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And people wonder why I hate Fascistbook?


Dear supporter of The Shinbone Star:


Once again, our social media coordinator was summarily thrown into Facebook Prison for the high crime of trying to share our content to as many eyes as possible. The content judged too inflammatory: this morning’s Trumplandia column (click the big red word to the left to view it in a separate window, but finish reading this first).

A quick review of the column reveals no photos that in the past might have triggered such an action — pictures of Donald Trump in a Waffen SS uniform, for instance, or anything of that ilk. In fact, the column only features one use of the F-word, and that’s in quoted material from shock jock Howard Stern. It’s well down into the column, however, and it seems unlikely to us that an illiterate, Bible-thumping Trump supporter would even have gotten that far.

No, the…

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