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ChristoFascist Pastor of Hate Scott Lively Deserves to Reap All He Has Sown

Christofascist pig fucker Scott Lively loves to project all his and his fellow Christians evil upon lgbts. And Scott Lively deserves to be put to death for his ChristoFascist Taliban hate of others.

ChristoFascist Pastor of Hate Scott Lively is a real winner of the hatefest of ChristoTalibans.

If you know about Lively, it probably has a lot to do with his rise to infamy in 2009, when he traveled to Uganda to rail against the “gay agenda” and promote the idea that the country should crack down on its gay population, characterizing the LGBT community as rapists and pedophiles. He also compared gay men to animals and suggested to Ugandan lawmakers that gays were responsible for carrying out the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

“They are so far from normalcy that they’re killers. They’re serial killers, mass murderers. They’re sociopaths,” he said in one of his talks, in reference to a category of LGBT people he says are the most dangerous.  “There’s no mercy at all, there’s no nurturing, no caring about anybody else…This is the kind of person it takes to run a gas chamber.”

In another: “You can’t stop [them] from molesting children,” he said, “or stop them from having sex with animals.”

His tour through the country, LGBT advocates say, provoked a panic in Uganda, inspiring headlines like “HANG THEM; THEY ARE AFTER OUR KIDS” and leading papers to print the names and images of gay people.

Not long after his visit, Ugandan officials proposed the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Act. Dubbed a “Kill the Gays” bill in Western media, it included death sentences for some LGBT citizens for crimes that included gay sex. Under pressure, the officials swapped the death penalty punishment with one calling for lengthy prison sentences. Still, in 2014, the country’s constitutional court struck it down. A newly festering movement is underway to bring it back.

Lively said at the time he didn’t support the Ugandan law as it was written, and pushed back on suggestions that he supports the death penalty for gay people. “In my view, homosexuality (indeed all sex outside of marriage) should be actively discouraged by society — but only as aggressively as necessary to prevent the mainstreaming of alternative sexual lifestyles, and with concern for the preservation of the liberties of those who desire to keep their personal lifestyles private,” he wrote on his blog in 2009. Instead, he says, he supports “therapy.”

Ugandan activists ultimately took him to court for “crimes against humanity” 

U.S District Court judge Michael Ponsor last year dismissed a case brought by a group called Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleged that Lively’s campaign in the African country had played a role in the persecution of gay Ugandans. Ponsor said at the time the dismissal was related only to jurisdiction, while adding that he was in agreement with the pro-LGBT rights group’s charges and condemned Lively’s “crackpot bigotry.”

“Defendant Scott Lively is an American citizen who has aided and abetted a vicious and frightening campaign of repression against LGBTI persons in Uganda,” Ponsor said.

Lively told the Daily Beast after the decision that he was “delighted” by the ruling and dismissed the judge’s statements as progressive posturing.

Now he’s suing back

In response, Lively has embarked on a legal battle of his own, seeking to have Ponsor’s condemnations cut out of his ruling. His lawyers argue that the judge “improperly littered his order with a prolonged tirade against Lively, badly distorting his Christian views and activism.” The case is pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals and oral arguments are scheduled for June 7, reports the Boston Globe.

He has pushed ludicrous theories about gay Nazis

“While we cannot say that homosexuals caused the Holocaust,” he and colleague Kevin Abrams wrote in a thoroughly debunked 1995 book called The Pink Swastika, “we must not ignore their central role in Nazism. To the myth of the ‘pink triangle’—the notion that all homosexuals in Nazi Germany were persecuted—we must respond with the reality of the ‘pink swastika.’”

He calls the Russian anti-gay law “one of the proudest achievements of my career

Lively has praised a Russian law passed in 2013 that bans “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations among minors,” which authorities have used to crack down on pride marches and detain LGBT activists. He believes his advocacy helped inspire the law, which has since been deemed discriminatory by the European Court of Human Rights. “I indirectly assisted in that,” he said, “and it’s one of the proudest achievements of my career.”

He celebrated an explosion in Springfield as an “answer to our prayers”

After an explosion under a Springfield strip club injured at least 18 people in 2012, Lively wrote on his blog that the incident was divine intervention, and that he would pray “for the further cleansing of Springfield.”

“I believe this was the hand of God at work,” he wrote, “in answer to our prayers.”

