Project Veritas Mental Midget Morons Strike Again: Calling out a Drive-By Virtue-Signaling Troll

Boy are these some psychotic Mental Midget Morons, but what do you expect from twisted troglodyte Russian, Dick Sucking, Farm Animal Fucking, Sister and Mommy raping, shitstains on the underwear of humanity ChristoTaliban fascist pigs like these?

And? As all these Cocksuckers for ChristoTalibans want to sow unto others? So should they reap.

Project Veritas Blow Boys all gathering together for their weekly circle jerk.

Project Veritas Shitstains on the underwear of humanity showing what assholes they are at their annual Fuck Your Mommy in the Shitter meeting.

The Domain for Truth

A few days ago I wrote “Anti-Christian latest intolerance: Swiss Christian Chocolate Company.”

I had a comment that was left by someone that reeked of self-righteous virtue signaling.

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