I Guess Project Veritas Hates reaping what they sow huh?Partial Arts and Hate Bait

This comes from the following blog https://veritasdomain.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/partial-arts-and-a-hate-bait/

Pretty funny it is from Veritas huh? The same scum group of ass clowns I called out for their hypocrisy? Good for you Project Veritas. Let’s see though what a bunch of complete and utter hypocrites you truly are shall we?

Fox News Pundits, Breibart News Pundits, Reich-Wing Pundits like Limbaugh and Alex Jones and the Project Veritas hypocrisy


Maybe Michael or Jim or what ever he calls himself? Hates that I am calling out his Project Veritas bullshit hypocrisy? I mean that is the usual MO of assclowns like Michael and Jim, They got no problem spreading lies and hate against lgbts, or atheists, or others, all in the name of their psychotic ChristoFascist bullshit. They got no problem with other ChristoFascists spreading hate and bigotry against others.

Now what is real funny and hypocritical? Jim plays an atheist in his comments while Michael plays a Christian in his comments. So I guess it is ok for Michael/Jim to play Poes, and start shit with atheists, spreading hate against atheists, but no atheist? Can call them out on their bullshit huh?

They got no problem with anyone who trashes or shows bias against a Democrat or a liberal, but if you do not love their Head Pedophile Pervert and Rapist in Chief, Donald J Trump, that proven pathological liar, that scumbag piece of shit who rapes 14 year old girls or women, who sexually assaulted women? Who more than likely raped his daughter Ivanka? Who is a proven racist and bigot and misogynist pig? Who is a proven thief and con artist? Then that makes you oh so evil And you should never speak anything wrong about this scumbag piece of shit Donald J Trump.

But again? It is perfectly ok for the scumbag shitstains of Project Veritas for Repugnants pundits and shitstains to demand that President Barack Obama was a Muslim, etc. Or even demand he be murdered, or even joke about him being murdered, or to walk around with signs of Obama as Hitler, or a Muslim, or his and his family faces replaced with apes and monkeys? Why that is ok. And it is ok to spread false lies about Hillary Clinton like Pizzagate that gets innocent business owners harmed and held hostage and shot at, and his business burned by psycho Trumpsters.

So fuck you Project Veritas, fuck you Michael or Jim or what ever you call yourself.

And yes, Fake Christians who do spread hate, bigotry and death from their well used outhouse pieholes? Should in fact? have done unto them as they want to do unto others. So suck it up and deal with it you bitches.

Michael and Jim are complete and utter hypocrites in the same body.

They will post outrageous bullshit lies about atheists on their blogs and in their comments, and then? Stand up and defend psychotic ChristoTaliban preachers of hate while trashing any atheist who dares speak about their ChristoTaliban pastors of hate. Or they will proclaim us atheists the defenders and supporters of pedophiles while? They deny the truths in the links I post to expose their bullshit. Just like these huh Michael and Jimbo?

As These ChristoTalibans Sow? So Should They Reap

A blog posting with dozens and dozens of videos and links of ChristoTalibans spewing hate and death from their well used outhouse pieholes against atheists, lgbts and others.


Then dear old Michael, or Jim, I forget which character he was playing when he did his blogs on atheists who supposedly supports pedophilia? He sure did not like my blog posting that proved who the real pedophiles are and the supporters of pedophiles, now did ya Michael or Jim?

Pedophilia is rampant in the Christian religion


So? This proves the hypocrisy of Michael/Jim as they seem to have no problem spewing lies about atheists and others, and spreading their hate and bigotry against atheists and lgbts on their blogs, but hate when an atheist like myself? Doesn’t take their shit and throws it all back into their faces.

My response to this mental midget moron Poe who actually uses two names himself, Jim and Michael and runs two different blogs here, this one of veritas and his Shadow to Light blog. So this hypocrite in his blog posting here? Is the usual hypocrite of Project Veritas.

Hate bait huh? Funny how when an atheist, or another person who calls themselves Christians speak of all the hate and bigotry, and misogyny and all the death and wars and persecutions of others by Christians? That is hate bait.

No, we are only supposed to speak of Muslims hating others. Or Jews hating others. No one is supposed to speak of anything that Christians have done in hate. Oh no, then? That is persecuting and hating on Christians lmfao.

Funny how it appears ok for Christian pastors to spew hate and death against us atheists, or against lgbts, or even Presidents like Barack Obama, or how Christian pastors can call for a Civil War should President Donald J Trump be removed from office.

Or how Christians can apply for laws to have lgbts put to death on the streets of California, or go to other countries and get their people riled up and have them start passing laws that again? Put lgbts to death.

Or Christians demanding that atheists be registered like sex offenders, or have all our rights taken from us or even? Put to death.

And? Atheists and lgbts and all others Christians spew this hate and death against? Have no rights, according to Christians, to stand up to this shit or throw this shit back into Christians faces, because then? That is persecuting you Christians and hating on you Christians.

Funny isn’t it? Christians can hate us atheists, or lgbts, or Pagans or others and that is perfectly fucking alright. But don’t you DARE speak out against this hate, or stand up against this hate, or throw this hate back at you, because then? You as a Christian get your damn pampers in a big old bunch and cry about us mean old atheists persecuting you, or lgbts persecuting you.

Well? Maybe that part of your bible is actually true? And as you Christians sow unto us? You will reap back and as you Christians do unto others? The same is going to be done unto you?

But of course then? You Christians hate it when as you sow, you reap and as you do unto others? It is done back unto you and your comments here? And your blog postings? Prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

One thought on “I Guess Project Veritas Hates reaping what they sow huh?Partial Arts and Hate Bait”

  1. Hey all you fucking pieces of shit trolls from Project Veritas, Each and every fucking one of you should be lined up and fucking executed. How you like that for fucking hate you cunts?

    YOU motherfucking cunts. YOU fucking Christian fascist bitches are all going to meet your demon fucking rapist, pedophile scumbag god real fucking soon. Because the only fucking good Christian from your tribe? Is a fucking dead one.



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