Link to story https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2018/04/30/scott-lively/

This is a link to psychopathic ChristoFascist Taliban Pastor of Hate and Death Scott Lively so you can see with your own eyes just what kind of a sociopathic, death and hate spewing piece of shit ChristoCunt Cocksucker for Christ he is.



ChristoFascist pigs like Scott Lively does not deserve to live in the same world with civilized people. Scott Lively also believes, that he has a right to demand the murder, or persecution of lgbts, or others like us atheists, and hide his hateful, death and bigotry rhetoric behind the First Amendment right to free speech and religion.

Well ChristoCunt Cocksucker for Christ Fascist pig Scott Lively deserves to be put to death plain and simple. And I too say this under my First Amendment right to religious beliefs, as again, ChristoFascist pigs like Scott Lively believes we atheists are an actual religion, so that gives us atheists the right to use our religion to shove back into the faces of ChristoFascist pigs like Scott Lively what he spews forth from his well used outhouse piehole of hate and death and bigotry.

Christofascist taliban theodore shoebat should REAP WHAT HE SOWS

Psychopathic ChristoTaliban preacher of hate Theodore Shoebat believes that lgbts and atheists should be put to death. He believes he, as a ChristoFascist has a right to say who should live and who should die, according to his psychotic buybull. Well Theodore Shoebat should be hunted down, tortured ala Inquisitional torture and then? Be put up against a wall and given a full frontal lobotomy with a .50 cal Desert Eagle.

In Wake Of Church Shooting, Theodore Shoebat Says Atheists Must Be Put To Death

Extremist right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat responded to yesterday’s mass shooting at a church in Texas by posting a video on his website in which he said that atheists in America must be subjected to an inquisition and put to death.

Shoebat, who was featured in a radically anti-gay documentary in 2015 along with various Religious Right activists and Republican elected officials, declared that the fact that the man responsible for the deadly attack was reportedly an atheist shows that atheism represents a dire threat to Christians in America and must be dealt with harshly.

“Sodomites and atheists need to be purged from society,” Shoebat said. “Sodomites automatically need to be put to death, that’s a no-brainer because they have already committed the crime of homosexuality. Atheists, on the other hand, they need to be inquisited, bottom line. They need to be inquisited and I think that when you have atheist enclaves in society, when you have atheist strongholds in society, atheist establishments that are very influential and when you see how fanatic they are, how much they hate Christianity, how much they hate God, how much they hate the church, you really can’t tolerate people like that and those people need the death penalty.”


ChristoFascist Taliban Hater Theodore Shoebat is well known for his vile hate against atheists, lgbts and others. He is a chip off the old block with his terrorist sperm-donor Walid Shoebat, another psychotic ChristoFascist Taliban hater.

Now, Theodore believes homosexuals should be instantly put to death. But hey, what about adulterers there Teddy, you cherry-picking, buybull-thumping, dropped out turd out of your inbred mommy’s blown out asshole, to which she deserves a punch in her cock suckers for Christ for shitting you out of her blown out asshole and not flushing you down into the sewers where your sorry ass belongs.

And Teddy believes we atheists should be tortured and then put to death. And then this ChristoCunt Cocksucker for Christ get’s away with all this shit under his First Amendment right to religious beliefs and free speech.

Well Teddy, seeing you ChristoCunt Cocksuckers for Christ say we atheists are actually a religion? I guess my following speech to you is also protected under my 1st Amendment right to free speech and religious belief too. Because my religious beliefs say scumfucks like you should reap what you sow and have done unto you as you want to do unto atheists and lgbts, so how you like those for apples?

Actually? Both Theodore and Walid Shoebat deserve to have done unto them as they want to do unto us atheists. Both of them should be slowly tortured, using Inquisitional tools of the Christians. A great one would be the ripping out of both their psychotic tongues of hate. Just stick some red-hot pincers in their well used outhouse pieholes, grab their lying assed, hateful tongues, pull them out and then? Cut them off with a rusty, dull razor blade.

Next up? How about we waterboard these two psychotic shitstains on the underwear of humanity? Only instead of using water? We use battery acid. It will blind these two ChristoFascist Cocksuckers for Christ and therefore? They will never have to look at another atheist or lgbt again now will they?

And last, but not least? How about we draw and quarter these two shitstains and then? Bury their pieces with the pigs. Of course, pigs are known to eat human corpses, but I seriously doubt pigs would eat these two scumbag, hateful, psychopathic, mental midget morons.