The Hypocrisy of the Reich-Wing Trumpanzees: Religious Left — Andelino’s Weblog

In conclusion

From the tax breaks for the rich? It is the rich who are stealing from the poor and middle class. They get massive tax cuts where they literally do not pay a dime on billions in profits, and it is the middle class and poor who are the ones who have to pay taxes on their bullshit wages they earn, sometimes from two or even three jobs, to make ends even begin to meet.

Because these rich scumbags and their corporations do not pay taxes? Well they get all kinds of other tax free bonuses.

The roads and bridges their trucks and cars drive on for their companies? Delivering their goods and services? Do not get the money needed to fix the huge infrastructure problem we now have. Our roads, bridges and other things are crumbling before our eyes. With this massive tax breaks these companies like Amazon, Netflicks, etc get and pay no taxes because of it? It is the middle class tax payer who shoulders the bills for these repairs to the infrastructure.

Same with our cleaning our lands, our waters and our oceans and to add to these companies? Their pollution they put in our waters, oceans and on our lands and it is the John Q Public taxpayer who has to pay for these clean ups when these problems surface. Not the companies that raked in billions in profits, paid not a dime in taxes and are the ones responsible for that deadly pollution. And for all the related health problems of the people affected by those health problems. They are the ones who shoulder the costs, unless they sue the company and win, but odds of that is very slim. A company just files for bankruptcy and fights the people who are suing them until these people just die.

And? By their not paying taxes? That leaves less money to pay for helping our own people. For helping the poor and disadvantaged getting their needed education to qualify for better jobs, especially with their having to shoulder the extreme expense of school loans which put them into bankruptcy before they even get a job in the field they studied for, let alone if they can get a job in that field by the time they finish their education.

It takes money from fixing our homeless problem, where wealthy landlords, who are basically mostly slumlords, charge rents where most people working one full time job at the pay the get can even afford that apartments rent. Most have to work two jobs just to afford one. We could use that tax money to fix abandoned buildings and turn them into low cost rentals for homeless people. But nope. Because contrary to the Reich-Wing ChristoTalibans like this loser? Most homeless people are actually the working poor and not lazy assed drug addicts like he and his kind love to proclaim they are.

And? Helping the drug addiction problem. Imagine how much help we could get to get people off of drugs. And to open psychiatric care hospitals again to help our mentally ill population, especially the over 500,000 Veterans who are currently homeless.

But nope. Assholes like Andelino and his Reich Wing ChristoFascist Taliban losers Repugnants believe we should continue to give the rich a massive tax break and use the failed Reaganomics Trickle Down Bullshit theory in hopes that one day? The middle class and poor will get some.

Fuck this asshole. Again, he and his kind? Would not know Jesus if he came up and kicked them in their micro nuts. Hell, their version of Jesus comes closer to the Hitler Positive Christianity version of Jesus, than the real one. Even still? Shitstains on the underwear of humanity Andelino and his kind? Would not even sit next to that dark haired and skinned, Jewish Jesus they all proclaim to follow. They would drag him out for his liberal, socialistic ideology he preached in the bible and put him on his knees before them and shoot him in the back of the head if they could.

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