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Margaret and Helen: Republicans are nuttier than squirrel shit. #Resist


Margaret, if you want to know just how deplorable Trumpsters are, this week they elected two indicted criminals, a Nazi and a dead brothel owner.  And the fact that most people reading this are asking themselves “which Nazi?” is just bat shit crazy.  To be honest, it could have been multiple Nazis, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a GOP Congressman and a Nazi these days. Some might be just your run-of-the-mill racists. You know what they say about old, white men standing in front of a flag, pledging allegiance to Donald Trump… they all look alike.

A dead brothel owner.  I’m sorry.  I just had to say that again. The party of family values elected a dead pimp. Bless their hearts but Republicans are nuttier than squirrel shit.

Now, I know that some of you Democrats out there, especially in Florida, Georgia and Texas, are filling a bit blue today and not in a good Blue Wave way. We’re feeling blue because we fell in love with Andrew, Beto and Stacey and hoped that racists in red states would be standing in line at a Cracker Barrel instead of a polling station.  Damn you Cracker Barrel! What happened to your all-you-can-eat chicken fried opossum steak on Tuesdays?

Honestly, it was going to be an uphill battle and we got a bit ahead of ourselves. After all, this is Florida, Georgia and Texas we are talking about. They are GOP red mixed with a little scarlet, crimson, cardinal, ruby, magenta, brick, carmine, rose, vermilion, cerise, coral, and burgundy. The fact that Beto was even in the hunt and the other two are still too close to call is pretty amazing.  Sure, it stung. But we really do have a great deal to celebrate. We took back the House. Our wave was big enough to overcome gerrymandering and voter suppression, sending several hundred state and federal members of the GOP packing.

If you are feeling a bit down, maybe this will pick you up. Here are a few of my favorite casualties:

Karen Handel.  Remember her? This homophobic, she-devil in wolf’s clothing managed to destroy the otherwise stellar reputation of the Susan G Komen Foundation when she picked a fight with Planned Parenthood.  Komen recovered somewhat but it never returned to its former glory. Well, now a Democrat in Georgia named Lucy McBath is my new favorite person and Georgia’s 6th Congressional District’s newest Representative.  Kiss my ass Karen. The only organization I liked more than Komen was Planned Parenthood and you damaged one in order to attack the other.  Don’t mess with Planned Parenthood. Ever. By the way, McBath ran on more gun control… in Georgia.

Kim Davis.  This walking hairball in need of a hairstyle became famous in Kentucky for refusing to give marriage licenses to same sex couples, claiming Jesus told her to hate people. She then crashed a party pretending to be the Pope’s BFF and became the white trash darling for white trash religious nutjobs everywhere when she traveled to Romania to fight gay marriage there.  Wait.  What?  Listen, folks.  The cheese slid off this gal’s cracker years ago. Thank goodness that Kentucky Democrats dropped a house on Kim.  To be honest, she lost by less than 700 votes, but that was to be expected considering she was related to, married to, divorced by and otherwise had children out of wedlock with a sizable percentage of the male voting population in the county.  Hypocrisy is what the GOP now calls a family value.

Jason Lewis.  I bet you don’t remember this asshat from Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District unless you’re a slut… I mean a woman… I mean a slut.  Lewis complained that political correctness had gotten so bad that he couldn’t even call a woman a slut anymore without getting in trouble. He lost to Democrat Angie Craig.  I don’t know you Angie, but I love you regardless of what Jason is most assuredly calling you at this moment.

Jack Phillips.  He’s probably the most famous baker in Colorado, but not because his cakes taste good, bad or otherwise.   Jack is the Colorado Baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and took his argument all the way to the Supreme Court.  He then tried to sue the Governor of Colorado because he didn’t want to bake a pink and blue cake for a transgender woman. Guess what?  Jack now has a new Governor in Colorado.  His name is Jared Polis and he’s gay.  Please, please, please Governor Polis, order your inauguration cake from Jack if for no other reason than shits and giggles.

Kevin Yoder.  I know nothing about this congressman from Kansas except he was a Republican in Kansas, which is rarely a good thing. He lost to a Native American woman named Sharice Davids. Now Sharice has a remarkable story and you should read about it.  But I don’t want to talk about that now because I am being a little selfish. I just want to sit a minute and imagine Donald Trump watching Fox News on Tuesday when they gave a Democratic pick up seat to a woman who happens to be Native American and who also happens to be a lesbian and a mixed, martial arts fighter.  Ah! Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found thee…  Sharice honey, if you meet the President, please kick him where it counts.

Barbara Comstock.  When Florida Parkland Students came to talk to her about gun violence, she refused to meet with them.  Barbara lost to Democrat Jennifer Wexton.  Bye, bye Barbara. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Listen.  I was sad.  I wanted Beto as much as anyone.  I really did. But here in Texas we picked up so many down ballot Democrats because of Beto that I don’t think being sad is an appropriate way to remember Beto, or Stacey or Andrew.  And maybe its not even over for Stacey who is still fighting the good fight. Good luck Stacey.  Every vote counts. But no.  We can’t be down. We have just too much to be excited about.

Chairman Elijah Cummings, House Oversight Committee

Chairman Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee

Chairwoman Maxine Waters, House Financial Services Committee

Chairman Richard Neal, House Ways and Means Committee

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the woman who gave us the Affordable Care Act the last time she had that title

That is huge.  We took back the House and turned a huge section of the country blue, while Trump kept Georgia, Florida and Texas red… barely.  We changed everything.  He changed nothing.

Maybe the Blue Wave wasn’t as big in some parts of the country as others. As it swept from east to west across the country like an invading army of immigrants… no wait.  As it swept from east to west, it hit patches of gerrymandering and mountains of voter suppression.  But it indeed swept across the country no matter how large or small it seemed at times.  One thing we know for sure, if left unchecked, Trump could bring out the worst in all of us.  And sadly, he’s proud of that. But then again, he’s an idiot.  The blue wave came, and it was big enough.  I mean it. Really.

UPDATED: Comparing Presidential Administrations by felony arrests and convictions (as of 9/17/2018)

UPDATED: Comparing Presidential Administrations by felony arrests and convictions (as of 9/17/2018)
By Royal Scribe

In January of 2017, little more than a week before Donald Trump’s inauguration, I wrote a diary comparing U.S. Presidential Administrations by the number of people arrested, convicted, and imprisoned since Richard Nixon’s Administration.

The original diary was written as a warning to Trump, who was quickly putting up Administration nominees with little vetting and before their ethical reviews could be completed. I warned that many of those candidates might find themselves in legal jeopardy if they didn’t disentangle themselves from their conflicts of interest. I really felt that a lot of his appointees would blunder their way into indictments.

