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Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy. Hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits are now on hold

These scumbags are taking their cues from the Unholy Roman Catholic Cult of Pedophiles, hiding behind bankruptcy and statute of limitations to avoid their disgusting pedophiles for paying for their crimes.

There is a cure for pedophiles.
The last thing a child molester should see.
Breaking News: There is now a child molestation vaccine. One shot and it's cured.
Never trust a person who can clear their conscience of any immoral act by asking forgiveness from their imaginary friend.
If your god cannot/will not stop his own priests from raping children, what makes you think he gives a shit about you?
If the sincere prayers of a child to god cannot stop the sexual abuse at the hands of a "man of God"? What does that say about God?
If dogs are put to sleep for attacking children, why aren't we doing the same to pedophiles?
In prison, pedophiles are beaten, and forced out of general population. In Churches pedophiles are protected and hidden from the general population.
Catholism: The Longest Running Pedophile Protection Program in History.
God is the name given to the cold, dead silence that answers the prayer of a child being molested by a priest.