The Dump Trump Dump: Report from the Dictators’ Ball

George Carlin would LOVE this.


— Andrew Prendimano/The Shinbone Star

President (for Life) Trump’s annual Dictators’ Ball at his Mar-A-Lago estate was, by all permitted accounts, a rollicking success.

The event was a sellout, though the 500 highly coveted $1 million dollar tickets were restricted to “current and former dictators, their spouses, mistresses, cronies, money-launderers and weapons-suppliers, and Fox News hosts and executives.”

As always, diners sampled President Trump’s culinary favorites. Guests selected their own entrée — served in gilded and monogramed Taco Bowls or silver Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets. Evidently the choice was an insuperable one for some. Late in the evening, North Korea’s portly potentate, Kim Jung-un, was spotted leaving the event with three silver vats and as many gold containers.

Guests cut the rug late into the night to the familiar strains of recorded gunfire and carpet bombing. Saudi Arabia’s chic Sheik, the disarming Mohammed Bin Salman, spent much of the evening…

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