The diary, which was based on Wikipedia’s list of federal political scandals in the U.S., is the closest I’ve come to having something go viral. DK’s counters show that 349 people recommended it and it was posted to Facebook 11,133 times. Since then, I’ve seen numerous people post screen captures of the table comparing crimes by Administration. And lately, I’ve seen a modified version that adds Trump Administration – but inaccurately, or at least with a different methodology.

My initial report covered number of people indicted, convicted, and imprisoned. The modified table floating around uses the total number of indictments and total convictions for each indictment, artificially inflating the already-burgeoning Trump figures compared to his predecessors.

I planned to update my analysis after the midterms to give a full two years to Trump’s portion. Given the misinformation that’s spreading due to differing methodologies, I decided to expedite the update.

Nixon’s Presidency remains the most criminal, with 76 different individuals charged with felony indictments and 55 of them convicted or pleading guilty. But Trump is hot on his heels. Though we aren’t even two years into his Administration, already 35 individuals (including 28 foreign nationals) have been indicted – more than any administration except Nixon’s. And seven have been convicted and/or pleaded guilty, more than every Democratic Administration in the past 50 years combined.

Read on for:

  • How the Trump Campaign provides unprecedented complications for this analysis.
  • A breakdown of felony indictments, convictions, and imprisonments for members of the Trump Organization, Campaign, and Administration.
  • How the Trump data compares with other Administrations over the last 50 years.
  • A review of my methodology.
  • Details of all of the people included in the Trump data. (Please refer to the original article for similar details for past administrations.)
  • Revisiting the data used for the previous administrations.
  • Sources

Including Trump’s Company, Campaign, and Administration

When I wrote the original diary in January 2016, I really thought the biggest legal issues Trump’s Administration would face would come from unvetted conflicts of interest. I really expected that if there were any arrests, most would come from his Administration itself.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how many people involved with his campaign would end up being arrested. We knew there was some funny business going on with Russia. The only thing the campaign changed in the GOP’s platform – written largely by members of the religious right – was its stance on the Russian invasion of Crimea. There was funny stuff with Paul Manafort, who was forced to resign as Campaign Chair in August. And we knew before the inauguration that Mike Flynn had made suspicious calls to the Russian Ambassador during the transition. But what we knew before the inauguration versus what we know now … whew!

(That could change…soon. Trump’s FEMA Director, William “Brock” Long, is under criminal investigation. Former Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price could still face an insider trading indictment for crimes similar to Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY). Former EPA Director Scott Pruitt and many others remain under criminal investigation. And so many others remain under investigation.)

The unprecedented degree of foreign interference with our elections complicates this analysis different than any previous Administration.

Trump complicates things

Under previous presidents, it was easy to focus on criminal activities of officials who were paid employees of the federal Executive Brach or paid by the president’s election campaign. (As far as I can tell, Nixon was the only previous president whose campaign staff faced felony indictments. Those individuals were included in my original report.) But under Trump, everything is complicated.

A lot of people involved the Trump Campaign worked for “free.” Not just his family, but others also Paul Manafort and others who hoped to used their role in the campaign to grift or get compensation from foreign nationals. I’ve certainly included them if they had an official campaign title or played a significant role in the campaign.

But what about illegal foreign influence? So far, 28 foreigners have been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller or by U.S. Attorneys acting on Mueller’s referrals. Should they be included? If it’s demonstrated that the Trump Campaign knew about their activities and actively conspired with them, then yes, they should be. But what if it’s never proven that the Trump Campaign knew about their activities, and the foreign efforts were completely independent?

For now, I’ve separated the indicted individuals into groups. You can decide for yourselves which merit including.

Felonies by Presidential Administration

Donald Trump is continuing the GOP’s trend of being the party with the most corrupt Administrations. We can measure this with more that fevered tinfoil hat conspiracies of pizza parlor pedophile rings. We can actually use indictments, convictions, and incarcerations as an impartial, statistical measure.

Trump Campaign & Administration Felonies

To date, more people in the Trump camp – including foreign nationals – have been indicted for felonies than any administration in the last 50 years except Nixon’s. These include seven Americans and 28 foreign nationals.

Felony Indictments in the Trump Campaign & Administration (to date)

Relationship to Trump# People IndictedTotal # of Indictments# People ConvictedTotal Guilty Counts# of People Imprisoned
Trump Organization, Campaign, or Administration5555222 (+3)*
Outside Campaign Consultants (U.S. citizens)22110 (+1)*
Foreign Assistance to Trump Campaign26153000
Foreign, direct involvement to Trump Unclear22111
TOTAL352127243 (+4)*

Source: RoyalScribe / @kgoebel,

# of People Imprisoned: The initial number includes everyone whose sentence includes prison time, even if they have not yet reported to prison (e.g., George Papadopoulos). The +[number] represents other individuals who have been convicted and/or pleaded guilty, and whose sentences are expected to include prison time, but because they have not yet been sentenced, we don’t yet know for sure.

Trump Organization, Campaign, or Administration: For every previous Administration, this would be everyone: people who worked with the President before they ran, during their campaign, and after inauguration. For Trump, the loose affiliation of outsiders complicates how we identify these individuals. This section currently includes Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Cohen.

Outside campaign consultant (U.S. national): These are U.S. citizens were not an official part of the Trump Campaign, but who provided illegal assistance to the campaign (specifically, Richard Pinedo and W. Samuel Patton).

Foreign assistance to Trump Campaign: This includes 26 Russians indicted for hacking the DNC servers and for other U.S. election-related crimes. It does not include the three Russian companies that were also indicted.

Foreign, direct connection unclear: This includes Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch citizen who has already served his prison sentence, as well Maria Butina, a Russian national who remains in U.S. custody. Both were arrested as part of the Mueller investigation, but it’s not yet clear whether they were involved in crimes relating to Trump, or got scooped up while investigating Trump’s corrupt associates.

For more details about the specific people involved, see People Included in the Trump Data below.

Comparing Administration Felonies

Number of Individuals with Felonies by Presidential Administration

PresidentPartyYears in Office# People Indicted# People Convicted# People ImprisonedConvictions Per Year
Donald TrumpR1.7*7 [35]**6 [7]2 (+3) [3 (+4)]3.5 [4.1]
Barack ObamaD80000
George W. BushR816991.1
Bill ClintonD83220.25
George H. W. BushR41110.25
Ronald ReaganR8261682.0
Jimmy CarterD41000
Gerald FordR2.41110.4
Richard NixonR5.67655159.8

* Through September 17, 2018.    ** Number in [brackets] includes foreign nationals.

Source: Kevin Goebel. DailyKos: RoyalScribe / Twitter: @kgoebel,

This includes individuals associated with each President’s private business, campaign, or appointed executive office. For Trump, the top number represents Americans, while the second number in [brackets] represents both Americans and foreign nationals.

If you don’t include foreigners involved in the Trump Campaign, Team Trump already has more people indicted and convicted that any Democratic President in the last 50 years.

Felonies by Presidential Administration in the last 50 years, excluding foreign nationals.
Felonies by Presidential Administration in the last 50 years (through September 17, 2018), excluding foreign nationals.

