Methodist Pedophiles

Here is a link to all the stories on Atheist Militants Rising about the pedophile pastors of the Christian Methodist Churches.

The Only Good Christian Pedophile Is A Fucking Dead Christian Pedophile
Hundreds of thousands of Christian priests, pastors, ministers, lay people, school teachers, politicians, movie and music stars, etc have been busted for raping kids. Most of these scumbags are lucky if they do one fucking day in jail.

Time For A Death Penalty Punishment For ALL The Christian Pedophiles
Since 1950 alone? To the present? Over one hundred thousand Christian priests and pastors have been busted for pedophile crimes. Some of these diseased scum have victim counts in the hundreds. Some have raped infants as young as six months.

Voting on Morality
How about the Methodist Churches first do something about all their vile and evil pedophiles?

Child Sexual Abuse in Protestant Christian Churches
This is a long report of 13 pages. I am going to take some sections of it to post, but if you wish to read the whole report? Please download it.

Wife of Pastor Charged With Sex Trafficking Teenage Girls Arrested for Obstructing Investigation
The wife of one of three Ohio pastors accused of engaging in repeated sexual acts and the trafficking of teenage girls has been indicted on federal charges accusing her of interfering in her husband’s investigation.

Conservative Christianity Has Enabled Pedophiles for Untold Decades
Conservative Christianity Has Enabled Pedophiles for Untold Decades
The endless cover-ups mean they can abuse children with impunity and never pay the price.

Coming Soon to Your Church: A Child Molester
In church after church around the world, reports have come to light about children being molested by someone in the place where they should feel safest. The Roman Catholic Church is reeling from staggering financial judgments in lawsuits filed by molestation victims. Most of these cases have come into the spotlight many years after the alleged sexual crimes occurred.

Christian Sympathy for Pedophiles is an Actual Problem
There is nothing biblical or holy about enabling predators. It is disgusting that christians use the bible to vilify victims of physical and sexual abuse and enable abusers. They care more about virtue signaling and looking “forgiving and spiritual” to strangers than they do protecting their own children. This is truly satanic

Wife of Pastor Jailed for Sex Trafficking Arrested for Obstruction, Could Face 28 Years in Prison
Weeks after she was fired from her job as administrator in Lucas County, Ohio, former “first lady” of Abundant Life Ministries in Toledo Laura Lloyd-Jenkins has now joined her husband, the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, behind bars for allegedly obstructing a sex trafficking investigation against him.

Three Toledo Pastors Charged With Sex Crimes: Kenneth Butler, Cordell Jenkins, and Anthony Haynes
Butler’s arrest comes months after the arrest of two other local pastors, Cordell Jenkins and Anthony Haynes, who were also charged with sex crimes. Authorities confirm all three cases are connected.

Pastor Anthony Haynes gets life in prison for trafficking teenage girl after begging judge for mercy
Former leader of the Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, Ohio, Anthony Haynes, was sentenced to life in prison Thursday even though he pleaded with U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman to have mercy on him for grooming a teenage girl to have sex with him and then going on to share her with two other pastors.

Pastor charged with more than 100 sex crimes involving children
News outlets reported Tuesday that Rodney Luffman, 58, was arrested without incident at his home last week in eastern Wilkes County, according to the sheriff’s office. A church website said he is a pastor at Open Arms Outreach Ministries in Elkin.

Pastor sentenced to over 1,000 years for sex abuse of 6 boys
A judge handed down the maximum sentence on every count to Paul Edward Acton Bowen. Bowen had pleaded guilty in Etowah County to 28 counts involving six boys between the ages of 13 and 16. The 39-year-old Bowen faced charges that include sexual abuse, sodomy, enticing a child for sex and traveling to meet a child for sexual abuse. He still faces other charges in the Birmingham area.

Another antigay pastor has been busted on child sex charges
37-year-old Paul Edward Acton Bowen was arrested yesterday and charged with second-degree sodomy, enticing a child to enter a vehicle or house for immoral purposes, and second-degree sex abuse of a minor.

Wife of child rapist pastor afraid for life after giving him AR-15 for their wedding anniversary
Because now Ashley has filed for divorce. Not just that, but she also wants the house, all the money in their joint accounts, her maiden name back, and for “Acton Bowen [to] be ‘prohibited from any communication or contact for the purposes of harassing, threatening, intimidating or assaulting her.’

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