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KristoTaliban Pastor Robert Jeffress: We Allowed Atheists and Infidels to “Pervert Our Constitution”

KristoTaliban Pastor Robert Jeffress: We Allowed Atheists and Infidels to “Pervert Our Constitution”
By Beth Stoneburner

Not only is America a Christian country, but the Constitution has been perverted by infidels and atheists, according to MAGA cultist and Trump sycophant Pastor Robert Jeffress.

He made the comments on his “Pathway to Victory” broadcast during a series of episodes earlier this month promoting the Christian Nation myth. In the excerpt below, he was complaining about Supreme Court decisions that removed mandatory Bible readings from public schools.

And here’s the question: What has changed? What has changed? In these 150 years​, has the Constitution changed and nobody told us? Is that what happened? Of course not. What has happened is we have allowed the secularists, the humanists, the atheists, the infidels, to pervert our Constitution into something our Founding Fathers never intended. And it is time for Americans to stand up and say ‘Enough! We’re not going to allow this in our Christian country anymore.’ It is time to put an end to this.

It’s been said before, but conservative Christians like Jeffress always mistake religious equality for persecution because they’re so used to receiving special treatment.

It’s time to once again reiterate that the Bible says far more about welcoming the immigrant and serving the poor and marginalized than anything about abortion or LGBTQ issues — which Jeffress also brought up elsewhere in his episodes. (Interestingly enough, helping the poor would also result in fewer abortions, a fact Jeffress never seems to care about.)

Pretending we live in a Christian Nation doesn’t make it true. Lying about the past won’t change reality either. The fact remains if our government treated atheism or Islam the way we’ve historically treated Christianity, Jeffress would never stop whining about it.

Could It Be That Trump Is Killing Off His Base So He Does Not Get Re-Elected?

Covid may actually work to our advantage here. For real.

The Trumpturds, his KristoTaliban Krackers and his Repugnant dick suckers are all getting Covid-19 because they refuse to wear masks and social distance. They feel this is all a hoax and want to go to their bars, their restaurants, their NASCAR events. They want to get their hair cut, their nails done and their tattoos of the names of their inbred children.

If you look at the states with the most rampant virus spread and deaths? These are the Repugnant states mostly. Who all thought that this is nothing more than a BS hoax, or not as bad as it has been made out to be. And the infection rate is soaring along with now? The death rates.

Commander Bone Spurs and his Repugnants and KristoTaliban Krackers sure seem to want this to spread among their idiot Trumpturds and fellow KristoTaliban Krackers. Yeah, I believe they also want it spread to the rest of us. But if we keep the masks on when we go out and social distance? We should be good.

And of course? The Trumpturds and the KristoKrackers are buying this shit. And right now? They are the ones getting infected and dying by the droves. They are even holding Covid-19 parties to purposefully get infected. I saw a video of this on YouTube and one of the idiots, who went to the party, died telling the nurse he screwed up.

Over 40 of their Krazy KristoTaiban pastors have died and churches have proven to be hot spots, with rampant spreading of Covid. Yet? Church leaders pastors are demanding to be allowed to open. One group is now suing California for telling them they should not be singing and praising the lord indoors because it has proven to be a huge spreader of this. They are actually using the BLM protests to back up their crap. Yet the huge difference between the BLM protests and church is? The protests are held outdoors while the church services are not. It is proven outdoor spread does happen, but that is if you are not wearing masks, etc.

Here? These idiot KristoKrackers want to hold their services indoors, and sing and praise the lawd, which spreads this disease among them. One would have figured after about 40 of their pastors have died already from the Covid-19 Hoax would have gotten the message. But apparently? They have not, or they do not care.

This all leads me to believe? That Trump does not want to actually get re-elected. Neither do the KristoKrackers really. Because in essence? By what Trump and the Kristos are doing? Are killing off their base. Which? Is actually a blessing in disguise really.

The more of these Trumpturds, these KristoKrackers and Repugnants die of Covid? The less will be around to vote this Orange Turd back in. Not only that? It is helping wipe out KristoKrackers in ways we could only wish for.

I would really love to hear Jerry Falwell Jr, Franklin Graham, Rick Wiles, Robert Jeffress, and Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and all the pundits of bullshit on Faux Nitwit Newsless drop dead of Covid. Man what a beautiful thing. They all call it a hoax? Let them fucking die of this hoax. They get wiped off the earth? The IQ level alone goes up. And we are free from these disgusting, sub human troglodytes for Traitor Trump.

So I say? Keep up the good work Traitor Trump, keep up the good work Repugnant governors. keep up the good work KristoKrackers. You are killing off your base. That is the best Covid-19 gift you all could give to the United States to Make America Great Again.