And if you do include foreign nationals, the Trump camp has more indictments than any other President regardless of party except Nixon. And we’re not even two years in yet.

Felonies by Presidential Administration in the last 50 years, including foreign nationals.
Felonies by Presidential Administration in the last 50 years (through September 18, 2018), including foreign nationals.

Note that Trump’s figures currently skew heavily towards “Indicted but not yet Convicted” because of trials that are still pending, and because of the high number of Russians who may continue to evade arrest. 

Note also that Clinton’s numbers have changed slightly since the last article. Please refer to Revisiting Past Administrations below for more details.

Comparing Political Parties by Felonies

Over the last 50 years, Republican Administrations have been far more felonious than Democratic Administrations, whether or not you include foreign influence.

President’s Party# People Indicted# People Convicted# People Incarcerated
Republican127 [155]95 [96]26 [37]

* The number in [brackets] includes foreigners arrested for crimes committed on behalf of the candidate or president. The first number only represents U.S. citizens.

Of course, Republicans have held the Presidency for 29.7 of the last 50 years versus 20 years for Democrats. But even if we normalize by averaging the numbers by year, Republicans still come off pretty bad.

President’s Party# People Indicted# People Convicted# People Incarcerated
Republican4.28 [5.22]3.20 [3.23]1.21 [1.25]

* The number in [brackets] includes foreigners arrested for crimes committed on behalf of the candidate or president. The first number only represents U.S. citizens.

Felonies by President
Felonies by President’s Party in the last 50 years (through September 17, 2018). Excludes foreign nationals.
Felonies by President
Felonies by President’s Party in the last 50 years (through September 17, 2018). Includes foreign nationals.

A brief review of methodology

My original source came from Wikipedia’s List of political scandals in the United States. I supplemented Trump’s from the same source, along with information from their Special Counsel investigation (2017-present) page as well as other sources listed at the end of this article.

Some quick highlights about my data:

  • Not all scandals are included, just those involving felonies.
  • This covers the total number of people indicted, convicted, and imprisoned. If someone is charge with 18 felonies, they are still only counted as one person indicted.
  • This only covers felony indictments, convictions, and prison sentences. It does not include misdemeanors.
  • Guilty pleas count as a conviction both in a legal sense and in my data. They also count as an indictment even if the plea is entered simultaneously (like with Michael Cohen).
  • Imprisonment only includes incarceration as a penalty for conviction. People who were held pending bail (or if bail is revoked or denied) are not included.
  • My data only includes individuals. The three companies that have been indicted as part of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation are not included in these tallies.
  • This includes all crimes the individuals committed during their association with the President, even if the crimes didn’t involve that President.
  • This covers everyone involved in higher levels of the President’s election campaign and/or Administration.

Not all “scandals” are included

The term “scandal” can be subjective. When Clinton’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, said that masturbation could help avoid the spread of AIDS, it was a scandal in that it made headlines and ultimately forced her resignation, but it wasn’t criminal – and some would argue that she was right to say it. Benghazi was tragic, but was it really a scandal justifying ten separate investigations that may have cost upwards of $30 million?

In the end, I decided that the criminal justice system provided the closest thing to an impartial, empirical source. For that reason, only scandals involving indictments are included.

That means quite a lot of Trump Administration scandals are not (yet) included, like the abuse of funds by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin. Should any of them later be charged with a crime – Price’s insider trading activities similar to Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) make him a strong possibility – they will be included with future updates.

People indicted vs. total indictments

My data has focused on the number of people indicted, convicted, and imprisoned, not the total number of indictments or the total number of charges they were convicted for.

In the Nixon Administration, for example, Secretary of Commerce Maurice Stans pleaded guilty to five felonies. In my table, this counts as only one of the people indicted under Nixon as well as one of the people convicted under Nixon. (He paid a fine but was not incarcerated.)

I counted by number of people rather than number of charges for a few reasons. First, the number of indictments can change. If a person is indicted under a dozen charges, for example, but then makes a plea bargain where they plead guilty to two of the charges under a superseding indictment, does that now change the dozen indictments to two? Or should the table reflect initial charges, even those later dropped by prosecutors?

Keeping track of all of these changes would be hard enough for current events. It’s even more challenging to do that reaching back to the Reagan and Nixon Administrations. Focusing on individuals rather than charges was, in my mind, both easier and more illustrative of the breadth of criminal behavior by Administration.


The imprisonment data is only meant to include people who have been incarcerated as part of their penalty for conviction. It is not meant to cover people who are jailed while waiting to make bail, or for whom bail was denied or revoked.

Paul Manafort is included under Trump’s imprisonment stats. On June 15, 2018, his bail was revoked following additional charges of witness tampering. This would normally not count under my incarceration criteria. But following his convictions on August 21st in Virginia and his subsequent guilty plea on September 14th in D.C., he remains in custody pending his cooperation with Robert Mueller and subsequent sentencing. This time will count towards his total incarceration time, and I have therefore included him as one of the three people already imprisoned.

The imprisonment data also includes George Papadopoulos, who has been sentenced to 14 days but has not yet reported for custody. It also includes Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch citizen who served 30 days before being deported. (See the Trump complicates things section for further discussion about including van der Zwaan and other foreign nations.) It does not yet include Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, or Richard Pinedo, who have all pleaded guilty but have not yet been sentenced.

Individuals, Not Corporations

Federal prosecutors almost always only indict individuals, not companies. Individual executives may be charged, but it’s rare for the company itself to be charged. Enron and its accounting firm, Arthur Anderson LLP, are notable examples where the companies were charged because of pervasive, willful corporate fraud and corruption.

In the Trump/Russia investigation, Special Counsel Mueller has indicted three Russian companies: Internet Research Agency LLC, Concord Catering, and Concord Management and Consulting LLC. These companies are not included in my charts, but the 13 Russian individuals simultaneously charged are included. (See Trump complicates things for more about the inclusion of foreign nationals.)

Guilty Pleas

As a reminder, a guilty plea counts as both an indictment and a conviction. Sometimes the plea is concurrent with the indictments (e.g., Michael Cohen). Sometimes the indictments are sealed and kept secret from the public until a guilty plea is filed (e.g., George Papadopoulos). Sometimes the guilty plea comes long after indictments (e.g., Rick Gates) or even after conviction of some of the charges (e.g., Paul Manafort). But in any event, a guilty plea is always part of an indictment and counts as a conviction.

Crimes that don’t involve the President

Many of Trump’s defenders have tried to argue that so far, those indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices do not directly allege that President Trump has committed crimes himself. While that isn’t strictly true (Michael Cohen, for example, said that Trump personally ordered him to commit two of the crimes he pleaded guilty to), it’s also not relevant for this analysis. Quite a lot of the indictments included in the previous analysis had nothing to do with the President. The point was to try to show whether a culture of unethical and criminal behavior was fostered or allowed to fester in a campaign or Administration, and whether or not the President really did pick the best people and did a proper vetting.

