Corporate Accountability – All Share in the Guilt of Oppressing Victims

Isn’t it funny how they always proclaim this a sin? NO, these are CRIMES, Crimes against Humanity and Crimes Against the Children of the World. They call them sins to minimize the horror that these scum do to us.

Or isn’t it funny how they proclaim it is just a few? How many exactly is a few? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? How about over one hundred thousand? Or how about over two hundred thousand? That is actually the mark that is closer to the truth, that since 1950? Over two hundred thousand Christian priests and pastors have been busted for raping children. Some of these pedo perverts? Have victim counts in the hundreds.

One SBC pastor? Raped a 12 yr old girl on the grave of her father AFTER he held the funeral services for her father.

Three SBC pastors just got sent to prison for running a child sex traffick and porn ring.

I could keep going on, but here are a couple of blogs that exposes many of the SBC pastor pedophile perverts.

Stop Baptist Predators Organization database exposing Baptist Pedophile Pastors.

This “little light” shines for the many clergy abuse victims whose voices have been silenced. Silenced by shame. Silenced by the false instruction of religious leaders. Silenced by church shunning and bullying. Silenced by church contracts for secrecy. Silenced by suicide. The mission of is to break the silence of Baptist clergy sex abuse.

Ministers who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: A-K

Ministers who brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention: L-Z

Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Southern Baptist Church: An investigation has found that around 380 Southern Baptist church ministers, deacons, leaders and volunteers have been credibly accused or convicted or sexual abuse in the last 20 years. The sexual misconduct allegations involve over 700 victims, according to a report by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News. Out of nearly 400 perpetrators, about 220 have been convicted of sex crimes, 90 remain in prison, and another 100 are registered sex offenders. Tragically, investigators found evidence of the Southern Baptist leadership systematically covering up sex abuse allegations and moving sex offenders to other churches. In fact, at least 10 churches re-hired pastors, ministers and volunteers who had been charged with sexual misconduct, including many who were registered sex offenders. Another problem is that SBC churches have continued to employ men who were accused or convicted of sexual assault. Pastors Leslie Mason, Michael Lee Jones and Joseph S. Ratliff all continued to work within the SBC church after being accused of sexual misconduct. Survivors of sexual abuse in the SBC church demanded a database of sexual abusers in 2008, but the proposed reforms were rejected. Church leaders claimed that creating a database of sex abusers might infringe on the autonomy of individual churches.

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