Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the pandemic

So is the invisible sky daddy, Jeebus the Dead Jewish Zombie Still Rotting on a Stick and Momo the Pedo Profit are sending this coronavirus to punish all the evil sinners huh? Is that why many Christians and Muslims are coming down with it and dying from it? Inquiring minds would love to know.

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “safe,” came with an email note containing two news links and a Patreon link:

Of course, there are some who genuinely think this is god’s punishment. Here are two:

Islamic scholar who called coronavirus “Act of Allah” gets infected

The 11th plague? Pastor claims coronavirus is God’s punishment for sin

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Mo shouldn’t be drinking, of course, but he does like his Guinness! At any rate, the strip is pretty good: “We just have to keep the impure at a safe distance” indeed!

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