Administration v. Campaign

My original article used the term “Administration” to include both White House officials as well as other Cabinet and Executive Branch officials (such as Mike Espy, Clinton’s Secretary of Agriculture). It was intended to be broad, but it was nevertheless imprecise because it did not explicitly state that it included campaign officials.

This was an oversight in terminology but not in data. The crimes under the Nixon Administration included several people involved with Nixon’s re-election campaign but not his administration, including Jeb Stuart Magruder, Herbert L. Porter, G. Gordon Liddy, Donald Segretti, and the Watergate burglars themselves. Note: Michael Cohen was employed by the Trump Organization and also served as Deputy Finance Chair for the Republican National Committee. He pleaded guilty to election-related crimes directly involving the candidate, and therefore counts as part of the campaign regardless of who paid his salary.
To my knowledge, Nixon was the only other president before Trump where members of the campaign were criminally indicted and convicted. Please let me know if you are aware of others.

Who isn’t included

The goal is to include people who committed crimes on behalf of the President, or whose crimes may represent a failure in the vetting process. This doesn’t include civil service or career federal employees, nor local and regional campaign workers unless they have a direct relationship with the candidate. Anne Aroste, a Social Security Administration employee arrested in June for embezzling $680,000 in benefits, doesn’t count towards the Trump Administration arrests. Nor am I counting Ralph Shortey, a former Republican state senator in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma state chair for the Trump Campaign, who just accepted a 15-year sentence in a plea bargain over a case involving child pornography and sex with a 16- or 17-year-old boy. In my mind, they’re too far removed from Trump himself, and including them complicates data collection for previous presidencies.

Nor do I include problematic family members unless their crimes directly involve the President’s business, campaign, or Administration. Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy, Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger, and Neil Bush – the son of one President and brother of another – committed crimes that don’t seem to directly relate to the President. That said, if Donald Trump, Jr. ends up getting arrested over the Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives, that would count as a campaign-related arrest. If Jared Kushner is arrested for using his White House position for personal enrichment, that would be a ding on the Administration. And the whole Trump family, including President Trump himself, is being investigated over the illegal actions of the Trump Foundation. Should arrests be made for family members relating to the President’s campaign, business, or Administration, they’ll be included. If Tiffany were to be arrested for shoplifting, it wouldn’t be.


I chose not to include Bill Clinton’s impeachment, as impeachment is an inherently political process. (Nixon’s wouldn’t be included regardless, as he resigned before the U.S. House completed impeachment proceedings.) This is discussed in greater detail under Revisiting Past Administrations below. If you disagree, add one more for Clinton under Indictments (as impeachment by the House is the equivalent of a Grand Jury indictment), but nothing else under Convictions, as the U.S. Senate failed to achieve the 2/3rds vote necessary convict him and remove him from office.

People Included in the Trump Data

The following individuals are included in the Trump portion of the table.

Trump Organization, Campaign, and/or Administration

  • Paul Manafort — Office: Campaign Chair, Trump Presidential Campaign. Crime: 2 counts: conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice; 18 counts: filing false tax returns (×5), failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts (×4), bank fraud conspiracy (×5), and bank fraud (×4). Result: convicted and pleaded guilty, cooperating, not yet sentenced
  • Rick Gates – Office: Deputy Campaign Manager, Trump Presidential Campaign; deputy chair, Donald Trump Inauguration Committee; founder of pro-Trump America First Policies organization. Crimes: 2 counts: conspiracy against the United States and false statements; 23 counts: assisting in the preparation of false tax returns (×5), subscribing to false tax returns (×5), filing a false amended return, failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts (×3), bank fraud conspiracy (×5), and bank fraud (×4). Result: pleaded guilty, cooperating, not yet sentenced
  • George Papadopoulos – Office: Foreign policy Adviser, Trump Presidential Campaign. Crime: 1 count: false statements (negotiated before indictment). Result: pleaded guilty, cooperated, sentenced to 14 days in prison, a $9,500 fine, 200 hours of community service, 12 months’ probation
  • Michael Flynn – Office: Adviser, Trump Presidential Campaign; National Security Adviser. Crime: 1 count: false statements (negotiated before indictment). Result: Pleaded guilty, cooperating, not yet sentenced
  • Michael Cohen – Office: VP, Trump Organization; Special Counsel to Donald Trump; Deputy Finance Chair, Republican National Committee. Crime: 8 counts: tax evasion (x5); false statements; unlawful campaign contributions; excessive campaign contribution (negotiated before indictment). Result: pleaded guilty, cooperation agreement under negotiation, not yet sentenced

Outside campaign consultants (U.S. nationals)

  • Richard Pinedo – Operated Auction Essistance, a web-based business that brokered bank account numbers, enabling people who had been barred from websites like eBay and PayPal to return to those websites under a different identity. Crimes: 1 count identity fraud (negotiated before indictment). Result: pleaded guilty, not yet sentenced
  • W. Samuel Patton – American political consultant affiliated with Russian intelligence operative Konstantin Kilimnik. Crime: unregistered agent of a foreign principal. As part of his guilty plea, Patten admitted that he laundered a $50,000 contribution from Kilimnik to the Trump inauguration committee, by having the money transferred from a Cypriot bank to his company and from there to an unnamed American who sent it to the committee. Result: pleaded guilty, cooperation unclear, not yet sentenced

Foreign assistance to Trump Campaign

  • Dzheykhun Aslanov – 8 counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft (×6). Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Gleb Vasilchenko – 8 counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft (×6). Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Irina Kaverzina – 7 counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States, and aggravated identity theft (×6). Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Vladimir Venkov – 7 counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States, and aggravated identity theft (×6). Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Anna Bogacheva – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Maria Bovda – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Robert Bovda – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Mikhail Burchik – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Mikhail Bystrov – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Aleksandra Krylova – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Vadim Podkopaev – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Sergey Polozov – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin – 1 count: conspiracy to defraud the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Konstantin Kilimnik – 2 counts: obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Boris Antonov – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Dmitriy Badin – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Nikolay Kozachek – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Aleksey Lukashev – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Artem Malyshev – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Sergey Morgachev – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Viktor Netyksho – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Aleksey Potemkin – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Ivan Yermakov – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Pavel Yershov – 10 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Aleksandr Osadchuk – 11 counts: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States (×2), aggravated identity theft (×8), and conspiracy to launder money. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)
  • Anatoliy Kovalev – 1 count: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States. Result: Arrest unlikely (outside U.S. jurisdiction)

Foreign, direct connection to Trump unclear

  • Maria Butina – 1 charge: acting in the United States as an agent of a foreign government (the Russian Federation), without prior notification to the Attorney General, a conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States. Result: held without bail due to be an extreme flight risk, trial pending
  • Alex van der Zwaan – 1 charge: making false statements to the FBI. Result: Fined $20,000 and sentenced to 30 days in prison

Revisiting Past Administrations

In revisiting this article, I noticed there are some changes in the original Wikipedia article that helped form a basis for my research. I have made a few adjustments as a result.

