What Happens When a Society Can’t Speak the Unspeakable

Anti-Fascists need to grow their balls and start standing up to this shit before it is too damn late.

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What Americans (Still) Don’t Understand About Fascism, and Why their Society’s Collapsing Into It

umair haque

umair haque
Feb 4 · 9 min read
Published in Medium.com 2/4/2020

Here’s a tiny question. What happens to a society that can’t speak the unspeakable? Let me give you an example of what I mean. Every day, when I check Twitter, I’m greeted by what I call the rhetorical questions approach to sociopolitics. Pundit after American pundit cries: “My God! What is it called when a President’s put above the law?!” Or: “Heavens? What kind of society have we become?”

Forgive me a little sarcasm. Gee, guys. I don’t know. What is it called when…? You see, all these rhetorical questions have the same answer. A set of words that Americans can’t say, because America’s thinking class, leaders, politicians, and so forth, won’t, can’t them, to begin with. You know the words. The words are ones…

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