The Pedophile Priest Loving Pew Polishers of St Thomas More Durham NH

St Thomas More
6 Madbury Road
Durham NH 03824-0620

Staff of St Thomas More Parish of Priestly Pedophiles
Very Reverend Andrew W Cryans

I understand Andrew you are afraid of me. You are afraid of my anger and my hate towards your St Thomas More Pedophile Parish. Well it is not me whom you should fear. It is your burning in hell for all eternity for standing up for your disgusting, perverted, degenerate pedophile priests Fathers Leon Gaulin, Paul McHugh and Joseph Desmond, may they all burn in hell, being gang fucked in their asses by the demons of hell for all eternity, along with you Andrew and all your pew polishing pedophile priest loving scumbags of your church.

Pastoral Ministry: Roberta MacBride x115 –     
STM Bereavement Coordinator:
Campus Minister: Ryan Cornelissen x113 –
Director of Faith Formation: Ann McGurty x117 –
Middle School Youth Minister: Regina
High School Youth Minister: Felicia
Finance: Bindy
Administration: Ann McGurty x110 –

Praise for the Pedophile Priests of St Thomas More

The Rev. Paul McHugh, an ordination classmate to Father Lawless agreed toleave his administrative post at Boston College to serve as Interim Pastor, a daunting taskfor no one could replace predecessor. He returned to academic life in 1973 when the Rev.Joseph Desmond was transferred from St. Joseph’s Parish in Dover to become Pastor andUNH Chaplain.

Father Joe’s self-deprecating humility was legendaryhe hid the fact that thebishop awarded him title of Right Rev. Monsignor. He begrudgingly acknowledged thatit was given in recognition of his completing the assignment of persuading the nuns ofthe diocese to swap their medieval habits for more modern garb.Father Joe’s Greek fisherman’s cap was a familiar sight to students as he strolledthrough campus in the early morning or late evening. A baseball fanatic, a formerdaredevil ski-jumper and sports reporter who played a range of musical instruments,Father Joe’s door was always open to homesick students, distraught parents, couples inconflict, children and parishioners who needed advice, comfort or good conversation.

In 1976, to encourage more students to attend Mass he began celebrating a 5 p.m.Mass each Sunday. Because the dining halls dining halls closed by the time servicesended and to create a small faith community within the larger university, Mass wasfollowed by a free, home-cooked meal prepared by members of the parish and servedfamily style in the Student Center.He worked with Sister Monique Thereault, R.S.M of the Christian Life Center indirecting religious education programs for adults, and Sister Shawn Marie McDermott, H.S.P., with youth. Many fondly remember when he transformed Christmas Eve Massinto a birthday party for Jesus. Whether reading Shel Silverstien‘s “The Giving Tree” ashis Christmas homily, quoting lyrics from popular songs, or drawing sports analogies, hishomilies were memorable.

The Rev. Leon Gaulin, who became Father Desmond’s Associate Pastor in 1976,was replaced by the Rev. Frederick J. Pennett as Associate Pastor and Associate UNHCatholic Chaplain.

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Some of the advertisers in the St Thomas More Pedophile Parish Sunday Bulletins

Kent and Pelczar Funeral Home
77 Exeter Road
Newmarket NH

D.F. Richard

Gene C Anderson EA
Barrington NH

Mallory’s Army Foundation

Tasker Funeral Home
621 Central Avenue
Dover NH

Hoover and Flynn PLLC
2204 Woodbury Avenue
Newington NH

The Community Coupon

The American Red Cross

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