Obama Administration

The original Wikipedia entry did not include (to the best of my recollection) any discussion of General David Petraeus’ leak of confidential information to his mistress/biographer. Because he ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor (see the Petraeus subsection in the next section), it still isn’t included as I’ve only included felonies. I will revise this if it appears that other misdemeanors have been included with the rest of my data, or if there’s strong sentiment that he should be included.

Clinton Administration

There’s a new entry for Darleen A. Druyen, Principal Deputy United States Under Secretary of the Air Force, that did not appear in the Wikipedia page when I accessed it more than 18 months ago. Druyen pleaded guilty of a felony for inflating contract prices for Boeing, her future employer. Since she served nine months in jail as part of her sentence, this adds one more to indictments, convictions, and imprisonments under the Clinton Administration.

Explaining methodology of original article

In the comments of my original article and subsequently on Twitter, some people have questioned a few items in my report. I want to address them here.


Some have questioned why I didn’t include President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I went back and forth on this. The impeachment process is inherently political, and many Americans believe that Clinton’s impeachment was an overreach based on politics rather than the merit of the underlying criminal allegations. Other political but not criminal scandals weren’t included (such as appointees who resigned for misuse of helicopters, traveling first class, or other abuses).

Bear in mind that an impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives should be considered to be the equivalent of an indictment. Treat the House as the equivalent of a Grand Jury deciding whether to grant the prosecutor permission to go forward with charging a defendant. The charges would then be tried before the U.S. Senate, with Senators serving as the equivalent of the trial jury.

In the end, I chose not to include it. If you disagree, add one more under the Clinton Administration for indictments. The Senate did not reach the necessary 2/3rds vote (which would have to be unanimous in a criminal trial), so Convictions and Imprisonments would remain the same. Nothing would change with the Nixon Administration. When Nixon was warned that his own party was defecting (nearly two-thirds of Republican Senators were already signaling that they would convict him and remove him from office, along with probably all of the Democratic Senators), he chose to resign before the U.S. House could finish their impeachment proceedings.


Some have questioned why Obama’s pristine record isn’t marred by General David Petraeus, Director of the CIA, who was accused of giving classified information to Paula Broadwell, his official biographer who was later discovered to be his mistress. Petraeus wasn’t included because (though I failed to make this clear in the original article), all of the data I included is about felony indictments and convictions. Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, and therefore isn’t included.

(If I’ve mistakenly included misdemeanors elsewhere, please let me know and I investigate revising.)

Starting with Nixon

In my original article, I mentioned that I started with Nixon for a number of reasons. Nixon was elected about 50 years ago, and it seemed like a nice, round number to start with. In addition, not including the only president forced to resign due to his criminal behavior would be a bizarre choice.

I could have gone back farther. Many view the modern presidency as everything after World War II, which could have been a good place to start. But while there were resignations under scandal in previous post-war administrations, none of them involved anyone getting indicted. If we extend it back to the turn of the 20th century, there was one Executive Branch conviction under Franklin Roosevelt, one or two under Calvin Coolidge, three convictions under Warren Harding, and one under William McKinley. Eight other Administrations in the 20th century (Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson) did not have any Executive Branch indictments.

With that, I maintain that Nixon remains a logical place to start.

Using Wikipedia as a source

I know that high schools and universities would never allow Wikipedia to be cited as a primary source. I could track down all of the original sources in the Wikipedia entries. That would confirm the ones included, but wouldn’t necessarily validate any omissions.

I am not a professional historian. I welcome critiques that can provide citable data showing what I may have missed, and I will update this article again if need be.

Partial List of Sources

Faturechi, Robert, “Tom Price Intervened on Rule That Would Hurt Drug Profits, the Same Day He Acquired Drug Stock,” ProPublica, March 31, 2017.

Hakim, Danny, “New York Attorney General Sues Trump Foundation After 2-Year Investigation,” The New York Times, June 14, 2018.

Hsu, Spencer S., “Special counsel Mueller initiates sentencing process for 2nd cooperating defendant,” The Washington Post, May 29, 2018.

“List of federal political scandals in the United States,” Wikipedia, accessed most recently on September 18, 2018.

“Michael J. Hogan,” Wikipedia, accessed most recently on September 18, 2018.

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“Petraeus scandal,” Wikipedia, accessed most recently on September 18, 2018.

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Savage, Charlie, “The different ways Donald Trump Jr could be in trouble with the law,” Independent (UK), August 7, 2018.

Scotti, Ciro, “Investigating Clinton: How Many Millions Were Spent on Email, Benghazi Probes?” The Fiscal Times (found under Yahoo Finance), July 5, 2016.

Siegel, Benjamin; Katersky, Aaron, “Rep. Chris Collins arrested on insider trading charges,” ABC News, August 8, 2018.

“Special Counsel investigation (2017-present),” Wikipedia, accessed most recently on September 18, 2018.

Venook, Jeremy, “Is Kushner Companies Taking Advantage of Its Connection to the President?” The Atlantic, May 9, 2017

A Mental Midget Moron and Their Obama Derangement Syndrome: Barack Obama Corruption — Andelino’s Weblog

The corruption of Barack Obama By J.B. Shurk The national media are “flabbergasted” that Americans won’t consent to President Trump’s “removal” from office. How can so many of his compatriots be “indicted” and so many government bureaucrats condemn his “behavior” without giving them what they desire: self-assurance that they are “on the right side of history”? […]

Barack Obama Corruption — Andelino’s Weblog

Ahhh yes, here we have another Trumpanzee going all psychotic over his President Barack Obama Derangement Syndrome while they defend the perverted, proven pathological lying, con-artist, thief, and overall Putin dick sucking Puppet. Yes, they bitch and complain about President Barack Obama and just patently lie about him, while they protect and defend and cover for all the shit that Traitor Trump spews on a daily basis.

They do not care that he has had his University and Charity shut down for theft and fraud. They do not care he grabs women by the pussy or is a pedo pervert to young girls and a sick and disgusting scumbag incestual pervert towards his daughters. They do not care he has been divorced twice and got caught in numerous adulterous affairs and paying off porn stars and Playboy models. They do not care about his bragging about walking into his Miss Teen USA pagaent dressing room to oggle naked underage girls.

Why? Because his Trumpanzees are just as sick, just as twisted, just as perverted, just as much a bunch of misogynist pigs who think they can rape women and young girls without penalty. Who think they can dress up as drag queen racist pig fuckers in their Nazi, KKK and White Supremacist outfits and that makes them oh so special. That these fat pig fuckers who huff and puff to their corner store to get their 30 packs of natty ice and Jim Beam are going to be real tough guys dressed in their camos walking around with their tiny penis substitues on their sholders being led by their Commander Bone Spurs to take back Merica for the white supremacist shitstains on the underwear of humanity.

