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Help, I’m Possessed By a Demon!!! Call Linda Blair!!!

Again and again and again, Christians tell little old me that I am possessed by a demon. Funny huh?

Now, I love a good scare the living shit out of you horror movie. The Exorcist, the Evil Dead series, the recent Adventures of Ed and Lorraine and their possessed demon dolls. I actually saw The Exorcist when I was 15 right when it came out, and man, that did scare the shit out of me.

But I am also like Beetlejuice, I’ve seen the Exorcist 666 times and it just keeps getting funnier every damn time I see it. I especially love the variations of Linda’s spider walk down the stairs. Now that is freaky.

I cast you out Demon

Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church? I was called a demon many times. First? It was because I was left handed. Yuppers Old Satan works in real mysterious ways let me tell ya. But my “demonic” godmother came to the rescue and literally put a stop to their busting my left hand with that damn cabosh and ruler.

Then it was because I proved to the penguin and collar that if what the buybull says is true? Then there is both a male and female god. Oh boy did I cause quite a stir on that one. I ended up with a dunce cap on in the corner.

Then the next time in my life I was actually called a demon was by those perverted pedo priests who spent the night at St Thomas More parish in Durham NH gang-raping me.

Up next to proclaim my coming from the Seed of Satan was from my very own family after the gang-rape. Yes I was always a little different, a little strange, but I tell ya, after spending a night having pedo priests play hide the pork on your ass? Yeah you lose a few marbles over that. But was I some psychotic freakshow Satan? Hell no. The gist of it all was though that, yuppers, old mom decided to seek greener pastures after all the crap she was put through, and dear old daddy told the brothers and sister to not blame me for her splitting, but the older asshole did so. He actually said I was the Son of Satan. Wow, how powerful is that? This is why at the age of 15? I was considered a total demonic loss by my family and no longer lived there.

So here I am thinking I am the Son of Satan and may as well act like it. Sure I acted out some. The nightmares from what happened at St Thomas sort of really fucked me up. So I became a pyro. But I wasn’t one out to hurt anyone, it was my acting out my nightmares. I burned down a couple of abandoned buildings, set fire to some woods a couple of times and literally blew up a truck in the middle of Rochester NH right next to the fire department. Luckily I never injured anyone. But I sure got bagged for that big bang. Funny thing is? After I set off the fire that caused the explosion? Me and the idiot I did it with were running through the alleys of Rochester and came out of one right as two of Rochesters finest were walking down the street. They said hey, slow down where’s the fire. Just as they said that? The truck blew up with a loud bang. We had told them we were late for the movie. Oh and the movie that was playing was??? Drumroll please…THE EXORCIST LMFAO.

The New Branding of Demonic Satanism

Once I came out of the priest abuse closet I went off like gang-busters. And then I went on the attack against the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops as well as Bill Donohue of the Catholic League without one ounce of fear and that? Scared the living shit out of them. Sure, they have encountered some pissed off survivors before, but not one as “street” as I am. I don’t give a flying fuck who these scumbags think they are, all they are to me are pedophile pimps and pedophiles who all should be taken out to St Peter’s Square and a bullet put in the back of their freaking heads and I am not one bit bashful in saying it. I mean as I say, if we put rabid dogs who bite our children down? How much more should we put these scumbags who rape kids down the same way?

Hell anyone visiting my Rape Victims of the Catholic Church blog can see just how pissed off and raging I was then. I’ve actually mellowed out some, though I still rage and hate these motherfucking Christian pedophiles with a passion. But I was on a mission. To expose this and stand up to it without fear.

This brought on a whole lot of pissed off Roman Catholics at me. They did everything they could to shut me up. Even trying to throw me in prison for daring to take a stand against that disgusting Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. And? I was branded over and over and over again, in my Facebook groups Rape Victims of the Catholic Church and Voices From the Grave: Suicide Victims of the Catholic Church a demon, a child of Satan, a liar from the father of lies. I was like oh boy, someone call me The Exorcist so I can spin my head around 360 degrees, hurl green pea soup on some priest and then fuck myself with a cross while screaming fuck me Jeebus you Dead Jewish Zombie Still Rotting on a Stick. Yeah right.

But I did not stop there. I started exposing ALL of these perverted pigs. I got involved with Cathy Harris and her case with Bob Jones University and that brought me much more hate from the Christians. And claims of how much a demon I was for doing what I was doing and why don’t I go pick on the Muslims?

And then I took on also all those psychotic ChristoTaliban Pastors of Hate and again? I was branded a demon and a Satan for stating, as these scumbags sow? So should they reap and as they want to do to us atheists, or lgbts, or Pagans or others? The same should be done unto them.

These scumbag Pastors of Hates speech is apparently not the problem, because hey, they get to hide it behind their religion called Christianity, but demanding these same shitstains on the underwear of humanity get back what they put forth? That is when it makes me the demon. Not these same scum who demand brutal death penalty punishments for lgbts, or atheists or others. Oh no.

So to Christians, listen the fuck up, I am a PROUD DEMON

If I am a demon because I am a strong survivor standing up for victims and survivors of Christian pedophiles? Then I proudly will wear that label.

If I am a demon for calling for a death penalty punishment for all Christian pedophile pimps and pedophiles, no matter what denomination? That if you rape a child or you cover up and protect those who do you deserve to be put to death? And this makes me a demon for saying this? Then that is a label I will proudly wear.

If I am a demon for daring to stand up to psychotic ChristoTaliban Pastors of Hate and Death and throw their shit back into their faces? Then again? I will proudly wear that label.

If I am a demon for exposing all the horrors, all the Crimes Against Humanity, all the Crimes Against the Children of the World perpetrated by Christians in the last 1,700 years? Then call me a demon all you want to.


It is not I who am the demon here. It is yourself. For if you call me a demon for any of these actions? Then it is yourself who is the real demon in dire need of an exorcism by a full frontal lobotomy with a Desert Eagle.