less than two months after getting out of prison, he was offered to preach at Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church. Their reason for allowing a registered sex offender to return to work at their church? They needed the money, and he was the one that could raise it. They don’t even hide this fact.

His three-year probation stipulated that he was not to have contact with minors. So, what did the church do? They barred minors from the services and he wasn’t allowed to perform marriage counseling or other pastoral work. Of course his probation officer approved, and so – minors were no longer allowed to attend service when he was preaching. Amazing. The church’s Trustee Eloise Bolden said that the church was ensuring they would hold separate youth services for minors, and that Gilyard should be forgiven and offered another shot at ministry. Once his probation period ended, the church allowed him to be around minors again.

But it wasn’t just children he sexually abused. In 2004, Gilyard admitted to fathering the child of a woman who had accused him of raping her during a counseling session. Furthermore, there are several women who claimed that Gilyard assaulted them at Texas churches in the 1980s.

Despite all of this, the church’s only concern was money. They were about to go under, so they hired on a famous child sex abuser pastor to raise money. And guess what? They did. The parents and families attending that church clearly were not concerned either. They all supported him. If one believes the false psychoanalysis that pedophilia is in fact a disease, then obviously this man cannot control himself around children. If one doesn’t believe it’s a disease, but rather a desire – the same outcome applies.

And? Even more Christian pedophiles and their cases:

Former Fayetteville Pastor Faces 142 Charges for the Rapes of Four Children


Dallas-area pastor, gospel singer arrested on multiple charges of child sex abuse Darrell Maurice Yancey, 59, of Grand Prairie was taken into custody Thursday by Arlington police. He faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and four counts of sexual assault of a child.


Former McElwain Baptist Church deacon charged with sexual abuse of young girls turns self in


Richland Deacon appears in court, following two child molestation charges


10 Notable Clergy Sex Scandals in 2017