Most of these Cocksuckers for Christ, these Treasonous Traitor Trumpanzees? Had to drop out of second grade home schooling cause they either knocked up their teachers or got knocked up by their teachers and had to marry them. But you know how much these Twisted Trumpanzees love their habit of generational inbreeding and farm animal mating.

These Trumpanzees should stick to what they are truly good for. Playing Dueling Banjos on their front porches, while they chew tobacco, swill their moonshine and fuck each other up their asses.

PLEASE Butthurt Trumpanzee with Obama Derangement Syndrome, JB Shurk and Andelino, fill this out in triplicate, have it notarized, and then? Shove it up your Trumpanzee Psycho Asses.

Awwww look. Here we have another mental midget moron Trumpanzee, playing with their Obama Derangement Syndrome. Of course? All this shows is how much a bunch of shitstains on the underwear of humanity these racist pig fucking Trumpanzees are.

Now? Let’s look at the reality of Traitor Donald J Trump.

Now? Let’s look at the reality of what Trumpanzees truly are shall we?

Don’t you just love all these Trumpanzees with their Obama Derangement Syndrome, their Hillary Derangement Syndrome and their Democrat Derangment Syndrome. But we have a cure for this for them. It is called a self-inflicted, full frontal lobotomy. All Trumpanzees with ODS, HDS and DDS should? Take the damn cure.

Fox News Pundits, Breibart News Pundits, Reich-Wing Pundits like Limbaugh and Alex Jones and the Project Veritas hypocrisy

Paranoia is listening to Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade of Fox News tell you that President Barack Obama is a tyrant without realizing? A tyrant would have dragged them out back and shot them in the face by now.

This posting is in response to the news that broke entitled ABC News suspends correspondent David Wright after comments about Trump coverage, socialism, in Project Veritas sting.

ABC News suspended one of its veteran correspondents late Tuesday for unguarded remarks he made in a video by operatives of Project Veritas, the conservative group that records “undercover” footage of mainstream journalists to bolster its accusations of media bias.

The network disciplined David Wright, who reports for ABC’s signature news programs, including “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America” and “Nightline,” several people confirmed late Tuesday.

The choppy, poorly shot video, released Wednesday morning by Project Veritas, captured Wright on what appeared to be a hidden camera, seeming to complain in general terms about political coverage.

“I don’t think we’re terribly interested in voters,” he said, echoing gripes about the superficiality of some aspects of White House and campaign coverage that have been raised by journalists for decades. Also: “Commercial imperative is incompatible with news.”

At one point he says, “We don’t hold him him to account. We also don’t give him credit for what things he does do.” In subtitles, Project Veritas indicated that “him” stood for President Trump. He refers to Trump at another point as “the f—— president.”

David Wright

But ABC likely was also alarmed at Wright’s criticism of ABC News, which is owned by the Disney Co. At another point, he raises another longstanding critique of ABC News — that it blends news with promotion of Disney-owned movies and TV programs.

“Like now you can’t watch Good Morning America without there being a Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger appearing,” he says. “It’s all self-promotional.”

In a statement Wednesday, ABC News said, “Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC News and the individuals involved. David Wright has been suspended, and to avoid any possible appearance of bias, he will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns.”

In the video, which the group said was taken while Wright covered the New Hampshire primary, a voice asks the reporter if he considers himself “a Democratic socialist,” and Wright seems to reply, “more than that, I consider myself a socialist.”

Wright, 56, is one of ABC’s most seasoned and versatile correspondents, having joined the network nearly 20 years ago. He has covered the White House and was “Nightline’s” lead political reporter during the 2016 presidential campaign. He has also periodically reported from the Middle East and Europe, including covering the Notre Dame cathedral fire in Paris last year. He shared a 2004 Emmy Award for his reporting from Iraq and shared a Peabody Award for reporting in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Project Veritas

Project Veritas conducts undercover “stings” of journalists and others it considers allied with liberal causes or organizations. Its operatives often befriend the organization’s targets using aliases and lull them into casual conversations in bars or restaurants that are then surreptitiously recorded. The videos are edited and released publicly in an effort to show what O’Keefe calls liberal bias or allegedly corrupt practices.

Although O’Keefe has defended the organization’s methods as journalistically sound, mainstream news organizations have largely abandoned the practice of infiltrating businesses or organizations to record video without a subject’s knowledge or consent. News organizations generally consider the practice deceptive, and doing so can subject them to criminal trespass penalties.

O’Keefe’s group has targeted media organizations such as CNN, NPR and the New York Times, as well as Democratic political operatives.

The hypocrisy of Reich-Wing Media such as Fox News, Breibart, Reich Wing pundits like Limbaugh and Jones and of course? Project Veritas

Here is just a sample of the Fox News Pundits attacks against President Barack Obama

FOX Pundit Wishes for Obama Assassination, Laughs

During a live interview, FOX Contributor Liz Trotta jokingly wished for the assassination of Sen. Barack Obama.

This latest incident from FOX News continues the trend in violent rhetoric about Sen. Obama from pundits, politicians, and entertainers.

Grinning While Joking About Killing A Candidate Senator Barack Obama

The incident happen in an exchange with the FOX News anchor. When asked her opinion of the recent scandal surrounding some comments made by Sen. Hillary Clinton, which Trotta described by saying that, “some are reading [it] as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama.” Hemmer quickly corrected Trotta, having noticed that she had said “Osama” when she meant “Obama.” At this point, Trotta said, “Obama. Well…both if we could!” Trotta then laughed gleefully.

What prompted Trotta to joke about the assassination of Sen. Obama was her apparent inability to differentiate between Sen. Obama and the terrorist leader responsible for the terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001.

Since Sen. Obama first declared his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for president, right-wing pundits on FOX News and a variety of other broadcast outlets have regularly called the Sen. Obama by the name “Osama” in a systematic propaganda campaign to convince the American public that a sitting member of their government has secret ties to terrorists.

As if she were providing a punchline to that long-running propaganda campaign, Trotta made known that the conclusions the public should draw were (1) that Sen. Obama and Osama bin Laden are equivalent, and (2) they both deserve to be assassinated.

FoxNews Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated (w/ video) [Updated w/ Full Segment & Contact Info]

Fox News contributor Liz Trotta jokes about killing Candidate Senator Barack Obama


Fox’s Sean Hannity: Obama’s “Not My President”
Sean Hannity TRASHES President Barack Obama and tells him to show a little class upon President Barack Obama leaving office.

Sean Hannity trashes Obama portraits, calls them sexually perverted. UPDATE: Fox News host forced to remove post making explosive claims about artist Kehinde Wiley

Sean Hannity and other right-wing conservatives are calling out President Barack Obama‘s presidential portrait, accusing the painting of having hidden perversion.

