Impeached Trump rides wave of global democratic recession

“Well, we have to go through the six years or whatever it may be when — when you know, would I like to get a ride out of some of your compatriots, say, go through the six, 10, 14, maybe 18 years, whatever it may be,” Trump told The Hill.

He then backtracked on that comment, explaining to The Hill he was “only joking” about extending his time in office because it drives his political opponents crazy.

Last April, when special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released, Impeached Trump said he might serve as president “at least for 10 or 14 years.” After receiving blowback in 2018 over similar comments, he suggested to The Hill he was not being serious about exceeding his term limits.

Still, he keeps floating the possibility of becoming Dictator Don.

“You know, the last time I jokingly said that, the papers started saying, ‘He’s got despotic tendencies.’ No, I’m not looking to do it. Unless you want to do it. That’s OK,” he told a group of lawmakers at an April 2018 White House event.

Impeached Trump’s actions during the past three years offer proof he’s most likely not joking about remaining in office for a considerable amount of time.

Not only has he neutered Congress, used his attorney general, Bill Barr, to demoralize and marginalize the U.S. Department of Justice, worked with GOP enablers in the U.S. Senate to stack the nation’s court system with wannabe Dictator Don loyalists, but he has waged a war on the news media to the point where many Americans look to the White House for facts not knowing the liar in chief doesn’t have any.

Impeached Trump’s crimes against America are many. He is in fact an enemy in plain sight within the republic and democracy that stood for more than 240 years.

If ever there was a time and a place to turn the tide against authoritarian rule, to start a meaningful and passion-filled recovery from the global democratic recession that is tearing the world apart, it’s November 3, 2020 during America’s national elections.


Last fall Foreign Affairs put it this way: It has been a good decade for dictatorships. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the magazine followed up with this eye-catching statement: Conversely, it has been a terrible decade for democracy.

Impeached President Donald J. Trump is riding this wave of authoritarian takeover of the world’s political and economic forces. Since he doesn’t read much and seldom takes briefings from his staff seriously, he most likely doesn’t know his attack on America’s republic and democracy fits perfectly into this frightening commentary for freedom lovers everywhere.

The impeached wannabe dictator occupying the White House, however, is walking and talking in lockstep with authoritarian leaders who head up this deconstruction of global democracies, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s leader Xi Jinping.

Based on his ongoing virtual and public love affairs of Putin and Xi, clearly someone told Dictator Don that he needed to…

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