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time to clean out the trash at atheist militants rising

Now that the Traitor Trump era is finally over and the beginning of a new way of an administration and government has begun under President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris with Chuck Schumer leading the Senate and Nancy Pelosi leading the House? Things just might finally get done around here.

All I know is? Each time we have a Republican administration and a Republican Congress? The shit hits the fan and things to straight to the proverbial hell in a handbasket.

And Atheist Militants Rising now wants to do what many people do to the TRASH in their lives. Clean out each and every thing that has to do with the treasonous scumbag known as Donald J Trump.

So today I am going to delete every single posting that has any reference to that sub-human being who brought a lot of pain and misery to us all. I started the cleaning out of Trumpturd by deleting all the memes and all the stories I have on my puter at home. Everything that had to deal with Trump is now completely and totally wiped off my drives and will never be there again.

I found the best thing to clean out the trash like Trump is to clean out everything about them and then? Forget they have ever even existed. To pay not one ounce of attention to that which caused us so much harm.

We have a new President, a new Vice President, the Democrats basically control Congress. Now we all gotta work together to fix all the things that needs to be fixed.

For Covid-19? We want to end that? Then be smart huh? Mask up, social distance, wash your hands. These are the three biggest things that have proven to stop the spread of this deadly virus rampaging our country. Get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in your area and you are allowed to do so.

For the white supremacist, Trump people still holding onto hope and still holding onto Trump’s lies? Come back to earth. If YOU truly love this country as you say you do? Then you will work to make it better, not to keep tearing it apart and thinking that you are oh so special.

Even as I, a Native American, who has every justification to not do so, am willing to work together with white people, black people, brown people, yellow people, and will even work together with YOU Trumpsters to make the world a better place for all of us and for our kids and grand kids. Cause is that not what we all want?

I can now drop the hateful satire that I used to speak out against Trump and the evil that was going on. I tell you it is both physically and mentally and emotionally draining to take all the hate, all the bigotry all the violence of these people and use it and throw it back into their faces. It is true that if you look into the dark abyss of this shit for far too long it starts to infect who you are. Yet? If you talked to most people who know me personally? Who hang around with me? That know the true me? They will tell you I love to make people laugh, I love to do all kinds of outrageous, happy shit, and some of my biggest loves are my three children, my four grand children, my adopted grand daughter, my crazy furball, and my work as a nature photographer. I love sharing the beauty I find in nature and sharing it with others.

My sister will tell you I had to main habits growing up. Being the class clown and standing up to bullies. I stil love doing both. But most of all? I love being the class clown and making people crack up and laugh their asses off. My brothers and sisters from other mothers will tell you that they know if they are having a hard time or a bad time they can always come to me and I will make them laugh their asses off and make them feel better.

I’ve been known for my practical jokes in HS like going to the river, gathering huge sucker fishes and putting them into the girls bathroom toilets or in the girls locker room showers….and yes they were out on the field when I did this and had two look outs to make sure. Or the waterballon day where I brought a bunch of water ballons to school and we literally flooded the place and I scored a perfect hit on the head of the vice principle as he was coming up the stairs. He did not get pissed either, he laughed his ass off and knew I was the “menace with the water ballons” along with a couple of my buddies. Of course I went a little too far one day with the M-80’s but learned a very valuable lesson on the power of those beasties. And yeah I actually got expelled for that. Oppssss but no one got hurt luckily and I stayed away from those kinds of fireworks after that shit.

My work exposing the pedos and standing up to the ChristoFascist Reich-Wingers, the Allah worshiping MuslimFascist Talibans, or any other psychotic, theistic fascist Taliban group, or standing up for equal rights and justice for atheists, lgbts, women and others will never end on Atheist Militants Rising, but now is the time to take that Trumpturd and flush him down the toilet where he belongs and do the one thing we all know he hates the most. Ignore him, pay him no mind nor attention, treat him like he is one of those stenchy farts some buddy releases after drinking too much Budweiser and eating too many damn jalapenos that eventually leaves the room and we go on with things.

I would rather forget that scum and send him no energy ever again. But I sure did love sending the satire and hypocrisy right back at them.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Atheist Militants Rising will be spending the next day or two cleaning out all the TRUMP TRASH on this blog. And then get ready to meet the real me.