In a blog post published on Tuesday and subsequently deleted on Tuesday, the Fox News anchor’s staff reports that “industry insiders” believe Kehinde Wiley secretly placed concealed images of sperm throughout his painting.

“Controversy surrounding Kehinde Wiley’s wildly non-traditional portrait of the Commander-in-Chief broke out within minutes of its unveiling; with industry insiders claiming the artist secretly inserted his trademark technique -concealing images of sperm within his paintings,” the post reads.

Hannity’s blog post also brings up comments Wiley made in 2012 about a provocative art piece he painted of a Black woman beheading a white woman. “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” he told New York Magazine.

Obama portraits target of racism

The attacks on Obama’s portrait have been ongoing since going public. While most of America was captivated by former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama‘s recently unveiled presidential portraits at the National Gallery, some right-wing and racist online users have used it as an opportunity to spread hate.

You don’t have to search far before coming across racist and misogynistic attacks aimed at the Obamas on Twitter, with some comparing the political couple to monkey (no surprise there), among other racist undertones.

In one photoshopped version of Barack Obama’s portrait, a user claims to have “fixed” it by portraying the former president behind bars. Another manipulated Michelle Obama’s face in not so flattering ways. Others are so grotesque it’s almost disbelieving.

Say Sean Hannity said in 2008 that Obama’s willingness to meet with North Korea was “disturbing” while Trump’s “willingness to meet with North Korea is a huge foreign policy win.”

Imagine a reporter from MSNBC, CNN or other news organizations saying what this scumbag Sean Handjob Hannity of Fox News has said about President Barack Obama, about Donald J Trump? Why Sean would be crying, melting down, demanding they be fired. But it is perfectly ok for old Sean here to spew the bigotry, hate and lies about President Barack Obama all he wants and if someone demands he gets fired for it? Why he screams how the liberal Fake Media is trying to silence him.


Laura Ingraham rips President Obama’s farewell address
Laura Ingraham Equates Obama’s Obedient Media With Domestic Abuse Victims, Prostitutes:

During Tuesday morning’s Fox & Friends, Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham compared the political press covering President Barack Obama to prostitutes and victims of domestic abuse. When discussing a recent meeting in which the press was politely told to leave the room so Obama could take questions from the nation’s governors and they obliged, Ingraham said that this behavior from the media is a symptom of “battered press syndrome.” After playing a clip of the president requesting the press evacuate the room ahead of a question and answer session, Ingraham laughed at the comical lack of transparency the president has adopted.

“It’s like the battered press syndrome,” Ingraham said. “You have to shake them from this and say, ‘you guys have been used, and played, and manipulated,’ and are you not now going to stand up for yourselves and say, ‘you know what Mr. President, we’re just not going to cover you anymore.'”

“Until you treat us like real professionals and reporters, that’s what we’re supposed to be, we’re just not going to play this little game,” Ingraham suggested. “This has been happening for years.”

“It’s embarrassing,” Ingraham added. “He’s used them. It’s like the one-night stand that lasted for four years.”

“He got reelected, he got what he wanted, so, ‘sweetheart, I’ll leave your payment on the table and I’m gone,” she concluded.
As seen on The Ingraham Angle Laura Ingraham criticized former President Barack Obama for attempting to “breathe life into his sad legacy” with his address in South Africa.

If any news organization such as MSNBC, CNN or others were to have a reporter say these things about Donald J Trump? Fox News and Project Veritas would DEMAND they be fired. But hey, Laura Ingraham can spew any racist, bigoted bullshit she wants from her outhouse piehole against President Barack Obama cause that? Is her First Amendment right to free speech of bigotry.


Video shows double standards of Fox News coverage of Obama

CNN’s Brian Stelter takes a look at a viral video from NowThis showing Fox News hosts bashing former President Obama for the same things President Trump does.

Ahhh yes, the good old Double Standard Fox News pundits apply between President Barack Obama and Donald J Trump.

President Obama goes golfing? That is bad. Trump goes golfing? Why that is ok.

President Obama talks to North Korea, why how dare he!! Trump does the same? Oh that is great statesmanship.

Fox contributors suspended for on-air profanity against Obama

Fox News suspended two contributors after they used profane language in reacting to President Obama’s Oval Office speech.
Video provided by Newsy



Fox Pundits Blame Obama For Shooting Of Two Cops In Ferguson

Now? Have these same Fox News pundits blamed Donald J Trump for ALL the recent shootings of police officers? Or are they continuing to blame President Barack Obama for them?

Fox News: Obama Angry, Thin Skinned

Interesting isn’t it? Fox News pundits can spew how President Barack Obama is always angry and has thin skin. But don’t you dare say anything about that Orange Menace in the White House, Donald J Trump and his psychotic Twitter meltdowns, or his rages at his White KKKLan Rallies, or any of the hate and anger he has spewed out of his well used outhouse piehole, or all his thin skin reactions to anyone who says he is wrong or did something illegal

Eric Bolling: How Dare Obama Criticize the Crusades!!!

By now it takes big time stupidity for a Fox News host or pundit to take us by surprise. Congrats Eric Bolling for his views on the crusades and Obama’s mention of them…

President Barack Obama made a passing remark about the Crusades and Fox News pundit Eric Bolling has a meltdown over it. Of course.

BREAKING NEWS: Charles Krauthammer Calls For The Arrest Of Barack Obama !!!

But? If a Democrat called for the arrest of Donald J Trump? Why Charles Krauthammer would have a complete and total meltdown now wouldn’t he? But it is ok for him to call for the arrest of President Barack Obama though.

A Sample of Fox News Pundit Attacks against Democrats

Fox News Hypocrites Attack Democrats For Questioning Trump’s Legitimacy

These Fox News sore winners forgot all about how Fox worked to de-legitimize Barack Obama’s presidency.


But? It was perfectly ok for Fox News pundits, Reich-Wing News and the Repugnants to work for 8 years to de-legitimize the Presidency of Barack Obama.

Judge Jeanine: Thank you Democrats for guaranteeing Trump’s reelection

Democrats’ nonstop hate, hypocrisy and hysteria has exhausted and angered the American people.

But, but, but Judge Jeanine, what about the nonstop hate, bigotry, hypocrisy and hysteria spewed by you and your fellow Fox News pundits as well as Trump, his Trumpanzees and the Repugnants? Oh, that’s different huh? That is perfectly ok with you because YOU help with the spreading of Donald J Trump’s hate-fest.

Gaetz compares Pelosi to ‘demented non-Santa Claus’

Media pundits, Democrats praise Nancy Pelosi’s ‘masterful’ decision to delay a Senate trial by withholding the articles of impeachment; reaction from Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee.

But Gaetz and the rest of the Trump Crew had a meltdown over Donald J Trump being called insane.

