Jesuit college teaches atheism!

Since the fuck when did we become New Atheists and why the hell should we accept that moniker from Christians or anyone else? Atheists have been around since the beginning of time. Simply because theists persecute us and put us to death from the beginning of their psychotic religious rise? We are OLD ATHEISTS, NOT NEW.

Is it because we atheists have finally said enough is enough and we are not going to stand for these theists psychotic shit against us anymore and stand up for us and fight for our rights?

How the fuck are we militant any damn way compared with Roman Catholics considering how they actually rose to power? They freaking started out by slaughtering the Pagans in 9 Crusades against them. As soon as they got their power? They outlawed and made it a death penalty punishment to be a Pagan and proceeded to do their best to wipe Pagans off the face of the earth in forced conversions.

And? Roman Catholics went on and slaughtered other Christians like the Albegensians, or then? They started their evil Inquisitions, and of course their psychotic Wars and their helping with their fellow Protestant Christians in committing the worst case of mass extermination genocide in human history against us Native Americans. Of course? You also got the Roman Catholic Church getting in bed with Hitler and the Nazis and other dictators. Of course they will deny this shit, but it is the truth.

Also? Hundreds of thousands of us? Were raped by their pedo priests while their Pedo Pimp Leaders protected the pedo priests.

They enslaved children in their Magdalene and Good Shepherd Laundries, they murdered and raped and tortured and brutalized children in their Industrial Homes and Schools, murdering over 30,000 First Nation children in the Industrial schools they ran in Canada. They murdered fetuses, infants and children in their Women’s and Children’s homes, sold them in adpotion scams telling the mothers their child died during childbirth. And? They thought so little of the corpses of these dead infants and children they buried them in unmarked mass graves or even in fucking septic tank systems.

So fuck this Roman Catholic Cult of evil, fuck this Jesuit assclown and fuck all Roman Catholics.

Why Evolution Is True

Well, as reader Diane G. told me when she sent me this link, “Don’t get your hopes up.” And indeed, although, as the Washington Post reports, the Jesuit-run Regis College at the University of Toronto is starting a new course, “Responding to 21st-Century Atheism,” it isn’t all it appears to be. (Why are Jesuits running a college at the University of Toronto, anyway?)

It’s an attempt, says the Rev. Scott Lewis, for people of faith to understand and come to terms with the increasingly muscular secularism and atheism that has arisen in Western societies over the past generation.

Atheism “has become militant, aggressive and proselytizing,” said Lewis, a Jesuit scripture scholar, who teaches the class with three other scholars. “It’s made great in-roads and is now socially acceptable. If you’re young and educated and believe in God, you’re (seen as) a jerk.”

When I read that second sentence, my…

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