Here is an example of how the Conservatives and Republicans and Fox News will defend any Trump attack against any news organization exposing Trump for his shit. From just one of the MANY Trump supporting news site called Mad World News

CNN Slams Trump, Feels His Wrath When He Unleashes Nasty Counterattack

It’s clear the story was crafted to undermine the President. CNN, since the election, has poised itself as an anti-Trump network. Their hope is to prevent the President from having success, perhaps even ruin his chances at reelection.

The story made Trump appear to be lying about a meeting his son had with a Russian lawyer. The meeting itself was pointless but is used by the left as “proof” the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. CNN’s story was trying to throw weight behind that tired lie. It’s obvious what they were trying to do. They failed, yet they still push the lie.

Now, they are calling out the president, directly calling him a liar. Does anyone need more proof that CNN is a corrupt, biased, and pathetic network?

Trump quickly dropped a bomb on them.

The hatred and extreme bias of me by @CNN has clouded their thinking and made them unable to function. But actually, as I have always said, this has been going on for a long time. Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 30, 2018

What’s going on at @CNN is happening, to different degrees, at other networks – with @NBCNews being the worst. The good news is that Andy Lack(y) is about to be fired(?) for incompetence, and much worse. When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 30, 2018

I just cannot state strongly enough how totally dishonest much of the Media is. Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda. This includes fake books, which come out about me all the time, always anonymous sources, and are pure fiction. Enemy of the People!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 30, 2018

CNN is woefully unprepared for a war of words with Donald Trump. He is a master at confrontation, negotiation, and positioning. He rose to the top of one of the most cut-throat industries on the planet. He also went on to defeat a political rival who had over $2 billion and most of the media behind her. That’s not to mention the many millions who back the president with all their hearts.

Does CNN think they can win against a man like this? They can’t even get a handful of people to watch their programming!

This story is far from over. Make no mistake: CNN will continue to push their false story. They will double down on the lies, even as it ruins their reputation. They will then find new lies to push, thinking it will be enough to take the president down. But something tells me it’s going to blow up in their faces.

Isn’t it amazing? That Fox News and many others could say outright that President Barack Obama was a liar, and he was not lying, or they can insult, denigrate and defame him, they can spew racist, bigoted, shit at him, but oh hell no you never should call Donald J Trump a liar because that would be insulting the man. Even when he is bagged, cold out dead to stop telling these lies? Oh you are not to call him out on them because they are not lies. Nor should you EVER call out Donald J Trump’s bigotry, racism, misogyny, his failed marriages and adulteries, or his pedophile perversions, or his sexual assaults of women, or his nasty, disgusting shit he has said about his daughters, or his frauds and crimes he has been busted for. Oh no, you should never, EVER speak about anything like this.

You also should not mind how Fox News and the Racist Pigs of Trump? Trashed First Lady Michelle Obama and not speak about that, because that makes you the racist and bigot, but you also should NEVER speak of the First Skank currently in the White House who posed nude in lesbian layouts and got to this country under a fake Genius Visa. Or how she dressed up like a five dollar street whore in a see through top, leather mini skirt and come fuck me heels, oh no, we should only talk about the time that Michelle Obama went to church in a sleeveless dress and how that brought real shame to the title of First Lady huh Fox News and Reich Wingers?

Project Veritas I am calling you out

So the Conservative Fascists of Project Veritas believes that NO Democrat, or NO reporter should EVER speak ill of Traitor Trump, the Repugnants or anything against the Conservative Agenda of ChristoFascism and the Rich over the Poor huh? And if you do? Then you should be fired from your job.

BUT Project Veritas does not give a flying fuck about Fox News, Briebart or other Reich-Wing Conservative Hypocrite scumbags who do the very things that Project Veritas decries the Democrat or Liberal or “Fake News” are doing.

So? I guess it will now be my duty to expose Project Veritas for their bias and discrimination and their support and defense of these Faux Nitwit Newsless, Breibart Reich-Wing Conservative ChristoFascist scumbag shitstains on the underwear of humanity.

Get it fucking right Project Veritas…I hate Donald J Trump and EVERYTHING he stands for. I hate the Russian Repugnants like Moscow Mitch McConnell, Lenningrad Lindsey Graham, Devin the Cow Nunes and the rest of the Repugnants who sold their souls to Putin’s Puppet, Dotard Donnie Drumplestillskin. They are ALL Traitors in my book and they all deserve to be dragged to Gitmo, thrown up against the wall and executed for High Treason Against the United States.

So expose me assholes, cause I admit? The best thing Donald J Trump could do for this country?


How Putin's Puppet, the Dicktater Wanna Be Donald J Trump can Make America Great Again MAGA
How Putin’s Puppet, the Dicktater Wanna Be Donald J Trump can Make America Great Again MAGA

To learn more about the Right Wing Media and the harm it has done to us? Get this book.

Outright Barbarous: How the Violent Language of the Right Poisons American Democracy by Jeffrey Feldman

Outright Barbarous turns the spotlight on the rhetorical thuggery of the Right, exposing how the verbal excesses are being perpetrated not just by media blowhards like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh but by conservative thought leaders. But Feldman does more than point fingers; he offers practical steps for cleaning up our too-often-toxic political discourse.”—Arianna Huffington

“Since 9/11, America has been contaminated by the violence of right-wing language, in the speeches of Republican politicians and the rantings of the talking heads on Fox News and on conservative talk radio. Jeffrey Feldman’s insightful and important book cuts through the violence, and shows how we can restore the democratic ideals that America was founded upon.”—Thom Hartmann

“Jeffrey Feldman warns us to ignore the right wing noise machine at our own peril. Backed by right-wing think tanks, foundations and millionaire families, conservative standard bearers will continue to enrich themselves at the cost of a more civil, equitable society. Read Outright Barbarous to find out what they’re really saying, and how we can stop it!”—Sam Seder

Since September 11, 2001, most attempts at reasoned political debate in America have been severely limited by the violent language of the Right. In books and on television, it has become a regular ritual for conservative pundits and intellectuals to infuse violence—particularly against Democrats or liberals—into discussions of the major issues of the day, such as terrorism, immigration and gun violence. The result is the creation of a shrill discourse that silences opposition and destroys any chance for serious, civil debate.

In Outright Barbarous: How the Violent Language of the Right Poisons American Democracy, political language expert Jeffrey Feldman analyzes the words of leading conservative figures Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, James Dobson, Wayne LaPierre, Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly to show how the Right’s language of violence is polluting our public discourse and limiting the free exchange of ideas. In addition to exposing the conservative obsession with violence, Feldman also shows how the civic discussion in America can be reshaped without the use of violent language, creating a healthier political climate.

An expert on language and political messaging, Jeffrey Feldman is the author of Framing the Debate: Famous Presidential Speeches and How Progressives Can Use Them to Change the Conversation (and Win Elections.) He is also editor of the influential blog, Frameshop
and teaches at New York University.